Late Night Manitou Springs Marijuana

Late Night Manitou Springs Marijuana
Colorado Dispensaries Open Late Night Emerald Fields Manitou Springs Dispensary Review

Everyone in Colorado knows that 2:00 AM is closing time for bars across the state. While there are some exceptions to this law, in general, if you’re tooling around Denver on a Saturday night you can expect that the drinks will stop flowing and the doors will close by 2:00 AM. A fair time to clear the streets and allow the city to take a break from the traffic of a long Saturday. As soon as recreational marijuana dispensaries were to become a reality someone somewhere sat down and laid out the groundwork for what time recreational marijuana dispensaries should close. While the end decision was placed on the cities housing the dispensaries a sort of universal closing time was created by the MED. Midnight was the time that was deemed appropriate for dispensaries to close their doors. Most cities, Denver included, didn’t end up conforming to this time frame and instead determined that 7:00 PM would be a more appropriate closing time for dispensaries. Many viewed 7:00 PM as a time that would allow most people working a 9-5 to still swing by a dispensary after work. While I won’t claim to understand the nuances of why the world would fall apart if dispensaries were open later than that, I can understand the desire to closely reign in a brand new industry like legal marijuana. Some countries have legalised marijuana and some haven’t, in those that have legalised marijuana you may be able to purchase a illinois marijuana card online but you should always check the legal side of things first. While there are many cities like Glendale, that allow their dispensaries like Emerald Fields to stay open as late as midnight, people living outside of the metro area were usually SOL when it came to late night marijuana. This was a huge issue for people who worked late and need marijuana to potentially treat certain ailments. Not to mention that in cities like Colorado Springs recreational marijuana dispensaries are illegal. In a very interesting development that broke this April, the city of Manitou Springs is changing the rules on when their dispensaries have to close down. That means you can now get late night Manitou Springs Marijuana.

If you’re looking to pick up some late night Manitou Springs marijuana for yourself, then head to Emerald Fields. Emerald Fields in Manitou Springs is open until 9:00 PM seven days a week. So if you’re a resident of Manitou Springs or Colorado Springs, and need a spot that’s serving up the best buds in town, even after 7:00 PM Emerald Fields is your spot.

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Colorado Springs is the second largest city in Colorado and is also one of the stragglers that refuse to allow recreational marijuana dispensaries into their city. Some form of mental loops has deluded many cities into thinking that refusing recreational dispensaries in their cities will limit crime and decrease marijuana use. Ironically, all this does is potentially increase crime by creating a vacuum for the black market to operate in. The people who were going to smoke, are still going to smoke, and if they aren’t buying on the black market they’re likely to spend their money at a recreational location in a neighboring city, therefore robbing places like Colorado Springs of potentially millions of dollars in tax revenue. Adjacent savvy cities like Manitou Springs have welcomed the sales of recreational marijuana right from the start, and now single dispensaries like Emerald Fields in small towns like Manitou are servicing entire populations like the 350,000 some odd residents of Colorado Springs. Seeing the market and knowing how it operates now, Manitou has made the move to allow their resident dispensaries to stay open an additional two hours every day.

Best Late Night Marijuana in Manitou Springs & Colorado Springs

Emerald Fields Manitou Springs was already one of the only dispensaries in the city serving recreational marijuana. For many who lived on the outskirts of Colorado Springs that meant that any day they wanted a bowl after a long days work they could look forward to a mad rush through traffic to get to Emerald Fields before 7:00. Now that there is late night Manitou Spring marijuana, as late as 9:00 pm, that rush is definitely not as urgent for the residents of Colorado Springs. Late Night Manitou -2While the motivations behind why Manitou Springs suddenly decided to allow the extra two hours of sales may be somewhat nebulous, no one seems to be complaining. Another odd thing about this law is that it was passed very quickly and very quietly. It seemed like the first news anyone heard was the dispensaries getting the news they could stay open two hours later. As Caitlin from Emerald Fields pointed out, “The city is feeling very positive about the handle they’ve got on the cannabis industry in the small town of Manitou Springs and, if that’s the case, why not increase the tax revenue that the cannabis shops can provide for the city?” I have no doubt that a little bit of a financial incentive played into the time change for Manitou but in general, I feel like the consumers will benefit the most from this change.


Regardless of the how and the why it’s just a new fact that residents of Colorado springs and Manitou springs will now be able to pick up their cannabis products a little bit later than they were able to a month back. There is no deneying that late night Manitou Springs Marijuana is a hit! As to why these changes suddenly kicked in right around April and the marijuana industries biggest grossing month, I’ll leave it to you to put the pieces together on that one. Disregarding motivation for the scheduling change, if you’re in the market for some marijuana, even if it’s late at night, head down to Emerald Fields in Manitou Springs and expect to get some amazing products regardless of the hour.#JessetheGrove