Kings of Kush Co.

Out of all the senses in the body, there is one sense that seems to bypass our higher reasoning and affect our memories and emotions in an unequivocally powerful way. Scent is one of the most powerful senses linked with memory for a reason. The nerve in your brain responsible for interpreting olfactory stimuli is […]

How to Clean Your Marijuana Pipe

There is a large variety of modern day marijuana pipes, from the $5 dollar convenience store pipe to heirloom quality glass blown pipes well over $1000. Overtime resins can build within your pipe altering the delicious taste of that top shelf chronic that you bought from your favorite Colorado marijuana dispensary.  If this is a […]

The Marijuana Show, Dope Directory, and You!

The end of cannabis prohibition in Colorado has signaled an incredible resurgence in innovation and entrepreneurship for the state. Finally given a legal leg to stand on, these “canna-preneurs” have delved into all angles of the marijuana business, from growing operations, to specialty products, to art and entertainment, to us: the Dope Directory. This fascinating […]

Mile High the COmeback of Cannabis

When you are getting ready to watch a film in the theaters, you have your usual gear: popcorn, a soda, maybe some candy. If you’re really feeling adventurous, why not slip on those flimsy 3D glasses, and look like a lamer version of Bob Dylan? What about picking up some pot before the film? If […]