Deep Tissue Muscle Balm 1:1 CBD:THC

Deep Tissue Muscle Balm 1:1 CBD:THC
CBD Nectar Bee The Green Solution

This very year, I’ll be turning thirty. While many of my friends have already had their turning thirty freak-outs I still have been trying to figure out a good excuse to freak out, too. Maybe being mostly bald already helps me not worry about aging or maybe I just don’t care, but I do understand some of the aches and pains that I know I didn’t have ten years ago. While nothing I ever suffer from could be considered chronic (pun intended) I do work up my fair share of bumps and bruises working outside at my little hobby farm. At the end of the day when I need to mellow out, there is always one great pain reliever that I never feel guilty using, CBD. There are just so many health CBD benefits that I see no downside. I recently sampled a brand new pain relieving balm cream from Nectar Bee™ in the ratio of one-to-one CBD to THC Deep Tissue Muscle Balm. This Nectar Bee™ Deep Tissue Muscle Balm is the real deal, all the best parts of an icy-hot cream except with natural ingredients and the lasting pain relief of cannabis. For more information about CBD oil, you can click here to read about the benefits.

The only place that you’ll find this Deep Tissue Muscle Balm is at The Green Solution®. If you’ve been using other balms and lotions to soothe your aches and pains, then I would recommend giving Nectar Bee™ Deep Tissue Muscle Balm a try. You’ll likely find that this Muscle Balm supplies the exact same relief as other pain balms on the shelf at a fraction of the price. With Nectar Bee™ Deep Tissue Muscle Balm starting at only $19.99 that’s an iota of the cost of other muscle relieving topical cannabis products which are often upwards of $60. With the same key components and a deliciously unique combination of essential oils, Nectar Bee™ Deep Tissue Muscle Balm is a winner for me in the topical cannabis department.

It’s also worth noting that using Deep Tissue Muscle Balm will not make you fail a drug test!

While my bumps and aches are usually superficial I had the opportunityTGS Muscle Rub-1 to work up some extra sore muscles from overplaying the new VR I purchased (want to talk about something addictive?) and from almost taking my own leg out with my bowling ball during league night (talk about some sissy first world pain issues though). Regardless of the cause of the bruise on my right leg and the soreness in my knee that followed, it ended up being the perfect opportunity to try out my Nectar Bee™ Deep Tissue Muscle Balm. I opened the top on my tube and took a quick look at the silky-smooth balm inside the conveniently designed twist-style dispenser. In many ways, it just looked like an oversized tube of chap stick. I started as I do with pretty much everything in life, by smelling it. The first odor that hit my nose was the soothing scent of shea butter mixed with a little hint of minty zing. There was something more, though, when I buried my nose deeper. There was a slight kick in the odor that I couldn’t place until I perused the ingredients list on the side. The fourth ingredient behind olive oil, beeswax, and shea butter was cayenne pepper. Talk about a perfectly natural way to induce a soothing warm sensation! Just as the Nectar Bee™ Deep Tissue Muscle Balm warns on the side, don’t apply it near any cuts or wounds, don’t put it near sensitive areas, and wash your hands after you use it (I’ve accidentally touched my eyes after cooking with peppers too many times and it’s never a good idea). The mintiness that I detected came to light after reading the fifth ingredient, menthol crystals, the perfect component to provide a hint of tingle after application. The list goes on to include other natural pain relievers such as arnica oil. My girlfriend had been using arnica since we were in high school to help with muscle pain and headaches, so it seems like a very good pain-fighting addition to any cannabis balm.

It was time to give my leg the VIP treatment with a healthy lathering of Nectar Bee™ Deep Tissue Muscle Balm. Just as I had expected, the container works like a jumbo lip balm would. You twist the bottom and the cylinder of pain-reliving balm slowly makes its way out the top. I rubbed a healthy portion onto the newly sore section of my leg and rubbed it in. TGS Muscle Rub-2While the heat effects were subtle for me, I did feel a slight warmth in the area which was quite refreshing, it wasn’t until I really felt the menthol crystals get to work that the real relief came, though. The delicate tingling went on for a fair amount of time and as soon as it faded I noticed that the discomfort I had from before was markedly diminished. While I can’t know for sure what components did the brunt of the work, whether it was the CBD, the willow bark or the arnica, the end result is what counted. I also really enjoyed the smells coming from my leg after application. The shea butter aroma and the menthol faded quickly and left behind a jumble of essential oil aromas mostly notably pine and clove for me. As with all essential oils, they will react differently to every individual’s body chemistry and produce a scent that is unique for every user. While the other healing and pain relieving components like lobelia leaf and comfrey root certainly couldn’t hinder the effects, I’d like to give credit to the THC and CBD components for giving this Nectar Bee™ Deep Tissue Muscle Balm its lasting power. My rather modest pain was alleviated almost entirely from this balm and I could go to sleep unaffected by pain. Even if my pain was more intense, the best part about a naturally derived balm like this one is that you can liberally reapply as needed. People who have not used CBD before might be wary and have questions, like “does CBD oil get you high?” if you want to know if this is possible, visit sites like Snack Nation to help you gain better information.

I’ve used many topicals in the past and I’ve got to say that if you haven’t tried a cannabis salve, lotion, or balm, you really should get on board and see what amazing things they may be able to do for you. My favorite attributes of the Nectar Bee™ Deep Tissue Muscle Balm are its amazing smell, great consistency, and extraordinary price point. I’ve had many other leading cannabis topicals that have similar ingredients and similar effects but never have I experienced one that was anywhere near this affordable. If you’ve been using any type of cannabis muscle rub in the past, I would recommend giving Nectar Bee™ Deep Tissue Muscle Balm a try. Its price point is simply unbeatable and its quality is either on par or even surpasses that of other topical brands. It doesn’t stop at just balms; Nectar Bee™ also has a huge selection of topicals ranging from lotions to salves and everything in-between. Get out there and start soothing those aches and pains. Nectar Bee™ will be there with a product that’s just right for you.#JessetheGrove

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