Prohibition Pass New Low Price

Prohibition Pass New Low Price
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I’m going to start this editorial by making an unwarranted assessment of you the reader. I’m going to assume that you pay for at least one monthly service. Whether that service is a web-based media service, a music service, or some form of goodie box I bet you have one. If that’s not the case, then I apologize for my unfair assumption. If that is the case, however, did you ever think that it might be time to sign up for a service that you’ll truly love? Maybe one that will get you insane discounts on your next cannabis purchase and get you invited to special promotional events? If this sounds like it might be up your alley, then you should consider Smokin Gun’s Prohibition Pass. Smokin Gun’s Prohibition Pass Prohibition Pass 2can save you a small fortune every year in cannabis purchases. If you’re a frequent marijuana smoker, dabber, or muncher then this deal is an absolute must-have. This is the sort of subscription package you’ve been waiting for.

Smokin Gun Prohibition Pass New Low Price

There’s one initial thing to look forward to when you sign up for Smokin Gun’s Prohibition Pass. As soon as you sign up for the pass you’ll receive an immediate gift bag which is loaded all kinds of swag just for joining. That’s only the beginning of the savings that the pass has to offer. One thing to look forward to is the Prohibition Pass new low price of $19.95 a month. This monthly price, depending on how much you smoke, will save you a small fortune in marijuana purchases. I’ll start out by mentioning some of the amazing savings the Prohibition Pass has for flower at Smokin Gun. Perhaps, most enticing of all is the offer of $99 ounces every day (pre-tax). There are no gimmicks or catches; when you are a Prohibition Pass member you can expect to find $99 ounces of select strains at Smokin Gun. Whether or not you’re capable of smoking an entire ounce every day is up to you (I can only assume if you are able to smoke that much you must be blazing fat blunts around the clock). If you are like most of us out there and unable to smoke an entire ounce of flower a day there are a couple of other great options for buds when you’re a member. For example, if you have a penchant for joints, you can expect to pick up pre-rolls from Smokin Gun for only $6 each (pre-tax). There are no limitations on the joint deal and you can pick up as many as you want and they will still only be $6 apiece. Prohibition Pass-5 With some dispensaries charging as much as $15 a joint if you plan on purchasing more than three in a month you will already be saving with the Prohibition Pass. If joints aren’t your thing and you don’t find yourself needing an entire ounce of flower, pass members enjoy $20 eighths of cannabis (pre-tax). You can pick up $20 eighths once a day. With some dispensaries still charging $40 or $50 for an eighth, your Prohibition Pass will pay itself off on your first visit. If you’re a frequent flowers smoker, this is a must-have for you.

Smokin Gun Prohibition Pass Concentrate and Edible Deals

While I might relegate myself to the old-school realm of flower smoking, I know that there are plenty of people out there who want to find other ways to imbibe their cannabis. If you are a frequent dabber then the Prohibition Pass has something that’s just right for you. Prohibition past members can look forward to picking up daily $25 grams of wax, shatter, or live resin (pre-tax). This deal is particularly alluring for the $25 grams of live resin. Live resin has become very popular as of late and comes with a relatively high price tag at most dispensaries making this deal phenomenal. Not only does Smokin Gun carry a large selection of concentrates but they also have concentrates provided from some of the best extractors in the state. If flower and concentrate don’t suit your fancy, Smokin Gun still has a great deal for you with the Prohibition Pass. All members can expect to receive 35% off any purchase that they make at Smokin Gun. While the savings don’t stack with other promotionalProhibition Pass-3 deals it is still a phenomenal discount if you are looking to purchase edibles. This 35% off savings can be used on almost any product inside Smokin Gun so if you’re looking some extra swag or maybe a new pipe, don’t forget to use your Prohibition Pass discount.

Another big perk of the newly-discounted Prohibition Pass is the special events it can get you into. Not only will it get you into amazing promotional events at Smokin Gun and T-Bar, but it will also get you special deals at Shotgun Willies as well. As long as you remain a member you can expect to find great deals and offers every month from Smokin Gun. If you are a frequent smoker and have been looking for a way to save a few bucks, then the Prohibition Pass is the perfect option for you. Now that the Prohibition Pass has a new low price of only $20 a month you can start saving today. So, this time instead of filling up every shelf in your house with useless junk from the internet why don’t you spend your subscription service money on something that’s going to really make you smile in the long run. The best Subscription Service in town is one that gets you discount cannabis from an amazing dispensary like Smokin Gun sign up for the Prohibition Pass and start saving.#JessetheGrove

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