Urban Cannaceuticals Health Caps

Urban Cannaceuticals Health Caps
Cannabis Product Review Healing House Denver Organic Marijuana

Since the first legalization of medicinal marijuana,DRJ Labs Health Caps-1 there’s always been one chief concern from a health viewpoint. While scientific research may be incredibly nascent in the field of medicinal and recreational cannabis, I think it is obvious that combusting any component and inhaling it is not the best choice for your lungs and vicariously your body. Obviously, the health benefits still outweigh the negatives, but some people might be concerned by this. Fortunately, cannabis products have finally evolved beyond the traditional methods of ingestion. For recreational users, this is probably very low on the list of concerns and they will likely continue to smoke girl scout cookies cannabis for example. But for people who may want to consume cannabis medicinally, this becomes more of a factor. Even when you aren’t combusting cannabis after you order weed online from places similar to West Coast Supply there is a certain possibility for residuals to creep their way into edibles and even marijuana tinctures. These residuals could be from a pesticide that was used on the crops or even a fertilizer that wasn’t properly flushed from the plants before harvesting. To compound these issues that many medicinal marijuana users face is the fact that the list of conditions that qualifies you for medicinal cannabis can be very brief in some areas. I don’t need to cite any studies to comfortably say cannabis can help people with PTSD, insomnia, and depression despite none of these conditions making the list for medicinal marijuana. So, what is one to do if they want to try medicinal marijuana for a health ailment that is not listed by the MED and they want to make sure that the cannabis they are consuming is clean and safe? Healing House in Denver, Colorado is here to change that. In partnership with their infused product kitchen, Urban Cannaceuticals, Healing House is producing THC and CBD loaded capsules using cannabis from their own 100% organic, non-GMO and vegan-friendly grow. These Urban Cannaceuticals Health Caps are available recreationally so whether you’re trying to get a good night’s sleep, alleviate the pain from a long day, or just chill out to some Zeppelin, Urban Cannaceuticals Health Caps might be just what you’re looking for.

If you want to get your hands on some Urban Cannaceuticals Health Caps, then best go straight to the source. Healing House is a medicinal and recreational marijuana Dispensary located in Denver, Colorado. Healing House specializes in a massive selection of organic strains along with a wide range of standard third-party products and the full line-up of Urban Cannaceuticals products.

Urban Cannaceuticals Health Caps:

Over the past year, it seems like consuming cannabisDRJ Labs Health Caps-2 through a liposomal delivery method has become all the rage. There are many opportunities to buy CBD capsules, and different types of capsules will have different strengths. With capsules methods like Urban Cannaceuticals Health Caps, there’s a plethora of benefits over either smoking or consuming cannabis edibles. For one, and perhaps most obvious, you’re not combusting any plant matter and inhaling it into your lungs. This opens the use of cannabis to individuals that have asthma and other lung-related issues. Why wouldn’t these individuals just try marijuana edible? That brings me to my second point about why capsules are such a brilliant delivery method for marijuana. If someone has dietary restrictions that don’t allow them to consume sodium or sugar that pretty much knocks out the possibility of having any off-the-shelf marijuana edibles. With Urban Cannaceuticals Health Caps there’s absolutely no fear of dietary concerns being a limiting factor. Another very important component of these Urban Cannaceuticals Health Caps is the fact that they are produced from Healing House’s grow. I’ve had the fortune of visiting one of their grows multiple times now, and let me tell you, this is the real deal. This is good ol’ soil grown cannabis cultivated without the use of harsh and potentially hazardous pesticides utilizing 100% organic fertilizers and avoiding components that aren’t vegan-friendly. That last one might sound like a bit of a stretch, but very few people realize how many large grow productions use things like blood meal to fertilize their plants (not trying to scare any vegans out there, just pointing out something the industry doesn’t usually advertise). The last benefit of capsules (this is far from an all-inclusive list) is their fast absorption time. Since all the cannabinoids put inside the capsules are already activated, that means all your body needs to do is break down the capsule and absorb the THC and CBD. With regular edibles, you must go through the process of your stomach breaking down the food components to get to those tasty cannabinoids.

Urban Cannaceuticals Health Caps :: Effect:

Urban Cannaceuticals Health Caps come in packs of eight each individual capsule represents a ten-milligram dose containing five milligrams of THC and five milligrams of CBD. They also come in different varieties including sativa capsules and indica capsules. A single dose of Urban Cannaceuticals Health Caps can be considered a microdosed cannabis edible since it only has five milligrams of THC per dose. Microdosing is ideal for individuals who are sensitive to cannabis edibles or new to cannabis altogether. Since I have a modest but still present tolerance to cannabis I decided that I was going to take two capsules to determine effects. Knowing full well how my body metabolizes cannabis, I decided it would be best to try my capsules in the evening time in case I decided to do a nose flop into my bed. After eating dinner with some friends, I decided it was time to sample a couple pills before board game time. Glass of water in hand, I downed a couple of Urban Cannaceuticals Health Caps and started to play the waiting game. It wasn’t much of a waiting game. Within about 20 to 30 minutes I was already starting to feel a mild THC-induced euphoria. The sensation itself started behind my sinus cavity and started to creep its way up behind my eyes. In the next few minutes, I started to feel the effects of the CBD as well. CBD is a champion when it comes to pain relief in my body and even the even ten-milligram dose was certainly enough to have me feeling quite loose. I oozed into the couch and tried my best to keep up with the board game that I was about to play with my friends. After about another 30 minutes our colony was overrun with zombies and I too had a zombie-like food lust for pizza rather than the brains. I could safely check off a little box in my mind for Urban Cannaceuticals Health Caps. That box would read “induces appetite?” After about an hour of feeling the effects rather strongly (for a small dose), they started to wane very slowly over the next hour to an hour and a half. After about four hours from my original consumption,DRJ Labs Health Caps-3 I was feeling quite drowsy and decided to call it a night. This was an ideal runtime in my books and while it did give me a case of the munchies the Hyatt was incredibly mellow. Having experienced Urban Cannaceuticals Health Caps for myself, I can see just how many uses the little pills can have.


Urban Cannaceuticals Health Caps are virtually a Swiss army knife of cannabis consumption. They are remarkably versatile in their effect and with a delivery system that avoids things like sugar, sodium, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and harsh residuals this is marijuana percolated down to its most medicinal form. Best of all, it’s available to recreational and medicinal users. Coming from the Viewpoint of a recreational user, I definitely see some applications for these little guys. I’ll say this much, I don’t think I’ve ever had as much fun getting my brain eaten by zombies. There still are a lot of unanswered questions about the medicinal side effects of using cannabis but if you have concerns, go to a trusted source like Healing House and make sure the components that are being used to grow your cannabis are safe and clean. As cultivation and production practices only modernize and grow in the cannabis industry, I firmly believe that capsules like these Urban Cannaceuticals Health Caps might just be what turns us away from our abuse of opiates as a nation. Wishful thinking I know, but hey a man’s gotta dream.#JessetheGrove

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