Closest Dispensaries to Denver’s 16th Street Mall

Closest Dispensaries to Denver’s 16th Street Mall
Closest Colorado Dispensaries

Mr Nice Guys DemverLocated in the heart of Denver is the 16th Street Mall, a 1.25 mile pedestrian and transit mall which is the epicenter of shopping, fine dining, nightclubs and some fantastic marijuana dispensaries. No matter what season it is, Denver’s 16th Street Mall has something for you. During the summer, it’s not uncommon to hear musicians playing pianos, or witness a handful of Denverites getting together for an impromptu drum circle. During the winter, the mall is lit up with thousands of lights, and the mall becomes home to carolers and holiday musicians. In short, the 16th Street Mall is where Coloradans go to experience the bulk of Denver’s nightlife, cuisine, shopping, and now cannabis. Coloradans and tourists, rejoice! There are certainly some quality options for you when it comes to procuring cannabis in LoDo. Whether you’re preparing for a night out on the town, or a night watching Dexter reruns on Netflix, the dispensaries in Denver’s downtown have you covered.


Closest  Marijuana Dispensaries to Denver’s 16th Street Mall

16th Street Mall Marijuana Dispensary Reviews

There are a number of different environments from dispensary to dispensary. Before selecting your dispensary, its best to research by reading reviews online to meet your comfort level and preferred shopping experience. After you have visited the dispensary, share your experience with others by leaving a review.

16th Street Mall Marijuana Dispensary Hours

Under state law, dispensaries cannot be open before 8:00am and in the city of Denver cannot be open past 7:00pm.

16th Street Mall Transportation

While we always suggest walking the 16th Street Mall, commuters and visitors can ride the FREE 16th Street Mall Shuttle. Running the length of the 16th Street Mall, the shuttle runs to all parts of Downtown, from Union Station and LoDo.

Understand Colorado Marijuana Laws

While legal, recreational marijuana use does have its restrictions, be sure to familiarize yourself with Colorado marijuana laws. If your 21 or older, you can buy up to an ounce of cannabis at a licensed store with a Colorado ID, if you are not a resident you can buy a quarter ounce with a state ID. Colorado marijuana laws are ever changing keep up to date… and never bring cannabis products out of the state.

Colorado Marijuana Dispensary Tours

If you’re traveling to Colorado specifically to tour marijuana dispensaries you might consider contacting a Colorado Dispensary tour service. Colorado Dispensary tour services can book all of your travel and tour accommodations, and in some instances can get you some great deals. As with dispensaries, always read reviews and do your research to find which tour service will best suit your needs.

Understand the Product

Take the time to speak with your dispensary representative, they will give you guidance as to the effects of your cannabis product, and the suggested dosage to take.

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