The Green Solution Dab Kits

Welcome, cannabis enthusiasts, smokers, and patients, to the next generation of consuming cannabis. If you’ve been using cannabis recreationally or medicinally for any amount of time in the last decade, then there is a good chance you’ve at least heard of dabbing, even if you’ve never tried it for yourself. To give you the short […]

Which Dab Rig Is Right For You?

I look back now with fond memories to the first time that I smoked a dab of marijuana Wax. Roughly four years ago, I was helping my friend Shelby move from her place in Denver up north. Helping people move has always been my curse. Ever since I bought my used Ford Ranger back when […]

What is Marijuana Wax?

Marijuana wax is a concentrate of marijuana that is almost pure THC, the active ingredient of marijuana. In fact, most marijuana wax contains more than 80% THC, in comparison to the average marijuana leaf which has 20%-30% THC. Marijuana Wax a product from extracting the resin glands from the marijuana plant. Often times the marijuana […]