Best Late Night Marijuana Dispensaries

Best Late Night Marijuana Dispensaries
Best Denver Late Night Marijuana Dispensaries Best Glendale Late Night Marijuana Dispensaries Best Late Night Dispensaries Closest Colorado Dispensaries Colorado Dispensaries Open Late Night Denver Late Night Marijuana Dispensaries

On the quest for a Colorado marijuana dispensary that is open late night? Under state law, marijuana dispensaries cannot open before 8:00 AM and they can’t stay open later than midnight which means that some people are looking mail order marijuana. While the majority of Colorado marijuana dispensaries are not open through the late evening, fret not – the Dope Directory has got you covered with a list of the Best Late Night Marijuana Dispensaries


neon pot leafBest Denver Marijuana Dispensaries Open Late at Night

Recreational Marijuana dispensaries located in the city of Denver had the most restrictive store hours and for the first few years of legalization were not allowed to stay open past 7:00 PM. A new law passed on May 1st, 2017 now allows Denver marijuana dispensaries to stay open until 10:00 PM. While we highly advise visiting the marijuana dispensaries of Denver, you’ll find that the neighboring cities provide numerous dispensaries to fulfill your late-night appetite even after 10:00 PM.

Glendale Marijuana Dispensaries Open Late at Night

Smokin Gun Apothecary | Late Night Dispensary

Editors Choice: Smokin Gun Apothecary: a Glendale, CO marijuana dispensary with the heart and soul of revolution with some damn fine weed to boot! Read Dispensary Review…

Glendale is the town encompassed entirely in Denver. Located between Alameda Ave. and Arizona Ave. on Colorado Boulevard, the town of Glendale is known for having less strict rules about operating hours for dispensaries. While you’re here, you can catch a game at Infinity Park: Colorado’s only rugby stadium. Also, if you’re so inclined, you could check out the legendary Shotgun Willie’s: a gentleman’s club that serves alcohol until 4:00 AM.

Edgewater Marijuana Dispensaries Open Late at Night

Editors Choice: The Green Solution: an Edgewater, CO marijuana dispensary open until 11:45 PM, Thanks to the four individual check-out counters… they will expedite your cannabis purchasing experience! Read Dispensary Review…

Just west of Denver, just south of I-70 on Sheridan Blvd, you’ll find the city of Edgewater, CO., the mecca of late night Colorado marijuana dispensaries. There is no other town in Colorado that has so many dispensaries open so late. By our count, Edgewater has four dispensaries that stay open until midnight, and a few others that are open well past Denver’s 7:00 closing time. While you’re here, take a stroll around Sloan’s Lake; on a clear day, it’s a beautiful vantage point for Denver’s skyline!

Aurora Marijuana Dispensaries Open Late at Night

Aurora is a large and diverse city just east of Denver, and just south of Denver International Airport. For those of you coming in on a later flight from out of town, where the 7:00 PM cutoff for recreational marijuana in Denver won’t work, many dispensaries in Aurora give you a few extra hours of purchasing time. As one of Colorado’s newest municipalities to allow marijuana sales, more dispensaries are popping up all the time in Aurora. Have fun!

Denver Marijuana Dispensaries Open Late at Night

Denver has recently passed a new law allowing dispensaries as of May 1st to stay open as late as 10:00 PM. This sudden move means that all the marijuan craving masses of Denver can now sink their teeth into edibles even if its late at night. While they sitll may not be allowed to stay open as late as Edgewater or Glendale dispensaries, this is still a huge leap for the Denver dispensary market.