Herbanoids Jamaican Nightzzz

Herbanoids Jamaican Nightzzz
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If you’ve ever taken the time to peruse the list of ailments deemed by the state as worthy of medicinal cannabis (for starters, odd hobby) you may have noticed there’s a lot of things missing that don’t seem like they should be missing. While medicinal cannabis is approved to treat complications regarding things like cancer and chronic pain there are a few obviously proven uses for cannabis that don’t fall onto the list. Though some of the uses may verge on uncharted water, uses like treating depression and PTSD and using cannabis as a sleep aid, are absolutely proven, so if you suffer from any of these conditions Fuse Health can supply the perfect solution. Sadly though, for insomniacs out there it doesn’t look like sleeping disorders are ever going to make their way onto the approved medicinal cannabis list. That means if you or a loved one is suffering from insomnia your best bet is to resort to recreational cannabis. Any true cannabis advocate would give you similar advice. Knowing full well of this plight and that affects so many face from sleep-related complications, companies like Herbanoids have taken steps to produce recreational products for medicinal use. I recently had the fortune of sampling Herbanoids Jamaican Nightzzz, specially formulated pill capsules crafted using all-natural ingredients and a real life-saver if you need a good night’s sleep. Jamaican Nightzzz pills are conveniently packaged in doses of two pills and are convenient and easily transportable. As I was about to find (as someone who usually doesn’t have sleep issues) these pills can very efficiently knock you out for a full eight hours, and still leave you awake and aware enough the next day with minimal side-effects.

If you want to pick up some of these Herbanoids Jamaican Nightzzz Pills for yourself, swing by Life Flower Dispensary in Glendale, Colorado and get ready to enjoy a full night’s sleep.

Jamaican Nightzzz :: Appearance:

My two capsules of Herbanoids Jamaican Nightzzz were packaged in a small,Herbanoids-1 discrete brown bag. Not only was said bag child-resistance but it also gave a full listing of the cannabinoid content as well as the additional naturopathic components that were added in. Many of the components that are inside Herbanoids Jamaican Nightzzz I recognized immediately. I had seen components like valerian root inside other naturopathic supplements. Other components, like dogwood, have been known for centuries to aid in a restful night’s sleep. Other more commonly known sleep aids like lavender also made it into the Jamaican Nightzzz pills. One component that sort of threw me for a loop was the addition of hops which I didn’t know until now has been used historically as a sleep aid. All these additional components are Blended beautifully with THC the primary active ingredient in Jamaican Nightzzz. I cut open the top of the Herbanoids package to reveal a very strong herbal aroma and two very green THC-labeled capsules inside. Taking one of the capsules out, I took a moment to peruse it. The clear pill was absolutely jam-packed which delicious green plant matter. To put it very succinctly I’m overjoyed that the internal workings of Jamaican Nightzzz are enclosed inside a capsule, I wouldn’t have wanted to choke down all this plant matter inside a tea or an edible. Each capsule contains ten mg of cannabinoids in a proprietary ratio of THC, CBN, and CBD. THC has never had the proclivity to knock me out, but CBD and CBN, on the other hand, are sleep aid champs for me. Particularly CBN, a somewhat forgotten and underrated cannabinoid. CBN has gotten a bad name amongst many smokers since it’s a primary ingredient in lower quality cannabis varieties that tend to knock you out on your couch. This bad rap among recreational cannabis users makes sense, but if you’re using cannabis medicinally, CBN is a quintessential tool in the arsenal of cannabinoids. I had observed all that I could from the outside. It was evening, and it was time for me to sample Herbanoids Jamaican Nightzzz.

Jamaican Nightzzz :: Effect:

Knowing full well how powerful the aroma was I went for a small glass of orange juice before bedtime and slung the sucker down my throat as fast as I could. I’m pleased to report it left absolutely no plant-like flavors in my mouth. The pill was down so I figured my next best bet was to lay down in bed and fiddle with my phone until I felt some effects. As a renowned lightweight with THC in cannabis edibles in concert with a pill that dissolves more rapidly in my body than most edibles would, I started to feel a light buzzing THC high after about thirty minutes. I will admit that I’m not the best test market for these pills since I usually never have issues falling asleep, but I will admit the Jamaican Nightzzz pill seemed to have me crashing the second I set my phone down. Another noteworthy factor of my sleeping habits is that pretty much regardless of the situation I’m going to wake up by eight or nine or after seven and a half hours of sleep (whichever comes first). I know that sounds specific but it’s just what my body has adapted. On my evening of Jamaican Nightzzz I went to bed at roughly twelve thirty in the morning; typically, I would expect to wake up just about eight in the morning. I intentionally picked a night to sample my Herbanoids Jamaican Nightzzz where I had no obligations the next morning. This was a relatively good choice considering I didn’t wake up until almost ten. That’s a heck of a long sleep for me.Herbanoids-2 I also slept like a rock. I couldn’t recall waking up a single time during the middle of the night although I do remember a couple relatively vivid dreams that I blame entirely on the new season of Black Mirror. If I was looking for conclusive evidence as to whether Jamaican Nightzzz has an effect on your sleep I consider my test a resounding yes to that answer.


While I can’t fully guarantee its effectiveness on individuals who suffer from insomnia I can certainly tell you that if you’re a healthy sleeper and want to get an exemplary night’s sleep Herbanoids Jamaican Nightzzz can help with that. I personally know several people who consume cannabis every evening for insomnia and I won’t lie I’m kind of excited to let them know about Herbanoids. While I do understand the complications of allowing such readily fakable symptoms to make the list for medicinal cannabis, now that recreational cannabis exists in Colorado it’s time to reevaluate what qualifies for medicinal cannabis. There are thousands out there who can benefit from medicinal cannabis that can’t afford the recreational equivalents, and you can Read More about some of those options if you’d like. Until the day of that revaluation comes insomniac’s and others suffering from non-approved complications will be forced to resort to recreational alternatives. As long as companies like Herbanoids are out there producing quality medicinal cannabis that is available recreationally there’s a lifeline out there some individuals. Until that revaluation comes, enjoy some sweet dreams gratis Herbanoids Jamaican Nightzzz.#JessetheGrove

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