Colorado Dab Bus Loopr Partners with Smokin Gun

Colorado Dab Bus Loopr Partners with Smokin Gun
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Welcome to the 21st century. Everyone carries around a computer in their pocket, the cars drive themselves, Higgs Boson particles are real, and, oh yeah, you can legally buy marijuana and do dabs on a bus. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, Smokin Gun Apothecary and Loopr throw down an adventure worthy of the futuristic, if not somewhat dysfunctional, day and age we live in. If you’ve been searching for the perfect way to see and explore Colorado in a cannabis friendly environment then, to be blunt (pun intended), you’ll know your itinerary by the time you’re done reading this. Smokin Gun has partnered up with Loopr to offer anyone visiting Colorado Smokin' Gunand locals alike the best time of their lives. It starts with discount weed at Smokin Gun, progresses to dabs on a bus, climaxes with stops at some of Colorado’s best restaurants, dispensaries, bars, and galleries, and concludes with half-off your cover at Shotgun Willie’s before 11PM. Maybe that doesn’t quite fit the bill for your evening – no worries, the best part about the Loopr premier mobile cannabis lounge is that you can choose your own adventure since after you’ve purchased your pass, you can hop on or off the bus at any of their stops. You can even track the progress of the bus on the Loopr app as it makes its way through Denver every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoon and evening. Despite the conceit, you need to hear about my perfect evening with Smokin Gun Apothecary and Loopr.

I started my evening around 6:30 at Smokin Gun Apothecary along with my photographer David. If you’ve never been by Smokin Gun before, I would recommend it as the first best stop to get a taste of what Colorado Cannabis is really all about. Not only did we get a 15% discount when we showed them our Loopr-3passes for Loopr but we also got to peruse a selection of cannabis that’s unrivaled in its diversity by any other dispensary in the state. Unlike many other dispensaries who only sell their own buds, Smokin Gun brings in strains from growers across the state, giving their customers the full spectrum of Colorado marijuana. To top off the diversity, Smokin Gun Apothecary is the only dispensary in the state that is not only a dispensary but also a museum. The theme is prohibition, and the message is one that highlights the futility of the war on drugs. Signs adorn the walls of the dispensary demarcating the significance of items like their 1941 Mississippi replica jail cell and their gorgeous bud counter designed off of the Hibernia Bank, an 1870’s bank from New Orleans. Just five years after the bank’s founding in 1875, the first anti-drug law came out of San Francisco targeting opium use. The sign over the exit bears a subtle reminder as well that the addiction rate in the US is 1.5%, which just so happens to be the exact same percentage as in 1970, the year the war on drugs was declared. Quite satisfied with the educational experience, David and I attained some joints and some bud and waited for the Loopr bus to come whisk us away.

The Loopr bus rolled up to SmokinLoopr-4 Gun and we hopped on board, ready for an evening of adventure. A few people hopped off right as we were getting on. We said hello to Dave the driver, and then progressed through the pneumatic and deliciously sci-fi door that sealed off the business in the front from the party in the back. Along with a few other riders, we met the Loopr crew that was on board for the night. Hal, the Senior VP of Loopr was there for the ride along with Monique, Ben, and Shauna. I’ll start by saying this is one swanky bus. The interior lighting, tunes, seats, and even the air were all implicitly cool. The front of the bus had several booth style seats each possessing their own little rolling station and e-nail-equipped dab rigs. As David immediately pointed out, every single seat had access to an outlet and a USB port for charging your devices while you’re on the go. Hal took us through for a little tour before we set off to the next stop. Hal, a New York transplant, has been blowing glass since 1995 and parlayed his skills into Loopr with the addition of some truly unique and impeccably artful custom bongs and rigs all of which were made to fit snugly into their own little holders in the center of the bus. Ben had already sparked up a blunt, and not wanting to feel left out, I whipped out one of my Smokin’ Gun joints and lit it up. I passed the joint over to Veronica and Loopr-2Melody who were both visiting from Florida and told me this was their first day in Denver and this was the first thing on their agendas. They both dutifully went back to their Pokémon Go and as the joint and blunt made their way around, Ben grabbed out a little jar of concentrates and both David and I took a rip, and were off to the moon.

Words do little justice as to how cool it is to chill out on a bus and hang out with a bunch of awesome people and tool around Denver for an evening. Our adventures took us to 1Up a video arcade bar, and then off to Knew Conscious an art gallery in the heart of Denver’s freshly gentrified River North Art District. Inside was some of the coolest back-lit geometric glass art I’ve ever seen all designed and crafted by Kris Davidson and Kurt Redeker respectively. Before hopping back on the bus, Ben led us down the street a block where we picked up some $2 street tacos to sate our munchies. Next stop we picked up a couple of girls visiting from Maryland, who had never tried any marijuana concentrates before. With their newly purchased shatter, they made a bee-line for the rig in the center. With some help from Shauna and David, they both successfully took their first dabs ever, while Monique and I reveled in our love of Star Trek. It seemed like in a flash we were already at David and my final destination, Steuben’s. Loopr-1We said our farewells to everyone on the bus and went into the restaurant where we proceeded to eat just about everything on the menu while we sobered up from our adventure. Both of us had to call it an early night, but if that wasn’t the case Hal mentioned that Loopr swings back by Steuben’s in about an hour and then makes its way back down to Smokin Gun and Shotgun Willie’s where it arrives before the cinderella pumpkin hour, giving the passengers one last chance to snag some more cannabis from Smokin Gun before they close at midnight.

This is just the beginning for Loopr and for now you can score yourself a 24-hour pass for only $25. That’s practically a steal considering you also get discounts on your bud purchases at Smokin Gun, and if you’re in the mood, half-off admission to Shotgun Willie’s. If you need a little more inspiration to head over to Smokin Gun and hop on Loopr, allow me to help with a few suggestions. If you’re part of the new opiate known as Pokémon Go (something I have intentionally avoided) why not Loopr-5hitch a ride around town in an air-conditioned bus that you can smoke on? Gotta catch ‘em all. Maybe you have a bachelor party on the agenda, start your day smoking around town with your buddies, stop for some drinks and arcade games at 1up, and conveniently end the evening at Shotgun Willie’s. Fantasy sports fan? Get the gang together and do your drafting the right way, on a bus doing dabs. If you’re heading out to the bars or clubs on Saturday night, why not roll up in style and stylishly stoned on the Loopr bus? Still not thrilling enough for you? Keep checking in on Loopr, in the next few months they are planning on starting head to head joint rolling/smoking competitions between Smokin Gun and other dispensaries around the state. I know I can speak for both David and myself when I say, this was my first but it certainly won’t be my last journey on the Loopr bus. If you’re visiting our fine state or simply looking for a good weekend activity, check out Smokin Gun and Loopr, you’ll be glad that you did.#JessetheGrove



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