Four Gram Jar Extreme Cream Live Resin : Concentrate Review

Four Gram Jar Extreme Cream Live Resin : Concentrate Review
Chronic Therapy Concentrate Review Live Resin

There’s just no denying how much concentrates have taken offExtreme Cream-1 in the last few years around the country. And why shouldn’t they? Concentrates, in many ways, are the scientific pinnacle of cannabis consumption. Not only are marijuana extracts the concentrated forms of their original cannabis strains, but they also offer several benefits over smoking flower. Just a few of these benefits include lower tar content, less superfluous plant proteins, and focused yet potent effects. In Colorado, concentrates have become so popular that you can expect to find as many concentrates on the shelf as you can strains at any given dispensary. If you are already well-versed in the realm of marijuana concentrates then you know there is many ways to produce them, not all of which are created equal. One concentrate that has enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame is live resin. I remember the very first time I heard about live resin, I was almost turned off just by the term resin in its title. Coming off a decade of smoking cannabis under the table, all resin meant to me was the black disgusting buildup of residual cannabis that you would find in the back of your pipe (and sadly smoke in times of need). It took a little bit of research back then to know exactly what live resin was, and if you still don’t know the difference I’m overjoyed to tell you about how amazing live resin is! You can even research it yourself by quickly searching for live resin canada. There is one key factor in making a live resin that makes it different from any other marijuana concentrate. While in the end, the extraction method may be the same, the most important part of making a live resin is starting with fresh, frozen flowers. In a normal marijuana extraction process already cured flowers are used but when it comes time to make a live resin, only fresh plants will do. So, what does using fresh plants mean for the end product? It means that you can expect a much fuller terpene content which makes for a much more robust flavor profile then you get from normal concentrates. This extremely intensive process usually comes with a relatively high price tag on the product. The truth of the matter is, it’s quite difficult to flash freeze fresh cannabis plants and manage the logistics to move them to a location where they can be extracted. This means that pretty much any MIP (Manufactured Infused Products) kitchen that utilizes wholesale cannabis to produce their extracts, is likely never going to be able to create live resin to sell. The best chance to produce live resins comes from dispensaries that own their own MIP and grow. Extreme Cream-2Dispensaries like Chronic Therapy located in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Since Chronic Therapy grows all its own flowers and produces all of its own concentrates through Chronic Creations, not only does this make live resin a possibility for them to produce, but it opens the possibility to produce it at outrageously low prices. I was recently treated to one of Chronic Creation’s amazing new products on the shelf, four-gram jars of live resin. That’s a lot of live resin! With live resins at most locations retailing for around $50 a gram, I would have assumed that this four-gram jar would have cost me well over $200. That’s why I was shocked when I found us a chronic therapy is selling these tubs of concentrate for only $100 pre-tax. For any of you math impaired folk out there, we’re talking about paying $25 a gram (a pretty standard price for regular concentrates) for next level live resin extractions. What can make this better you might ask? What if they were also strain-specific? Well, they are. I will now recount to you the tale of how exciting it is to get four grams of Extreme Cream Live Resin ready and raring to go right into my dab rig.

If you want to get your hands on a four-gram jar of this amazing Extreme Cream Live Resin, then you best make your way to Chronic Therapy a recreational marijuana dispensary located in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Chronic Therapy specializes in combining superb genetics to craft superior live resins through their MIP Chronic Creations. If you’re looking for the best price on the best live resin in town, then look no further.

Four Gram Jar Extreme Cream Live Resin :: Appearance | Smell:

If you are unfamiliar with live resin, let me tell you a little bit about Extreme Cream-4what to expect from this extract that might be different from what you’re used to in normal dry extracts. For starters, you can expect to find a little bit of terpene soup in the bottom of your jar. In an extraction process that uses the entire plants such as live resin extraction, there are terpenes and oils that are left over from the process that naturally settle at the bottom of the jar. These terpenes are the proteins responsible for creating flavor, smell, and taste in all plants. I find it extremely beneficial to dip my chunks of extract into these oils before vaporizing it with my dab rig. Now that I’ve given you kind of a textbook idea of what live resin should be, it was time to crack open my Extreme Cream Live Resin and see if it lived up to expectations. I’d like to mention before I start, it is powerful to have four grams of concentrate in your hand. Despite having done this for years, I’ve never found myself in a situation where I’m in actual possession of four grams of live resin. I started by removing my glass jar of Extreme Cream from its tasteful chronic therapy packaging. I could mediately see through the glass a soupy mixture of terpenes and golden sugary-looking live resin. Not one to tarry, I popped open the lid and let out an incredibly strong sweet aroma of freshly extracted cannabis. As soon as the odor started to hit my nose I couldn’t help but stare down at the giant mound of live resin before me. It was truly a sight to behold. As I buried my nose in deeper the sweetness that I had originally detected yielded to a very petite floral aroma with a hint of chem genetics. While I’m no expert with terpenes, I’d like to attribute this aroma to linalool, the terpene responsible for the aroma of lavender. As I delved in deeper for a visual inspection everything was as it should be for a high-quality live resin. The little mountain of Extreme Cream before me was an actual amalgam of tiny sugary clusters of golden delicious extract. Just as I had mentioned before, there was a nice layer of terpenes and natural plant oils residing at the bottom of the jar. Extreme Cream-5To truly understand the scope of this mountain of shimmering live resin I feel like a picture is worth a thousand words. I could go on for a long time describing how this sugary Extreme Cream Live Resin crumbles beneath my dab tool, or how its sweet aroma tickles your nose and in a way that is half marijuana extract and half the delectable dessert, but instead I’m going to let the pictures do some of the talking for me and let your imagination fill in the rest. I, on the other hand, was fortunate enough to not have to use my imagination to fill in the blanks. Instead, I prepared my hearty titanium-nailed dab rig.

Four Gram Jar Extreme Cream Live Resin :: Smoke | Effect:

This is the rig that I only pull out for special occasions, the quadruple percolated behemoth and only device I own worthy of smoking away at four grams of concentrate (not all at once thankfully). After persuading all the water to just the right levels in the rig, I wrangled myself a large gob of Extreme Cream Live Resin, dipped it into its own terpene soup at the bottom of the jar, and started heating up my nail. If you’ve never heard of low temperature dabbing, let me just tell you how amazing it can be. The concept is simple. Keep your nail at a temperature that will still vaporize the concentrate without combusting all the cannabinoids. For me, this has become my new favorite way to dab. It might not get you as insanely high as just heating the shit out of the nail, but it allows for a much broader terpene profile and a more relaxed high that truly does justice to the strain’s original effects. Since I’m not quite the dab connoisseur that many of you reading this may be, I do not have an e-nail that I can simply set to the perfect temperature, but I do have a little bit of technology up my sleeve. I frequently use an infrared heat thermometer to determine if my nail is just the right temperature (the thing is great for cooking as well). After getting my nail in the 400-degree range I dropped concentrate to titanium. The little gob of live resin sizzled, crackled, and whirled around as it’s slowly vaporized into nothing. After a relatively large inhale the sweet notes hit my tongue first. In fact, on the inhale the sweetness was practically the only thing I could detect. As I slowly exhaled it started to sink in just how smooth this concentrate is. Sometimes, live resins due to their high terpene content and general holistic processing of the plant can be a little harsher than dry flower extracts. That simply was not the case with this Extreme Cream Live Resin. Through my entire exhale it was silky smooth. As I exhaled, I did start to notice some of the floral aroma shining through in flavor form. Along with this floral flavor, there was also a deep rich earthy note, which is not entirely beyond expectations when consuming a live resin. After all, you are consuming the plant in its original form simply concentrated. It was simply a delightful smoke that led into a high that sort of crept up on me. For the first few minutes after my initial dab I wasn’t necessarily feeling the THC, but after about ten minutes, it hit me like a brick. I was thrown immediately into a very intense cerebral high, that was very aware, yet undeniably loopy. Extreme Cream Live Resin ran the full gamut of sativa effects. I was feeling silly, giggly, euphoric, and in general just damn good. Extreme Cream-3I will note, I can see consuming large quantities of this extract as being potentially too much, and possibly paranoia-inducing. In other words, I advise taking a small dab to start, and potentially experimenting with lower temperature dabbing. All in all, the high was very delightful and relatively short-lived. About an hour after my initial dab, I was already feeling pretty much back down to earth, which was the perfect excuse to taste a little bit more Extreme Cream Live Resin.


If you love concentrates, live resins in particular, this is a deal that is simply too good to pass up. When you can get next level live resin produced in-house for around $25 a gram that’s just about as good as it gets. Chronic Creations has simply outdone itself this time with the caliber and affordability of this four-gram live resin jar. Live resins are only going to get more popular as more people start to realize that the terpenes contained inside strains can be almost as potent as the cannabinoids themselves. It is very important to understand how crucial it is to have the entire plant profile in an extract. While THC and CBD alone may have great medicinal effects, the entourage effect presented by the original plant will only work if all the components are translated into concentrate form. Extreme Cream Live Resin is an unparalleled tool for both recreational and medicinal uses, with a flavor profile that simply can’t be matched. If you’re ready to upgrade your concentrates, then check out Chronic Therapy today for this amazing deal on four-gram jars of live resin.#JessetheGrove

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