O.pen Craft Reserve C-Cell Cartridge

It’s been a long enough time now that I’m starting to forget the first generation of disposable vape pen cartridges. At the initial inception of disposable vape pen cartridges, there were only a few players in the field. When cannabis was first legalized in Colorado vape pens and concentrates were new and exciting but still […]

Evolab OG Funk Cartridge : G-Pen Gio

I love technology and technological doodads and knick-knacks. Even as a child I was a consummate Trekkie. I could hardly contain my excitement and anticipation for new scientific advancements that would come about as I grew up. The promise of convenience in the form of miniaturized cellular phones with touch screen technology was one of […]

The Green Solution Dab Kits

Welcome, cannabis enthusiasts, smokers, and patients, to the next generation of consuming cannabis. If you’ve been using cannabis recreationally or medicinally for any amount of time in the last decade, then there is a good chance you’ve at least heard of dabbing, even if you’ve never tried it for yourself. To give you the short […]


The recreational marijuana market is really blooming (pun intended), and as the market expands, the niches are being filled by groups of ingenuitive ganjapreneurs. One of the chief concerns from customers visiting recreational locations is finding a way to affordably have a smoke without needing to worry about buying a pipe. One go-to option is […]

How to Clean Your Marijuana Pipe

There is a large variety of modern day marijuana pipes, from the $5 dollar convenience store pipe to heirloom quality glass blown pipes well over $1000. Overtime resins can build within your pipe altering the delicious taste of that top shelf chronic that you bought from your favorite Colorado marijuana dispensary.  If this is a […]