Boulder’s Newest Recreational Dispensary: THE STATION

Boulder’s Newest Recreational Dispensary: THE STATION
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Although over a year has passed since retail marijuana was made legal in Colorado, dispensaries are still opening up, finding that Colorado’s market is far from saturated. Perhaps this trend is a bit more noticeable in my hometown of Boulder, Colorado. The town is not that big, so any time anything new comes in, Boulderites are quick to notice. Not to mention, at the moment, the number of medical and recreational marijuana stores in Boulder is pushing thirty, and for a town this size, that is a considerable number. As of January, however, The Station, which has seen a huge amount of success as a medical-only facility, opened its doors to the public. The Station, which is now a recreational and medical dispensary in north Boulder, Colorado, made the transition, but not for the reasonsThe Station Boulder you might expect.

“We see the retail side of our operation as a continuation of our work on the medical side,” claims TJ, the store’s general manager. “We realize that people, for one reason or another, aren’t able to get their medical cards. That’s okay. Opening this recreational side allows us to reach everyone, and not just the medical card holders in the state.” The trend of medical stores in Boulder switching their operations over to retail business is not a new trend. Starting in early 2014, dispensaries began converting their stock to fit the rigorous requirements put out by the MED for retail marijuana stores. The Station, unlike a few stores in the Boulder area, made the transition to have both a recreational side and a medical side. “Unlike some places in town, we didn’t want to just drop the medical side. They’re the whole reason we’re in the business.” TJ then looked around the large room we were sitting in, gesturing to the wide open waiting room. Indeed, this is perhaps one of the only dispensaries in town who possibly could make such a transition. In the city of Boulder, dispensaries are only allowed to have a combination medical and recreational dispensary if they are able to have separate rooms (much unlike Denver, where the The Station Bouldercombination retail/medical store in one room is a commonplace). Frankly, most dispensaries don’t have the space to consider such a transition.

TJ walked with me into the converted retail room, which was their medical room on my last visit to the dispensary. There, I met with Mike, one of the store’s bud tenders and managers to figure out why, out of all the choices Boulder residents have for their retail marijuana needs, would they stop at The Station. He gave me a confident smile and a small chuckle. “Once people try our products, they don’t go anywhere else.” Indeed, the strains available at The Station are stars in their own right. Mike shuffled me over to the Ghost OG, which won Westword’s Dankest Bud of 2011. While the award itself is dated, the bud is still as potent and delicious as it ever was, and is now available for the retail consumer. Looking for something a bit more hazy? Mike’s pick is the Super Lemon Haze, which smells like a Mr. Lemonhead, and is the dispensary’s best seller.

Fantastic bud selection aside, the dispensary also offers quite a few interesting incentives for its retail shoppers. First, all of their pricing is out the door, so when they say it’s $12 a gram for their top shelf, it is absolutely $12. With this in mind, The Station’s prices are as The Station Boulderaffordable as anyone in town, if not more affordable. The dispensary also offers a flat rate of $30 for an eighth of any of their smaller nugs (pipe plugs, if you will). That’s about as affordable as retail marijuana gets in the state, folks. The Station is also one of the only places that does exit trimming. See a heavy and unsightly branch in the nug you got? No problem! The bud tenders are experts in trimming their buds as well, and will cut out any heavy and unsightly plant material from your final gram. There’s no such thing as prepackaged at The Station. If you’re able to come in before noon on any day, the dispensary will chip an additional ten percent off your order. I realize, for some of us, the prospect of waking before noon is a serious task, but for ten percent off, it might be worth it. Finally, the dispensary has a loyalty rewards program. For every visit, you get credit towards some fantastic perks, such as larger percentages off. Check it out!

“We realize that [marijuana consumers] have a lot of choice in Boulder,” Mike said to me, his hands screwing tight a jar of that aforementioned Ghost OG. “We also realize that being a recreational location as well as a medical location allows us to continue our mission of providing marijuana as a medicine for those who need it, but who have been unable to get it.” With that, he put the jar back on the shelf, gave another infectious smile, and asked, “I mean, why would you want to go anywhere else?”

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