Arcana-Lyte and Sarco Skin

Arcana-Lyte and Sarco Skin
Arcana Lyte Arcanum CBD Mary’s Nutritionals Sarco Skin

It’s been a little over a year since I got back on the horse (so to speak). For the better part of a decade, I’d let myself go. It took a year of exercise and diet but now that I’m almost a hundred pounds lighter, exercise has simply become part of my daily routine. This story, however, isn’t about me. This is about a new and revolutionary line of full spectrum hemp products from Arcanum. Arcana-Lyte and Sarco Skin are two brand new products that are customized for athletes and workout enthusiasts of all ages. This isn’t the first chance I’ve had to try out natural hemp products from Arcanum. In the past year, I’ve been able to try out two incarnations of pain-relieving topicals produced by Arcanum, Sarco Freeze and Sarco Breeze. The effects of both creams were quite remarkable thanks to a lot of science that goes into the process of making them. While the minds at Mary’s Nutritionals may have a lot more know-how than I when it comes to formulating activated hemp products, what I do know is how important it is to construct hemp-based consumables in a holistic manner that includes all aspects of the plant. For starters, it is important to note that all Arcanum products are legal in all 50 states and contain a nearly undetectable trace amount of THC components. As the COO of Arcanum Tyler Mintz puts it, “Arcanum uses an extract that tests non-detectable for THC, our third-party lab is state-certified and picks up any THC levels above .08 percent. Renowned doctors have also written a white paper regarding Arcanum use and change in urine analysis (there was none).” Simply put, Arcanum is everything in the hemp plant except the THC, and no amount of using them will ever ping you on a urine test. This includes naturally occurring cannabinoids like hemp-derived CBD. This was true with Sarco Breeze and Sarco Freeze, and it also is the case with their new products Arcana-Lyte and Sarco Skin. Arcana-Lyte is already available online and you can order it right to your home while Sarco Skin will be available this February. I’ll start by telling you a little bit about Arcana-Lyte and the science that backs this amazing drink additive.

What is Arcana-Lyte:


As someone who is entirely new to the exercise and fitness scene, when I first heard about Arcana-Lyte I assumed that it was intended for use post workout, but as Tyler wrote “The best time to use the Arcana-Lyte is pre-workout and during exercise. Long distance athletes have found great success drinking this product throughout their run, while cross fitters have found success drinking Arcana-Lyte prework out.” This makes sense since the base components found inside all Arcanum products work with the body’s natural endocannabinoid system. Reinforcing the resources in this system prior to a workout can have some pretty astonishing effects. Tyler mentioned when he uses Arcana-Lyte, “Personally, I immediately notice the relaxation in my joints and, for lack of a better way to say it, less ‘suck’ during my most intense workouts!” As someone with a passing familiarity with the basic components of hemp, I wanted to know a little bit more about what makes Arcanum different from other hemp-derived products out there.

Full Spectrum Activated Hemp:

The biggest thing that sets Arcanum apart from other hemp-based merchandise is the full spectrum process that the plant undergoes to assure that every component is appropriately represented. Arcanum is rich in naturally occurring CBD, terpenoids, and beneficial hemp-derived components which is the same thing that many other companies will claim about their products. The truth is, many other hemp-based lotions and salves synthetically add in cannabinoids and concentrate components like CBD artificially. This designer style of crafting hemp-based products may achieve the end percentages on paper but there is evidence to show that this greatly reduces absorption in your body. Items crafted in this manner are severely limited in comparison to those that undergo Arcanum’s full spectrum naturally-derived process. Tyler points out,” Full spectrum activated hemp has undergone scientific process to make the hemp more bioavailable; in other words, if it was just hemp extract it might be a good lotion or protein depending on how your using it, but activating the hemp makes it work with the body on a molecular level.”



Now that I knew the basics, it was time to see what Arcana-Lyte could do for my daily workout. I peeled open the top of the packet to reveal a white odorless powder. Traditionally, I operate my best when I start my workout on a completely empty stomach in the morning. To assure that I didn’t consume enough liquid to give myself a side ache I diluted my Arcana-Lyte into a relatively small glass of water. After the powder had fully dissolved, I took a quick sip and was surprised to find that even in a concentrated state there was no detectable flavor other than the slightest sweet taste on my tongue. After experiencing just how innocuous the substance was, I downed the rest of the glass and waited about five minutes before hopping on the elliptical to start my routine. My first-day trying Arcana-Lyte the effects were relatively pronounced (more so than I thought they would be). My muscles seem to be innately more relaxed and I swear I had a little more energy than I normally would. I blasted through the rest of my workout with relative ease and despite having sufficiently kicked my own ass I was still feeling good by the time I had finished with weights. While feeling more energetic and relaxed during my workout was a perk, I think the best effects I felt were right after I finished working out. The natural relaxing attributes hemp-derived CBD along with a slew of other cannabinoids left me exceptionally relaxed while still being 100% cognitively aware. I knew this was thanks, in part, to the full spectrum process that Arcanum undertakes in crafting all their consumables. Tyler pointed out, “Full spectrum hemp is so much more than just a CBD isolate.  Depending on who you talk to there are somewhere between one hundred and fifteen to one hundred and thirty cannabinoids discovered.  These cannabinoids work synergistically with amazing therapeutic benefits to the human body. Furthermore, the hemp has flavonoids, terpenes and other compounds that have benefits themselves but also make the cannabinoids work more efficiently.” The concept that Tyler is bringing up is euphemistically known as the “entourage effect”. The entourage effect is a way of describing the synergetic behaviors that terpenoids and cannabinoids can have when consumed in concert. This full spectrum approach taken by Arcanum provides superior effects that in my opinion have many facets in daily life beyond that of exercise or athletics. I can easily see Arcana-Lyte being an amazing addition to any backpacking trip, hiking adventure, hunting expedition, day at the beach, trip to the fair or any activity where you’re going to find yourself moving around for the day. The individual portion size packets are extremely convenient as well. You could easily stuff a half-dozen in your pocket or in your bag. It’s then as simple as adding whatever liquid you choose. Since Arcana-Lyte’s flavor won’t tamper with any of your favorite drinks, I jokingly brought up the idea of adding it your favorite alcoholic beverage which brought up an interesting point that Arcana-Lyte would most likely be an amazing choice as a hangover cure. In general, the applications for Arcana-Lyte are so diverse I genuinely want to have a few spare packets sitting around all the time. I’ve quickly become a firm believer in the attributes of full spectrum hemp and the naturally-derived CBD that is found inside Arcana-Lyte. This all has made me quite excited for Sarco Skin, the newest Arcanum product, set to hit the shelves this February.

Sarco Skin:

When I wrote to Tyler asking him about what Sarco Skin is his response was perfect. He wrote, “I’m going to come right out and say it, ‘Sarco Skin is revolutionary’”. Sarco Skin is unlike anything the hemp industry or athletic support industry has ever seen before. Sarco Skin is a Kinesiology tape that is infused with Arcanum’s full spectrum hemp. It is set not only to revolutionize the field of transdermal hemp but also make waves in the field of athletic tape. If you’re like me, I had no idea what kinesiology tape is and what its use was. Tyler had my answers though. “Kinesiology tape is a thin tape that stretches both ways. When used correctly the tape will help athletes prevent injuries and heal existing injuries quicker. It will lift the skin off sensitive pain receptors, support muscles, and joints and create a channel for lymph fluid and blood flow to flush waste and toxins from an injured area. Once applied the tape can be worn for several days.  Mix this with Mary’s Nutritionals award-winning transdermal patch technology for time-released cannabinoid delivery and you have a revolutionary product.” That is just damn cool if you ask me. Utilizing the same activated hemp found in all of Arcanum’s other products, Sarco Skin supplements standard athletic tapes in a way that to my knowledge has never been done before. This unique application of full spectrum activated hemp will be available this February for sale in all 50 states. While injuries may be the primary use for Sarco Skin (and I don’t plan on injuring myself anytime soon) that doesn’t mean I’m any less intrigued by this aptly titled “revolutionary” new tape.



If you are just now learning about Arcanum and the amazing products that they have to offer I highly recommend you check out Sarco Freeze, Sarco Breeze, and The Quill to experience the full lineup of products available from Arcanum. I can say for myself, now that I’m back to working out, there is certainly a place for Arcanum in my daily life. Whether you’re an athlete, a sportsman, or just need a way to help assuage the aches and pains of a nine to five job, Arcanum has a solution to help your pain and boost your performance. If you’ve been looking to push yourself to the next level, then Arcanum has the products for you to pull ahead of the pack. See what it means to have the Arcanum Edge over the competition.

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