Denver Dispensaries Open Late

Denver Dispensaries Open Late
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Welcome to Denver, the mile-high city. It’s a place where you can soak up the sun with 300 days of shine, find the best places to dine, and oh yeah, buy legal marijuana. Until just a few weeks ago if you were a marijuana enthusiast and were looking for a way to purchase some buds after work, then you would have to hope you’re off work before 7 PM or you’re close to your local dispensary because 7 PM for many years has been Denver’s dispensary closing hour. In an out-of-the-blue vote that took place a few weeks back, everything is about to change for Denver when it comes to late night marijuana dispensaries. Thanks to a fairly unanimous Denver city council vote 11-2 as of May 1st, 2017, all Denver marijuana dispensaries will be able to keep their doors open until 10 PM.

Denver Late Night Marijuana Dispensaries

Come In We Are OpenThere were many arguments as to why Denver late night marijuana dispensaries should become a new norm. Until this month there were only a handful of locations around the metro area that were allowed to stay open past 7 PM. Glendale late night marijuana and Edgewater late night marijuana were the only options for anyone in Denver who was looking to purchase cannabis products late at night. While Glendale and Edgewater still allow their dispensaries to stay open an addition two hours (until midnight) this is still a huge leap for the city of Denver and will increase access to cannabis exponentially. Now that Denver late night marijuana dispensaries are a real thing, consumers will reap the rewards.

Denver Dispensaries Open Until 10 PM

Why make the change at all? While it’s true that everything was fairly harmonious in the world of Denver marijuana dispensaries, there were several concerns correlated with the 7 PM closing time. The biggest concern was that as soon as 7 PM hit and weary worked Denverites were winding down for the day, that many would resort to purchasing illegally after closing hours. This is a very real concern, considering the leaps and bounds that the state has taken against the local black market by legalizing; this earlier closing time was still leaving a very real niche for local pot dealers. The thought was that if you start to have Denver dispensaries open until 10 PM then you would weed out (pun intended) the last few local black market sellers operating in the city. From the perspective of the city, this is a good idea for more than one reason. Besides thwarting the local black market it’s also a very logical revenue maker for the city.

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Denver Late Night Marijuana Revenue

Besides still encouraging late night black market sales, Denver’s old 7 PM closing time was also representing a huge tax revenue loss for the city. Even for those who were legally purchasing their marijuana late at night, it meant that they were going to the neighboring Edgewater or Glendale late night dispensaries to slake their minty needs. While this is totally legitimate in the eyes of the state, it would be hard for anyone working for the city of Denver to deny that that’s simply letting tax revenue walk away and go elsewhere. While this part of the move wasn’t necessarily spawned with compassionate motives, the end result will benefit consumers and new Denver late night marijuana dispensaries. The city will prosper with a healthy dose of Denver late night marijuana revenue and now you won’t have to go nearly as far for some late night buds.

Arguments Against 10 PM Closing Time

The arguments against changing the time from 7 PM to 10 PM came primarily from people who felt that marijuana legalization was a poor choice, to begin with. There is also the notion that keeping marijuana establishments open later would have the proclivity to increase crime rates in that area. Whether this is true or not is still up for debate, but I would wager that the later closing time and the inherent pressure this move puts on regional black markets would actually have the opposite effect on crime.

Despite the arguments on both sides and the somewhat nebulous motive behind the change, Denver marijuana dispensaries are now allowed to stay open until 10 PM and that’s a pretty cool change if you ask me. Now if you find yourself in Denver or anywhere in the metro area after 7 PM know that there are literally hundreds of dispensaries in Denver that are going to be open an extra three hours later for your evening marijuana needs. As legalization really sinks in, things are only going to get more and more convenient for the consumer. What do you think will be next in Denver, drive-throughs or delivery?#JessetheGrove

Denver Dispensaries Open Late
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Denver Dispensaries Open Late
Denver Dispensaries Open Late thanks to a fairly unanimous Denver city council vote 11-2 as of May 1st, will now be able to keep their doors open until 10PM!
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