Chemmy Jones Live Resin : Concentrate Review

Chemmy Jones Live Resin : Concentrate Review
Chronic Therapy Concentrate Review Live Resin

If you’ve never had the opportunity to sample a live resin, the cannabis industry is starting to go crazy on these amazing concentrates. Live resins offer a robust terpene content which means that you can expect from them a more balanced high than some concentrates can give you. To understand what makes live resin so amazing you need to know a little bit more about terpenes, the proteins responsible for the flavors and smells inside all plants on the planet.Chemmy Jones-5 For example, α-Pinene is what is responsible for the pine smell in a pine tree, limonene is the lemony scent you can expect from citrusy strains, and linalool is a familiar floral aroma you might recognize from your favorite flowers. Terpenes not only add unique flavors and odors to the cannabis plant but alter the effects of the high that is felt when imbibing. The true difference between an indica and a sativa can be summed up in part by its terpene content. The process of creating a live resin is different than it is for making normal extractions which use cured flower, trim, or sweet leaf. Live resin is produced from plants that have been flash-frozen and have not gone through the curing process. These frozen plants have a much stronger terpene content since they are closer to the plant’s original form. All those extra smells are captured by creating an extract from living plant matter instead of dried cannabis. Live Resins go through a much more articulated process that means that any extraction companies need to source their plants directly from the grow. One company that has perfected the art of live resin is Chronic Therapy a recreational dispensary in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Chronic Therapy’s MIP, Chronic Creations has been blasting these terpene loaded concentrates for over a year now and they have never failed to please. I recently had the fortune of sampling Chemmy Jones, a live resin produced exclusively by Chronic Creations. Chemmy Jones blends the powerful effects of an indica along with a refreshing cerebral high that doesn’t end up in the paranoia zone.

If you want to try some of this amazing Chemmy Jones Live Resin then you better make your way to Chronic Therapy recreational dispensary in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Not only is Chronic Therapy loaded with some of the best products in town but they are also the production point for Chronic Creations extracts so if you’re looking for the best concentrates in town look no further

Chemmy Jones Live Resin :: Appearance | Smell:

I started my Chemmy Jones adventure as I do with all cannabis adventures by popping the top on the fun.Chemmy Jones-6 In the case of Chronic Creations live resin this ended up being very easy. Chemmy Jones was entombed inside a very typical glass bottom dabbing container. This glass bottom means that you can enjoy your live resin with a nectar collector directly out of the jar. Glass also ensures it stays fresh and won’t stick to the walls. After removing the little jar, I peeked through the glass edge and saw inside golden chunky crystals of live resin that look simply amazing. As is the case with most things in life, seeing simply wasn’t enough. I twisted off the top and unleashed a torrent of incredibly potent chem odor. This amazing live resin captures all the unique odors and smells of a strain that is heavy in Diesel and Chemdawg ancestry. This very odor is one of the staples of the Cannabis world. Along with the very distinctive chem odor, there was a unique sweetness to Chemmy Jones Live Resin. This sweetness was refreshing in concert with the tart smells from the chem odor. Just to get a little more of an idea of the consistency of the live resin, I grabbed one of my dabbing tools and began to poke around inside the jar. The crystal-laden amalgam was about the consistency of room temperature butter and was loaded with terpenes. It’s also worth noting that this is by far not the stickiest concentrate I’ve ever had to deal with in the past. I believe that a higher moisture content and a higher terpene content really cut down the stickiness of Chemmy Jones compared to some other concentrates. The chunk I picked up fit on the end of my dab tool so perfectly, that I decided it was time for me to take a massive dab.

Chemmy Jones Live Resin :: Smoke | Effect:

I prepared my favorite little dab rig and lit up the torch waiting for that perfect orange glow that I’ve learned to look for. I placed my dome in position and prepared myself for the reckoning. I slowly lowered down the dab onto the nail and watched it vaporized in a glorious burst smoke. The initial flavor from Chemmy Jones was delectable. The first waves of smoke that hit my tongue were insanely sweet. The other noteworthy factor of the smoke was that it was stunningly clean and felt practically non-existent in my lungs when I inhaled. This is one of the smoothest smokes I’ve ever experienced which is surprising considering its relatively high terpene content.Chemmy Jones-8 While terpenes alone are not enough to determine whether a strain will be harsh or not, higher terpene concentrate extracts have a tendency to be a little bit harsher than their THC-loaded counterparts. Since some of the proteins that are responsible for creating terpenes are larger particulates that’s what gives them their proclivity for being slightly harsher than micro components like THC or CBD. Regardless of the science behind it, Chemmy Jones was remarkably smooth. As I exhaled I noticed a very different character to the concentrate. The sweet flavors seem to fade away and were replaced quickly with a distinct Chemdawg flavor (that same flavor that you get from Diesel cannabis strains). If you’ve never experienced this flavor before it’s a little hard to explain. To try to sum it up concisely it’s somewhat tart and somewhat bitter. It’s best described by many as being reminiscent of the fuel aroma possessed by a bounty of old-school strains. The flavor was spot-on and reminded me of smoking Chemdawg, Diesel, or some other strain similar heritage. Since live resins have such robust terpene profiles the flavor also stuck around in my mouth for a longer time. This combined and unique flavor profile makes this live resin a real winner in my books. As far as effects go, Chemmy Jones was a little bit of a creeper. That is to say that the high crept up on me as opposed to hitting me all at once. Roughly five minutes after I had taken my first large dab of Chemmy Jones I felt a very powerful Indica body effect hit me out of nowhere in a turn of events that’s usually rare for (I’m used to cerebral effects before body effects). This was no ordinary body high either. The initial high from Chemmy Jones seemed to permeate every single ounce of my limbs and made them feel quite gelatinous. I walked around for a moment enjoying my newfound wiggliness and waiting to see if any other effects would kick in. After another few minutes I started to feel some cerebral attributes to the strain as well. The first sensation started at the back of my neck and seemed to crawl up my spine and into my brain (in a good way though not like a head crab kind of way). It started to cause my brain to drift a little bit and I found myself wondering about incredibly mundane things like fertilizing the lawn for next year. As potent as the cerebral effects were after only a half-hour they were starting to diminish while the body high lingered for an additional half hour or so. Because of this distinct characteristic I’d label Chemmy Jones primarily as being a good smoke for someone looking for Indica effects inside a concentrate. While its cerebral/sativa effects were certainly present they were not the highlight of this live resin.

Overall ::

If you’ve been searching for an indica-leaning concentrate that can put you to bed in an instant or have you melting into the couch after a day of work, then I would highly recommend looking at some Chemmy Jones as an option.Chemmy Jones-7 Chemmy Jones is a potent concentrate and still possesses a high THC content, but it’s increased terpene content adds a very unique and specific effect on your mind. Beyond the effect, smoking Chemmy Jones Live Resin is simply a joy based off of its flavor profile and otherworldly smoothness. As much as I would like to label Chemmy Jones Live Resin as a utility concentrate, the sensations that I felt from it categorize it much more a sleepy time concentrate. If you’re looking for something that’s going to get you up moving around and jumping about then look for something else because Chemmy Jones is going to make you want to eat an entire burrito on the couch. If you’ve never sampled any live resins before Chemmy Jones is a very good starter. It also, in my books, registers as a good starter concentrate for people who have not had concentrates before since its effects are not overwhelming and will not induce paranoia like some high THC strains may. Another reason that this is a very good starter concentrate was its smoothness factor. Chemmy Jones is so smooth that I have no doubt a brand-new dabber could pick up a jar of this live resin and smoke it with nary a cough. If you’ve been searching for the perfect evening concentrate or a first time concentrate to sample, look no further than chronic Creations Chemmy Jones Live Resin. This is live resin the way it’s meant to be, loaded with terpenes and absolutely begging to be smoked.#JessetheGrove

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