Stealth Bhomber Vape Pen

Stealth Bhomber Vape Pen
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Puff, puff, pass is the age old etiquette created by stoners for stoners to assure the even spread of a joint or blunt that is being handed around the room. Many still practice this tradition with Kings Pipe ( vape pens. But today we are talking about the Stealth Bhomer. This is a paradigm of the cannabis combusting community that has been around far longer than I have and seems to be a good way to get the job done. It’s only in the better part of the last half decade that vape pens like the Stealth Bhomber have really hit the scene, and boy have they hit it hard. It seems as though you can find a brand new cbd vape cartridge everywhere you go nowadays, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. My first experience with a vape pen was a little over five years ago. I was sitting at a friend’s apartment when they whipped out a very early generation vape pen from Atmos – or maybe Pax – heck if I remember. At the time I had only recently encountered my first marijuana concentrates and to say I was somewhat Stealth Bhomber (1 of 6)reticent to get “out of my brain high” was a delicate understatement. Throwing caution to the wind, I followed my habitual puff, puff tradition, feeling it appropriate for something so similar to a joint. I took one long inhale, and then another right after, and then noticed that the tiny metal ring around the center of the pen was disconcertingly hot. After mentioning it, my friend took back the pen and said, “yeah, that happens, the thing always gets too hot and it’s starting to melt the plastic on the outside.” By the time he had finished speaking I was already ludicrously high, and pondering how this concentrate vape pen could ring someone almost $80 and literally melt itself into the ground after a few weeks of use. The years went by and so did my friends’ vape pens and of which used something similar to this dab pen battery, however, some used disposable pens. I met several refillable pens and then an almost unending slew of disposable cartridge pens, which while conveniently small never packed the punch, flavors, or versatility of full size pens. While every single pen served its purpose for a time, I was always surprised at how quickly the nearly hundred dollar pens would find a way to break themselves. I dabbled many times with the idea of getting my own refillable vape pen and just never got around to doing so. As it turns out, I was just waiting for the right pen to come to me.

While I was making my rounds about a month or so back I ran into Tommy Mulvaney up at The Station in Boulder. Tommy was distributing brand new vape pens crafted in Southern California from a company called Kind Distribution USA. A couple of weeks later, he hooked me up with a Stealth Bhomber of my very own to try out.

The Stealth Bhomber is an undeniably sexyStealth Bhomber (6 of 6) vape pen, and I was already pleased with it before I even opened up its packaging. Right off the bat I could tell just by looking at the pen in its package that it didn’t sport the same chintzy plastic candy shell that so many other vape pens have. This pen was metal (insert guitar shredding). I popped open my box and observed the mindlessly simple directions chart on the back. Hit the button five times to switch it on and five more times to cycle through each of the LED color coded voltage levels. I took the little atomizer out and took a peek at its inner workings. The entire outside of the bowl was clean white ceramic, and the bottom of the chamber was graced with two tiny little quartz rods wrapped in a small wire heating element. The top of the pen is billowed out into a bulb, which as Tommy mentioned really adds some amazing volume to the smoke. I quickly snapped some photos so I could get to the best part of my reviewing process. I screwed together all of the components and set aside the charger since it came charged, right out of the package. A nice addition, although not the clincher considering you can purchase wholesale vape batteries so easily nowadays so you’re never running dry. I loaded up a couple big chunks of Chocolate Covered Strawberries Sugar Wax I’d recently picked up from Chronic Therapy in Wheatridge. I decided to start my vaping experience on the blue light, medium 3.7 volt setting. I hit the button and inhaled and was almost taken backStealth Bhomber (3 of 6) at how delightful the smoke was. I got a huge hit out of the first puff. To test out how hot the outside would get when puffing it several times, I kicked it up to high voltage red and passed it around to some friends to try out a few more puffs. About 4 tokes later it made its way back to me and was, I kid you not, still cool to the touch on the outside of the pen.

I was very impressed with the function, aesthetics, robust feel, quartz element, ceramic bowl, easy use, heat dissipation, multiple heat settings, and smoke, but it all in some ways pales in comparison to the affordability and warranty included with The Stealth Bhomber. When I met with Tommy he told me that these phenomenal pens retail for a jaw-dropping $30-$40. I would have easily pegged this pen for being more in the hundred-dollar range for the full kit, but was shocked to find out how affordable it really is. Just when you think it can’t get any better, there is a lifetime warranty on every component except for the atomizer, and on top of that, a new atomizer with a ceramic bowl and the quartz elements only runs around $5.

The Stealth Bhomber is the best vape pen for its price that I have ever used before, and trust me when I say I’ve encountered my fair share of pens. Want to snag a Stealth Bhomber for your very own? Although these pens are brand new to Colorado, there are already a few places that you can pick one up. Check out these establishments if you’re in the market for the last refillable vape pen you’ll ever need to buy: Urban Dispensary, Rocketman