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Cannabidiol (CBD), it’s the cannabinoid that’s been causing quite the stir over the last couple months. Forbes has predicted that CBD products are going to form part of the next million dollar market that companies want to get involved in! This why many companies like The Green Solution and CTFOCBDOnline have started appearing all over the web! TGS CBD-5
Ever since the DEA’s classification which would include CBD as a schedule one, and the proceeding approval of the reclassification, this non-psychoactive, pain-relieving, seizure-reducing, cancer-fighting, and non-addictive component, has now been relegated to the realm of heroin and ecstasy. This means that CBD lotions, pills, salves, and concentrates that used to be available everywhere are now only accessible in states that have legalized cannabis (The only exception being CBD from commercial hemp). That said, you can find CBD products on lots of websites, meaning you can save on CBD. There are a load of different CBD products that you can use though if you wanted. You just have to find the one that works best for you. For example, you might decide that you prefer using something like this cbd balm, but it’s up to you. In this rather chilling move, that has cut off thousands with severe symptoms from the innocuous component CBD, only time will tell what happens next. In the meantime, Colorado again will prove a safe harbor for people who need CBD to help with their ailments, many of which are life-altering and even life-threatening if not treated. If you’re coming to Colorado in search of CBD, then check out The Green Solution® for their selection of CBD concentrates, vape pens, and topicals produced by Nectar Bee™. I had the fortune of sampling two high-CBD products from Nectar Bee™, and I can personally attest to the pain-relieving attributes of this phenomenal cannabinoid.

Nectar Bee™ CBD Pure Cartridge:

Disposable cartridges are the undeniable champions of cannabis consumption on the go. They are portable, easy to store, contain less tar than leaf, and have a mild odor. Nectar Bee’s™ CBD Pure Cartridges are also loaded with CBD. My pen had 26.49% CBD and 34.57% CBD-A with a very moderate portion of THC, weighing in at 10.99%. That means that this pen does contain a small amount of THC which added the potential for a minimal psychoactive effect associated with its smoke (there’s only one way to know for certain, though). I liberated my cartridge from its package and found a spare pen battery sitting around. All Nectar Bee™ cartridges use a 35mm thread, which is the same size you’ll find on most vape pen batteries and even on many e-cigarette batteries. TGS CBD-2I picked a slim button-less battery (the pen will work on button batteries as well as long at the thread is 35mm) and screwed on my cartridge. The design on Nectar Bee™ cartridges allows you to see the vapor traveling along the neck of the cartridge as you inhale. The initial flavor was actually very pleasant considering that CBD products have gained a notoriety for being less flavorful than their THC-laden compatriots. The initial flavor was extremely earthy but was mellowed out by a light lemon tang, which followed through into a citrusy after-taste. After a several more puffs off the pen, I did feel a very slight THC effect, but the highlight was the muscle melting madness conveyed from the CBD. Overall a very pleasant vape experience that would be the perfect regiment before anything that would normally cause aches and pains. The THC effects, while minimal, were present. If you’ve heard in the past of the entourage effect, then you may know as well as I do that multiple cannabinoids can have a more pronounced and prolonged effect when used in concert.

Nectar Bee™ CBD Pure Shatter:

While it can be undeniably more difficult to consume straight concentrates, there is always the benefit of versatility when buying raw extracts. Nectar Bee™ CBD Pure Shatter is crystal clear, citrusy on the nose, and powerful in pain relief. While it may not be packaged in an easy-to-transport container like a disposable vape pen cartridge, this high-CBD Nectar Bee™ Shatter is super versatile. You can dab it with a rig, sip it with a nectar collector, load it in a refillable vape pen, or even dollop it onto a bowl. Another factor that makes Nectar Bee’s™ CBD Shatter so unique is its insanely high CBD-A content weighing in at 78.89%. While CBD-A has less study behind it than CBD, initial findings have shown that it may swap out some cancer-cell-inhibiting properties for anti-inflammatory properties. These anti-inflammatory properties make this CBD shatter the perfect solution for joint pain and sore muscles. I unscrewed the top on my glass jar of Nectar Bee™ CBD Pure Shatter and stared in at the nearly translucent glob of extract. I grabbed a clean nectar collector for my first sample (I honestly was just too lazy to set up my rig) and I took a little sip of CBD. TGS CBD-4(1)The initial flavor was on par with the Nectar Bee™ CBD Pure Cartridge. It was very rich, dark and earthy. The light and citrusy follow-up-flavors, however, were much more pronounced. The flavor simply smacked of lemon and left a truly delightful flavor in my mouth. I can’t say that I really felt any psychoactive effects from the shatter, which makes sense considering its very modest .58% THC and 5.63% THC-A content. The pain-relieving sensations were undeniable, though. As someone who usually only has a pain pill once or twice a year, I can tell you that the effects of the CBD were just as strong for me. If you’re someone who frequently takes pain pills, I think you might find the CBD even surpassing the effects, depending on what kind of pain medication you’re used to and what tolerances you may have formed. I’ll simply sum up by saying, that I plan on keeping this stuff around for the next time I’m feeling particularly sore.

CBD Schedule 1 Drug:

Reclassification to schedule 1 means that CBD has been labeled as a dangerous, habit-forming drug that has no medicinal benefits. If anyone reading this has used CBD-only products before, then they will know in a moment that all three of the previous statements are absolutely incorrect. For starters, CBD is not psychoactive. This is perhaps where the biggest disconnect is in the understanding of what CBD is. To put it plainly, you could take a 1000 doses of CBD and the strongest psychological effects would be on par with taking an ibuprofen (so in other words no psychological effects). In this analogy, CBD even has a one-up considering it is physiologically impossible to overdose on CBD, the same of which cannot be said about ibuprofen, which can cause internal bleeding and death in large doses. The second misconception is that it’s habit forming and addictive. TGS CBD-6While it’s true that cannabis with THC can be psychologically addictive (different than physically addictive substances that many use daily like caffeine, sugar, and nicotine) there has been no conclusive evidence that CBD is in any way habit forming. This is in stark contrast to the current leading pain relievers, most of which are opioid-based and extremely addictive. The last component of qualifying for schedule 1 is a lack of any medicinal benefits. This is perhaps the part that gets under my skin the most. Since I personally have had family members take CBD for cancer-related pain relief and friends who take CBD to reduce their risk of seizures, I have seen first-hand the lunacy in the purported claims that there are no medicinal benefits. As to why this move that was started back in December has been officially finalized and why this harmless pain reliever has been made illegal, I’ll leave it to you to connect the dots.

If you’re a medicinal cannabis refugee, in search of CBD, then check out The Green Solution® for a variety of different mediums. On the flip side, if you’re simply a recreational user who is looking for some serious pain relief after a hard day at work, then Nectar Bee™ CBD products may be perfect for you. Only time will tell what the next step in the war on cannabis will be. Compassion and knowledge are the best tools that can be wielded now.#JessetheGrove

The Green Solution CBD
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The Green Solution CBD
If you’re looking for CBD, then check out The Green Solution® for their selection of CBD concentrates, vape pens, and topicals by Nectar Bee™
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