Chronic Therapy 420 Deals

Chronic Therapy 420 Deals
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I love the vibe of this holiday. Everyone’s just able to share their enthusiasm for one of their favorite hobbies. It seems like the rest of the world treats weed more like weed ought to be treated on 4/20, which is to say that they leave us the hell alone when all we’re trying to do is get high and have a little fun.

I walk around the Denver area on 4/20 and I always notice a sense of levity that isn’t always around, even in the perpetual house party that is Denver, Colorado. People hand out mental high-fives all day through a few glances of their bloodshot eyes. Sometimes those glances turn into actual high-fives, and a crisp high-five while stoned is one of life’s little pleasures that one must enjoy.

Needless to say, I love this holiday, and one of the stops I’ll be making will be to Chronic Therapy in Wheat Ridge. If you live in the Wheat Ridge area of the Denver suburbs, then you better know about the dankness that lives at Chronic Therapy. What I love about the weed at Chronic Therapy is that they’ve got some classic strains that will get you in a celebratory mood for 4/20. Make sure to check out the OG Kush or the Bubba Kush, two timeless strains that they know how to grow the right way.

I live nearby, so I was able to grab some of their Jedi OG last year before I went to go see Method Man, Redman, Ghostface Killah, and Raekwon perform at Cervantes for the 4/20 festivities. The euphoric head buzz that Jedi OG provides had me on Cloud Nine, in a room that very much felt like being in the middle of a cloud. I bet they had to change all the ventilation systems in their building after that show with all the smoke we blew in the place.

I saw Method Man with his posse outside after the show. I forgot that people were able to roll blunts with one hand…Chronic Therapy 420 Banner square

Chronic Therapy 420 Deals:

Chronic Therapy has the hookup this 4/20 by offering joints for $4.20 with absolutely any purchase. Recreational joints don’t get much cheaper than that, so I would take advantage of that no matter what you’re picking up. They also have caviar cone joints available if you’re feeling a little crazy. 4/20 would be a great time to try something a little extra fun, like a joint rolled in weed oil and keef, essentially turning into a THC hand grenade.

For the same price as their normal 8th, they’re weighing your bag heavy and sending you out the door with 4.20 grams of weed. More than a half gram for free, that’s just awesome. But, they’re not just having sales on bud.

Like many of you, I like to smoke, dab, and eat cannabis products (not necessarily at the same time). Chronic Therapy has got a deal for cannabis enthusiast such as myself by offering a bundle of bud, hash, and an edible for just $75. That’s a fat, 4.2 gram 8th of flower, a gram of concentrate of your choice, and 100mg of edibles for less than $100, which sounds like an awesome way to get in the right state of mind for 4/20 shenanigans.

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I’m a big fan of the Taste Budz gummies that you can pick up at Chronic Therapy. They’re one of the few gummy selections out there that come indica/sativa specific. I like to drop 20mg of indica a little before I go to bed and sleep like a baby. They taste a little bit like Jello, but with a little more sweetness.

If you’re looking for a good edible but you’ve got a couple dietary restrictions, make sure you check out The Grow Kitchen Fantastic Brownie, something Chronic Therapy just started carrying at their Wheat Ridge location. I’m always skeptical of vegan-friendly food, but this brownie doesn’t seem to sacrifice any flavor and comes with a healthy dose of 10 mg of THC.

Make a stop over at Chronic Therapy before you go out for the many 4/20 celebrations popping up all over the city. Or if you’ve had enough of the whole “let’s go be obnoxiously stoned in large groups” thing, take advantage of their little-bit-of-everything deal and melt into your couch to some Netflix. The beauty of 4/20 is that you get to celebrate however you choose.adam-wheeler

Chronic Therapy 420 Deals
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Chronic Therapy 420 Deals
Chronic Therapy has the hookup this 4/20 by offering joints for $4.20 with absolutely any purchase.
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