Meet the New O.Pen Vape : O.Pen Reserve

Meet the New O.Pen Vape : O.Pen Reserve
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Beyond any other method of cannabis consumption, using a legal tobacco-alternative vape pen has become an extraordinarily popular choice. This comes at no surpise since the number of eJuices being introduced is nothing short of amazing. One known as Sneans – a raspberry lemonade flavor has been a popular choice among vapers. This is due in part to the sizable proliferation in the e-cigarette market, which has become a healthier alternative to combustible cigarettes. Also, using a vape pen is easy, discreet, and quick, making it an ideal choice for a smoker who wants to keep a low profile. Vape products such as top of the line e juice and vape juice, are becoming more popular everyday and are readily available online. Dispensary regulars will no doubt recognize O.Pen, which is one of the more popular brands of vapes in Colorado.

Well, just in time for 4/20 this year, O.Pen is releasing their new O.Pen Reserve.

O.Pen Vape Cartridges

The original O.Pen cartridges come in 150mg, 250mg, and 500mg sizes, which are all strain-specific, and separated by type: indica, sativa, or hybrid. However, one of the The Station Boulderbiggest complaints that many vape pen users have for these cartridges is O.Pen’s use of PEG, or Polyethylene Glycol. PEG is a carrier liquid that lowers the viscosity of the THC oil in the cartridge. However, many people continue to be uncomfortable vaporizing PEG, despite all claims citing the chemical’s disastrous health concerns being unfounded. The bigger concern among vape pen users is the deceptive nature of the dosages. When you’re purchasing a 250mg cartridge, for example, you’re not getting anywhere close to 250mg of THC. That number also takes into consideration the Polyethylene Glycol used in the mix.

O.Pen Reserve Cartridges

Now, consider the O.Pen Reserve. These new cartridges are measured out to 420mg (hah!) of pure THC. That means, no carrier liquid. That means, you know exactly how much THC you’re getting in your pen. The best part about the O.Pen Reserve is the fact that it still fits on the same O.Pen batteries that are already being sold, so all you’ll need to do is pick up the new cartridge, and you’ll be good to go. Initially, the O.Pen Reserve will only be available at a select few Colorado marijuana dispensaries.

O.Pen Reserve Available at The Station : Boulder, CO

The O.Pen Reserve is available at The Station, a medical and recreational dispensary in Boulder, CO. For medical patients, the Reserve cartridges come out to $65 at The Station, which, considering the fact that you’reThe Station Boulder getting pure THC, is not a horrible price to pay. For my recreational friends, the cartridge comes out to $85; which, again, isn’t all that bad considering what you’re getting. Like their standard cartridges, the O.Pen Reserve all come strain-specific. From my experience with O.Pen, I love any of their hybrid strains, but it really depends what you’ll be using the pen for. Going on a hike, and need a bit of energy? Try their Durban Poison or Sour Diesel cartridges. Looking to relax, curl up, and watch a movie? Any of their indica strains are awesome.

Personally, I think this is a big step for O.Pen. One of my biggest complaints that I’ve had with O.Pen (and other vaporizing pen products available in Colorado) is the lack of potency listed on the packaging. While other proprietary pens without carrier liquids (primarily PEG or PG; Propylene Glycol) do exist, O.Pen has finally joined their ranks. Finally, I am able to see how much THC I am getting for my dollar, and that is certainly a good thing. If you’re interested in more vape juice check out some wholesale vape juice for some information on what is on the market. Vape on, friends.

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