Floyd’s of Leadville

Floyd’s of Leadville
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Floyds of Leadville-2I’ll shamelessly admit that when I was a child I had my training wheels on longer than any of my friends. Despite the undeniable ration of taunting I received from my friends, it took me a few months to realize that I actually had more control of the bike without the training wheels hampering my movement. Movement unimpeded by my beginner setup, my world was opened to all kinds of crayfish hunting ponds and playgrounds far from home. The point is if I never gave up my starting setup I would never have been able to explore new places. Now in the 21st century, I have new (rather metaphorical) training wheels to remove, the training wheels that have had me stuck with the same starter brand of vape pen cartridge for years. Floyd’s of Leadville is a company focusing on pain management through cleverly designed products including disposable vape pen cartridges. The founder, Floyd Landis, wanted to create a product to assuage his aches and pains from his past of being a professional cyclist and help combat the symptoms of depression; Floyd’s of Leadville was born.


This Floyd’s of Leadville Cartridge was produced using trim and shake from The Station, a recreational and medicinal marijuana dispensary in Boulder, Colorado. The station uses a blend of multiple strains from their shelf which is then sent to Floyd’s of Leadville to produce these amazing cartridges. If you’re looking for a massive sativa buzz and a very potent high, all without combusting any flower, then you should check out one of these cartridges at The Station.

Check out their full menu at: thestationdispensary.com

Floyd’s of Leadville Vape Pen Cartridge:

While it would be a lie to say that I haven’t already broken free of the traditional brand names of cartridges in the past, I really was impressed by Floyd’s cartridge. There are a few things that make this cartridge unique. I was particularly impressed with the cartridge’s construction. The pen itself is wickless and uses a ceramic heat element. I love ceramics in the world of marijuana. While they may always make me nervous when they are dangling on the end of a dab rig, I can’t deny the fact that they conduct heat amazingly and never contaminate the flavors of your marijuana. The cartridge has a small side chamber on it as well. I honestly don’t know the finer mechanics behind what makes the cartridge work, but I can tell you that it’s pretty Floyds of Leadville-3cool to see that the cartridge is working as vapor drifts through this little chamber every time you take a puff. Another cool thing about Floyd’s of Leadville is their extraction process. All of the raw plants are processed using C02. That means that there was no butane, hexane, or propane used on your products. The threads on the bottom are a very standard size and are compatible with all the industry standard batteries that have a 35mm thread (that’s pretty much every battery out there). I was recommended to use the cartridge with a battery that has some oomph and preferably was button powered in order to preheat the cartridge with a couple presses before smoking. I started out taking that advice. Later on, out of interest’s sake, I decided to try my small sleek button-less battery and was impressed to find that the cartridge still performed admirably. Last, but not least, Floyd’s cartridges are produced at a higher elevation than other cartridges, and are made to be leak-free. When standard cartridges are packed at lower altitude they have the tendency to ooze when you take them up into the mountains since there is less air pressure outside. Not the case here, you can rest assured that your cartridge won’t be oozing out all over your pockets next time you go to the high country.

Floyd’s of Leadville :: Smoke | Effect:

So, what makes the dark amber liquid in this cartridge tick? The answer is a whole lot of amazing different strains from The Station. My Floyd’s of Leadville cartridge was loaded with four different crowd-pleasing strains, all percolated down into one glorious little cartridge. Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze, Big Bubba Diesel, Girl Scout Cookies, and (my favorite) Blue Dream all come together for the party. Bub, from The Station, coined it the “feel like a million bucks high off your ass power pack.” As I went in for my first few sample puffs I was about to find out how aptly Bub had named it. I’ll start by saying that my Floyd’s pen was simply a terpene-laden treat. I was very impressed at how voluminous the smoke was, and how rich and dark the flavor was. In many ways, it tasted more like an actual bowl of marijuana than a vape pen, which is an appealing attribute for me. There was no denying those terpenes! A good deal of limonene came to play providing a light citrusy flavor and some unknown component gave it the most remarkable honey-esque flavor to finish. The effect from my first few puffs was fast-acting and within a few minutes, I was feeling very, very high. Floyds of Leadville-1This pen doesn’t instill a stoned feeling and was definitely in the realm of sativa-dominant despite the fact that it was actually hybrid. While my extremities were a little bit number than usual I wouldn’t say that the pain relieving effects were overwhelming, but they were definitely still present. The real highlight of the effect was just how exuberant I felt. I wanted to go play kickball, shoot some hoops, or maybe just fly a kite. As more time passed I can tell you without a doubt that this Floyd’s pen was not a “before bedtime pen,” and was a “middle of the day get out and do something kind of pen.”

Overall :

If you want flavorful and potent sativa effects, then I can say with some assurance that you will love your Floyd’s of Leadville cartridge from The Station. I will note, that if you don’t like the flavor of marijuana, then you aren’t going to like these cartridges. The terpenes and therefore the flavors of every strain that went into these cartridges has been perfectly preserved, rending potent and heavy marijuana-flavored hits from every puff. Then again, if you like the tasted of marijuana and If you’ve been pigeon-toed into only using cartridges from one brand, now is the time to expand your opportunities and try out Floyd’s of Leadville. Take off the training wheels and who knows, maybe you’ll become a professional cycler someday. I know I didn’t, but hey, maybe you don’t like to eat fried food and play video games as much as I do.#JessetheGrove

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