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If you ever met me in person before, you know I’m the absolute paragon of physical fitness. A chiseled Adonis sculpted out of – did you know that my favorite taco fast food joint has fries now? Alright, so if you hadn’t guessed it already that’s all a lie (except the fries part). While I’m far from the most physically fit individual in the world I do always try to work out a few times a week and then usually ruin it by partaking in sumptuous fatty foods. I also tend to get a relatively good workout just doing things around the farm by hauling hay, filling horse buckets, and shoveling crap. You know, good stuff. Between my intermittent working out, random farm chores, and fast food I do manage to acquire intermittent aches and pains. Over the years working in the marijuana industry I found many topical solutions for the typical soreness that I may experience. It always seemed like there was a major downfall to each product that I tried. The biggest usually being the inclusion of THC meaning by law that product was only usable in the state of Colorado. Even though there are other states that have legalized cannabis it would be illegal for me to transport it to those other locations if I was on vacation for example. Also, far too often many products that I’ve tried over the years don’t include activated cannabinoids and contain a smattering of inorganic components with potentially hazardous repercussions. All these reasons compounded is what made me so excited to try out the brand-new line of Arcanum products. Arcanum was birthed from the great minds at Smokin Gun Apothecary in collaboration with Mary’s Nutritionals, a company renowned for its organic hemp crops and mastery of cannabinoids. Arcanum is proof that when great minds get together, great products can be crafted.

You can buy Arcanum products for delivery right to your door! Check out their website: The Arcanum Edge. Arcanum is legal in all 50 states. Utilizing all-natural activated hemp Arcanum is designed to give that extra edge in performance while aiding in recovery time and pain relief.


Arcanum has just launched and there are currently three products on the market Sarco Breeze, Sarco Freeze, and The Quill (an analgesic pen). I had the fortune of sampling Sarco Breeze and Sarco Freeze, both of which are applied dermally. What makes Arcanum stand out from other topicals is the unique scientific focus and formulation with top performers and athletes in mind. The cannabinoid content of Arcanum products is specifically selected to aid in recovery time and help boost performance in sportsmen while also providing relief for anyone who gets the occasional ache, pain, or stretched muscle. Arcanum products are crafted with heat-activated hemp harvested from industrial crops with no THC. This means all Arcanum products are available in all 50 states and can be purchased online. Even better yet, the hemp that is used in Arcanum crops is all locally grown in the US and bypasses the looser laws on hemp crops that dominate abroad. The key is heating certain components in hemp and activating the cannabinoids so you can assure that natural bioavailability utilizes the surplus components in the body’s endocannabinoid system. The stabilization of the endocannabinoid system is crucial, and a miss-balance can affect everything in your life from metabolism to brain health. This heating process is called decarboxylation. As explained by Lindsey Mintz one of the co-founders of Arcanum “When you heat hemp in the extraction process, it produces cannabinoids that are able to enter the body and have an active effect.  This activation also increases the effectiveness of the additional ingredients in our products.  Because of this effect, it is of the utmost importance that our products are always 100% organic, pesticide free, paraben free and sulfate free.” What makes Arcanum products unique from other topicals that I’ve tried in the past is the dedication to reducing potentially harmful components in the substrate. This includes leaving out, as Lindsey mentioned, potentially harmful components like sulfates and paraben wax.


Sarco Breeze:

Sarco Breeze is the unscented performance-enhancing,Arcanum New-1 pain-stopping activated-hemp flagship of Arcanum. With a very minimal ingredient list and only 100% organic hemp harvested from Mary’s Nutritionals Sarco Breeze is ready to be your go-to topical solution whether you’re an athlete or part-time hay bale hurler. This is the product that made me fall in love with Arcanum. After a particularly long day, I found that I was carrying a little extra stress in my shoulders and decided to give Sarco Breeze a try. The best part about Sarco Breeze is its ability to get the activated hemp where you need it and in an unscented form. The liquid itself came out as being initially a little greasy, but after I had rubbed it into my shoulders a little it seemed to absorb quite nicely and leave my extra-dry Colorado skin more soothed than normal. Arcanum products work fast, and within about fifteen minutes I was starting to feel the muscles in my neck start to loosen. A bit longer and I was feeling practically limber in my shoulders. Seeing as I’m not an athlete, I wasn’t about to test my recovery time and go shovel more horse crap (not that there are any athletes who shovel horse crap professionally), but I can assume that the process would have been much better post-application of Sarco Breeze. My favorite attribute of Sarco Breeze is how not only is soothed the initial aches but as it faded off my muscles were left relaxed and the soreness didn’t return.

Sarco Freeze:

Sarco Freeze is pretty much the Arcanum New-2exact same critter as Sarco Breeze except with the added medicinal effects provided by deliciously cooling menthol crystals. I do know some folks who are not fond of the cooling and tingling effects that are brought about by using menthol products, but I personally love it. For my use of the Sarco Freeze, I decided to try it out on my legs post workout. As soon as I peeled away the top I could smell the alluring minty tang of the menthol crystals inside. I gave my legs a good rubbing with Sarco Freeze and could immediately feel the cooling sensation. It might have been entirely in my mind, but it seemed like the Sarco Freeze absorbed into my skin even faster than the Sarco Breeze had, and I was left with smooth moisturized legs that were absolutely loving the gentle cooling effect. I could tell quickly why Arcanum products would be so amazing for athletes. My legs went from tired to ready for more! I decided that since my legs were feeling so phenomenal, I would use them to push the foot feed in my car and go get some delicious cheesy food (as I said before, not an athlete).


For me and Arcanum, it was love at first sight. Activated hemp products are an amazing niche that has been sorely neglected over the last few years. As laws change regarding industrial hemp crops in the US, I hope to see even more amazing topicals like Arcanum hitting the market. Arcanum and Mary’s Nutritionals have crafted an amazing product that is going to revolutionize the way that professionals recover and train. As Tyler Mintz, founding partner of Arcanum puts it, “Supplementing with cannabinoids is the future of sports performance and recovery. In formulating Arcanum, we didn’t settle for the best-we demanded excellence. We produce products that upgrade the modern athlete from the cellular level causing a cascade of communications with cells and receptors to enhance performance and recovery on an unprecedented level.  In other words, this **** works.” Work it does. If you are interested in trying any Arcanum products for yourself, you can order them directly online at: The Arcanum Edge. It’s rare that I get to tell people that they don’t have to go into a dispensary to purchase their products, but that is the power of activated hemp. I think that you’ll find quickly that the amazing potentials of hemp are out there, and that the soothing beneficial effects can eclipse even the power of cannabinoids like THC. Whether you’re in training for that next 5K, are just coming back from squatting in a hunting blind all weekend, have a few aches in the leg after a day working retail, or just simply want your neck to feel right again after a long day of gaming, Arcanum might just be the solution you’ve been looking for.#JessetheGrove

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