Colorado Bud and Breakfast

There’s a unique advantage to living in Colorado and smoking cannabis. Before you say, “duh, cause it’s legal” let me point out a concern many out of state visitors never reckon when they book their flight. It is illegal to smoke marijuana in dispensaries, it’s illegal to smoke in parks, it’s illegal to smoke in […]

I-25 Marijuana Dispensaries of Colorado

Are you looking for Colorado marijuana dispensaries near Interstate I-25? Since the ratification of Amendment 64, dozens of recreational and medicinal dispensaries have opened up along Colorado’s I-25. If you’re traveling through Colorado South from Wyoming or heading up North from New Mexico, then I-25 is the valley highway that you’ll be driving on. If […]

I-70 Marijuana Dispensaries of Colorado

Looking for Colorado marijuana dispensaries near Interstate I-70? It’s no coincidence that dozens of marijuana dispensaries have chosen to set up shop all along the I-70 corridor. Chances if you’re coming from the East or West, you’ll be doing so on I-70, so whether you’re heading to the mountains for skiing, snowboarding, hiking, shopping, fishing, […]