Screamin OG : Strain Review

I’ve often been asked by my friends who don’t partake in cannabis, “what does weed taste like?” While every strain has its own flavor nuances, and usually picks up a little tang depending on the process in which it was grown, there is an undeniable “marijuana” flavor. While it’s a flavor you can’t quite put […]

Kong : Strain Review

I’m sure you all have vivid pictures in your head when I mention the name Kong. The common envisioned creature is a massive hairy beast with a screaming blond in hand, right? How about a strain that grows as big and hairy as the gorilla from the 1933 classic and will have you higher than […]

White OG : Strain Review

We’re slowly closing in on the two year mark for legal marijuana here in Colorado. If there’s a couple of things we’ve all learned from the last two years, it’s that recreational cannabis doesn’t have apocalyptic effects, and that regardless of the label as “medicinal” or “recreational,” you can’t negate the beneficial effects that marijuana […]

Skywalker : Strain Review

“Use the force, Luke.” Alright, I’ll admit that for an intro to a strain review on Skywalker, that may be a touch banal. Honestly though, how much better can it get than Star Wars themed strains? I’ve been looking for the opportunity to make bad Star Wars jokes; it’s a trap I fall into easily. […]

Harlequin OG : Strain Review

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, we’ve all been culprits of catching the ass-end of an episode of Jerry Springer. Between the ruckus, cursing, and chair throwing, there is usually some underlying issue such as, “who’s my baby daddy?” While I can’t refute the complexity of some of these deeply philosophical made-for-TV scenarios, I can’t help but […]

Super Lemon Haze : Strain Review

Let me set the scene for you. It’s the early 70s in Santa Cruz, California. At the time, California was ground zero for cannabis cultivation and strain production, and people were coming in droves from all over the world to experiment in plant genetics. In their muddy backpacks, they carried plants from Mexico, India, Pakistan, […]