Chronic Therapy Discounts and Deals

Chronic Therapy Discounts and Deals
Colorado Cannabis

Let’s make a deal; If you promise to put up with my horrible puns, poorly crafted jokes, and blatant game show references, I’ll tell you about how one of the best dispensaries in the state just got better. If you’ve never made theChronic Therapy New Look-4 time to visit Chronic Therapy in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, then you’re doing yourself a grave injustice. A little too dramatic? I’ll tone it down a little bit. Seriously, if you haven’t paid the folks up there a visit, there is no better time than the present. Chronic Therapy has always been the perfect combination of professional budtenders and superior products at a reasonable price. Although there was never any denying the style and panache in which Chronic Therapy has always presented itself, in the last couple months the entire store has gone through a makeover and revitalization. While their fundamentals of good customer service and superior cannabis products hasn’t changed, their style factor is now officially off the charts. Emboldened as well by their recent 3rd place win for Sour Diesel and honorable mention for their extracts in the THC Classic, the only thing left to do was to chop down some prices and add some special deals for their customers.
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Chronic Therapy Weekly Discounts & Deals

  • Monday Markdown – Spend $100 and receive $10 off your entire purchase.
  • 2x Tuesday – Buy two MMJ products of equal value, receive 20% off of both.
  • Wax Wednesday – $5 off Chronic Creations, or 5 grams $125 before tax.
  • Shatter Sunday – $5 off shatter or 5 grams for $150 before tax


Now that you know exactly what day you’re going to make your visit to Chronic Therapy, I need to mention that no one can really say they’ve lived until they’ve tried some of the extracts from Chronic Creations. Having been fortunate enough to sample several Chronic Therapy New Look-2different varieties of their shatter and wax, I can tell you with the utmost assurance that you won’t be disappointed by any of their concentrates.

So what exactly does the Chronic Therapy facelift entail? A little saline and Botox, right? For starters, the most noticeable change for me was the cool new blue walls and the amazing metal sculpture hanging on the wall when you walk in the door. The sculpture was created by James Steffen Designs, and really does the lobby justice with the perfect balance of symmetry and asymmetry with organic and geometric influences (says the man who got a B in art history). If you’re a fan as well, just look through some of the new display shelves and you will find more of James’ work, including some phenomenal jewelry with force cast silver pieces and some of the finest wire wrapped works in town. Also new to the shelves are a bunch of additional merchandise options including hats, shirts, bags, glass pads, rigs, pipes, and more. Keep an eye out for even more epic swag coming soon, like koozies, shot glasses, lanyards, and more.

I’ll take a moment to note that some of Chronic Therapy’s prices on local glass are simply too good to pass up. I recently purchased a mid-size dab rig from Chronic with a price tag of $55, which is already impressive enough, but what really made it a bargain was the fact that it came with Chronic Therapy New Look-3a dome-less titanium nail. I’ve seen titanium nails that cost more than the entire rig did, which makes Chronic Therapy not only a great stop for your combustibles but for your devices as well.

By now there’s a good chance you’ve been noticing a recurring theme of locally crafted merchandise and products, so it only seems fitting that the designs for their strains and merchandise are also crafted locally, in this case by one of their budtenders, Renee. Renee makes custom hand-drawn pencil designs of the strains grown at Chronic Therapy and then she manipulates them with computer software for color and print. She also has designed a series of graphic tees as well for Chronic Therapy. Amanda, who manages Chronic Therapy’s media, mentioned, “We pride ourselves in being 100% original, so why not make our merchandise the same way?”

When it really comes down to it, the best reasons to visit Chronic Therapy are for their awesome staff and Chronic Therapy New Look-1superior cannabis products. I never see a frown when I visit Chronic Therapy, not from a budtender or a customer. Well, that’s the end of our deal; hopefully I didn’t impose too many bad jokes on you, but I do hope that I may have instilled a desire to visit Chronic Therapy. Having sampled a large array of their products, I can vouch for pretty much anything that you find on the shelves. For those concentrate aficionados out there, you ought to try their Chronic Creations extracts; they’re simply some of the best. On the other hand, if you’ve just been looking for a new place to try out or want to find a more laid-back and less Walmart-esque place to buy your cannabis, give Chronic Therapy a try – you won’t be disappointed.