Skywalker : Strain Review

“Use the force, Luke.” Alright, I’ll admit that for an intro to a strain review on Skywalker, that may be a touch banal. Honestly though, how much better can it get than Star Wars themed strains? I’ve been looking for the opportunity to make bad Star Wars jokes; it’s a trap I fall into easily. […]

Harlequin OG : Strain Review

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, we’ve all been culprits of catching the ass-end of an episode of Jerry Springer. Between the ruckus, cursing, and chair throwing, there is usually some underlying issue such as, “who’s my baby daddy?” While I can’t refute the complexity of some of these deeply philosophical made-for-TV scenarios, I can’t help but […]

Golden Goat : Strain Review

In the wide, wide world of strains, there are some that are vague obscurities in the greater scheme of things; the strains that have yet to achieve greatness via Cannabis Cup ribbons and well established street clout. There are some strains that have already become a ubiquitous name in any cannabis smoking household; these are […]

Grape God Bud : Strain Review

The name of a strain should tell you a lot about its personality. Golden Goat, of course is aptly named for its thick furry coat of shimmering hairs. Lemon Skunk is named for its tasty odor, lemon and skunk, naturally. The combination of LA confidential and Trainwreck is named Lohan after the infamous Lindsay Lohan […]

Lemon Skunk : Strain Review

When the average marijuana shopper heads over to a dispensary, they are usually interested in the effects, potency, and name, rather than the genetics of the strain they are purchasing. It never hurts, though, to ask your budtender the genetics of the strain you’re smoking. Watch out though, while many claim the mastery of genetics, […]

Girl Scout Cookies : Strain Review

The Girl Scout Cookies strain has taken the Colorado cannabis scene by storm. Everyone from Wiz Khalifa to 2 Chainz talks about how much “GSC” they’ve smoked. It’s a staple in just about any dispensary you go to. It’s the strain that you get directed to just about anywhere you go. The strain itself is […]

Durban Poison : Strain Review

Everyone loves a classic, especially if that classic is organically cultivated and grown with an abundance of tender loving care. If you’ve ever experienced the Durban Poison strain before, then I’m sure you know that when you get this close to pure sativa, you’re going to have a good time. Durban Poison, Colorado style, is […]

Sour Alien : Strain Review

Though only recreational legal in a handful of states, the love of cannabis is something that brings America together, coast to coast. While this is evidenced strongly by Colorado’s incredible tourism industry, bringing people from all parts of the country (and world), it can also be seen in the genetics of our cannabis. Sour Alien […]

Bubba Kush : Strain Review

When it comes to classic strains, very few compare in notoriety to Bubba Kush. It’s a strain that allegedly shares some genetics with Hindu Kush, a landrace strain from the mountain range in Afghanistan that shares the name, but the true genetics of this badboy are generally muddled at best. From my understanding, the strain […]

Hong Kong Diesel : Strain Review

It’s a fact, Colorado now grows some of the finest strains in the world. Even years before legalization, expert growers were cultivating amazing crops of chronic right in their basements. Now that those growers have started to move into warehouses, the time has come for the real work to begin and the finest strains in […]

303 Kush : Strain Review

Some places are simply legendary for the cannabis strains they’ve produced: Northern California, Amsterdam, British Columbia, just to name a few. Finally, with the legalization of cannabis in Colorado, we’re starting to join the ranks as one of the premier pot spots around the world. The 303 Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid that is deliciously […]