I-25 Marijuana Dispensaries of Colorado

I-25 Marijuana Dispensaries of Colorado
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Are you looking for Colorado marijuana dispensaries near Interstate I-25? Since the ratification of Amendment 64, dozens of recreational and medicinal dispensaries have opened up along Colorado’s I-25. If you’re traveling through Colorado South from Wyoming or heading up North from New Mexico, then I-25 is the valley highway that you’ll be driving on. If you’re looking for a marijuana dispensary to stop at on your way through colorful Colorado, before skiing, snowboarding, hiking, shopping, fishing, camping, or hunting then check out the Dope Directory list of Marijuana Dispensaries along Colorado Interstate 25…

Colorado Marijuana Dispensaries on I-25

I-25 is the largest artery for local traffic in the entire state. If you’ve lived in Colorado, or even if you are just visiting, there is a good chance you’ll find yourself on this massive interstate. The Colorado section of I-25 started construction near Denver in 1958 during the post-World War II infrastructure boom of the 50’s. While the road wasn’t completed until over 10 years later in 1969, it quickly became one of the most important roads for people living along the front range. The entire stretch of I-25 throughout Colorado spans 299 miles and has easy access to dozens of dispensaries along the way.

Trinidad Marijuana Dispensaries Closest to I-25

Trinidad Colorado is a colorful town located on the very southern end of the state. Nestled between two large mesas, Trinidad is the first Colorado city with a dispensary that you’ll hit if you’re coming North on I-25 from New Mexico. While Trinidad in the past has been known as a stopping point on the old Sante Fe Trail, in recent years Trinidad has achieved a bizarre new title as the sex change capitol of the US. Other than its peculiar claim to fame, Trinidad is in every other way a normal Southern Colorado town, with a population of roughly 10,000 and several recreational dispensaries catering to a large deal of traffic coming in from Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Walsenburg Marijuana Dispensaries Closest to I-25

Walsenburg is another southern Colorado town located at the intersection of I-25 and US 160. Walsenburg is a notable location as it marks one of the largest East/West corridors in Southern Colorado. If you’re coming from Denver, a drive through Walsenburg is required if you’re planning on going to the San Luis Valley and visiting Great Sand Dunes National Park. If you’re also looking for a colorful drive down to Taos or Sante Fe, US 160 from Walsenburg provides amazing views, just don’t forget to stop at the dispensary to pick up some of Colorado’s finest.

Pueblo Marijuana Dispensaries Closest to I-25

Pueblo is the southern heart of Colorado. Not only is it a hub intersecting I-25, US 50, and US 96, but Pueblo has been the site of Colorado’s State Fair since 1872. Known for its diversity and warm dessert climate Pueblo offers many medicinal and recreational dispensaries. What makes this unique is that the largest city North of Pueblo, Colorado Springs, doesn’t allow recreational sales of cannabis, making Pueblo the stopping point for out of state visitors and for locals who don’t have any recreational cannabis nearby. If you’ll be swinging by Pueblo on your quest for Colorado chronic, make sure to check out the attractions ranging from zoos, golf courses, and dispensaries to museums, nature hikes and racing.

Colorado Springs Marijuana Dispensaries Closest to I-25

Located just minutes away from some of Colorado’s famous I-25 attractions like Garden of the Gods, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, and Seven Falls, Colorado Springs is the true center of the state. Home to famous hotels and resorts like The Broadmoor Colorado Springs offers a little taste of everything for every walk of life. While there may be no recreational dispensaries located in the city of Colorado Springs, a short scenic drive West into Manitou springs yields several recreational dispensaries to choose from.

Palmer Lake Marijuana Dispensaries Closest to I-25

Located off of I-25 just North of the US Air Force Academy and a few miles South of Larkspur, home of Colorado’s Renaissance Festival, is Palmer Lake. The small town borders the Western edge of Monument. While there are still no recreational locations in Palmer Lake, if you’re a medicinal marijuana patient looking for some place between Denver and Colorado Springs, Palmer Lake is the only option.

Denver Marijuana Dispensaries Closest to I-25

The famous capitol of Colorado located right along the largest stretch of I-25, Denver has a massive selection of recreational and medicinal marijuana dispensaries. If you’re traveling through Denver on I-25 then chances are you won’t be able to look out the window without seeing a dispensary. Not only is downtown packed with recreational locations, but I near the heart of the Colorado cannabis world, The Denver Green Mile. Broadway Boulevard, sometimes known at New Broadsterdam, is directly off of I-25 and is a must-see for all marijuana tourists. With amazing music venues like Herman’s Hideaway and The Gothic, world class dining, and literally dozens of dispensaries, you need to check out Denver’s Green Mile.