Recreational Marijuana in Colorado Springs

Recreational Marijuana in Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs Dispensaries

If you, like so many other wayfaring weed adventures, have been on the lookout of recreational marijuana in Colorado Springs I’m sorry that you haven’t had any luck. Ever since Amendment 64 passed, the majority of Colorado cities have taken the reins and welcomed the addition of countless thousands, and in the case of Denver millions, of dollars in tax revenue. The industry has become a new haven for businesses similar to who deal with the cultivation and processing of cannabis. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t emerald-fields-8still holdouts who, for various reasons, have turned down the chance to cater to recreational cannabis users. One such holdout, as mentioned before is Colorado’s second largest city, Colorado Springs. With a population that is just now starting to push a half a million you can bet with that many residents there are plenty out there that long for recreational marijuana in Colorado Springs. There is a beacon of light however for the folk who are left out of the great green rush of legalization. All they need to do is look to the West just like so many gold digging pioneers of yesteryear. Located only a few short minutes West of downtown Colorado Springs, you’ll find the quaint little city of Manitou Springs and the recreational dispensary Emerald Fields. With the burgeoning population to the East and the constant craving for more minty goodness, people are heading West into the mountains in search of nuggets; this time, they’re nuggets of green rather than gold from places like san jose marijuana online. However, with the popularity of recreational marijuana, there are now companies who are looking into and making businesses out to helping those who can’t venture out of their homes to their local marijuana dispensary, using businesses similar to to help.

If you haven’t had a chance yet, I highly recommend visiting Emerald Fields a recreational marijuana dispensary in Manitou Springs, Colorado. Not only does Emerald Fields provide a superior selection of marijuana strains, but also is an ideal stop for concentrates and edibles as well. The selection of marijuana concentrates is particularly robust, including dozens of different extracts ranging from live resins to shatters. Best of all, if you’re visiting Colorado from out of town, Emerald Fields is fully equipped to provide you with any kind of smoking device you may need, whether that’s a little one-hitter to burn some leaf, or a dab rig if you’re ready to investigate some marijuana concentrates. Even if you’re not in the Colorado Springs area you can check out Emerald Fields Glendale location. Emerald Fields Glendale, Colorado is also unique in the fact that it’s open late every night until 11:45 to provide late night marijuana to Denver, Glendale, and Aurora.

Manitou Springs History

The new addition of recreational marijuana isn’t the first thing that put Manitou Springs on the map. While Colorado Springs may boast attractions such as Garden of the Gods, Seven Falls, and The Broadmoor, it frequently tries to steal the thunder and claim to be the location of attractions like The Pikes Peak Cog Railway800px-manitou_colorado-_pikes_peak_in_the_distance_14336_feet_high_by_gurnsey_b-_h-_byron_h-_1833-1880_2publicdomain and Cave of the Winds which are actually located in Manitou Springs. Manitou Springs is a unique place all its own and is considered by many to be one of the first resort towns in US history. Ever since Dr. Edwin James and his party discovered the springs in Manitou in 1820, the region became known for its healing waters. In the decades and subsequent centuries to follow, Manitou Springs attracted many pioneers in their fields, such as Lillie Langtry, P. T. Barnum, and even Thomas Edison all of whom came to experience the healing mineral waters and experience the awe and beauty of sitting at the foot of the mighty Pike’s Peak. With so many Pioneers visiting this unique spot over the years it only seemed appropriate that Manitou Springs itself has become a pioneer of the cannabis industry. While Manitou Springs may have opened the door for recreational marijuana users in Colorado Springs, it’s been the businesses like Emerald Fields that have been the true adventurers, staking their claim on the mountainside.

Emerald Fields Marijuana Dispensary

Emerald Fields has taken up the call and has become a staple of the region over the last few years. As one of the only recreational dispensaries within almost 50 miles of Colorado Springs, it has a rather massive client base to cater to. Emerald Fields has formed a unique and streamlined method of operation to cope with the crowds of enthusiastic recreational marijuana users coming from Coloradoemeral-fields-7 Springs and the surrounding area. For starters, Emerald Fields in Manitou Springs is set up with an open layout, with the buds sitting in the center for patrons to peruse at their leisure. As a customer, this is a much more efficient way to browse your options than pointing to strains behind a counter. This also translates into a fast and easy checkout process. As a customer coming to one of Emerald Fields’ multiple checkout stations, you simply tell the budtender what you already decided on, and the crew in the back prepares and packages your order, sending it to the front while you finish paying. This means that if you’re in a hurry to imbibe your new found Colorado greens, you can be in and out in a flash, but at the same time if you’re in the mood to look at all your options you have all the time in the world to meander about. Don’t know what you’re looking for? Don’t be afraid to ask one of the budtenders on the floor at Emerald Fields for help. They know that many recreational marijuana users from Colorado Springs or from out of state might not be privy to all of the latest products and general lingo used in the industry and they’re there to help you.

Pueblo Recreational Dispensaries

The only other option for Colorado Springs residents looking for recreational marijuana is Pueblo, Colorado. Pueblo has a large assortment of medicinal and recreational marijuana dispensaries to choose from. This sounds very alluring, but it means a much longer trip than traveling to Manitou Springs. Also due to a local law in the city of Pueblo Dispensaries are not allowed near the downtown area and are therefore relegated to the outskirts of the city which makes for an even longer drive. Manitou Springs becomes the best option unless you’re really hankering for a 45-minute drive South into Pueblo or an hour drive North into Denver.

Recreational Marijuana for Medicinal Use

Another thing that is frequently overlooked is that a good deal of recreational cannabis users are not purchasing cannabis products for recreational use, and instead, are buying marijuana to treat a medical condition. Many would say, “why don’t they just get a medicinal marijuana card then?” If you’ve never looked into getting a medicinal marijuana card, you would be surprised at how difficult it can actually be. Several very real conditions that can be treated with cannabis are not included as reasons for attaining a medicinal marijuana card. Conditions such as insomnia and PTSD, both of which can be treated with marijuana products do not qualify you for medicinal marijuana. This means that many emerald-fields-3people who are suffering from potentially debilitating conditions are unable to get the medicinal marijuana they need and instead, must rely on dispensaries like Emerald Fields to provide them with recreational alternatives. Sometimes even something as simple as a marijuana pain cream is all that someone needs to get through their day and if you’re living in Colorado Springs without a medicinal card, that means a trip up to Manitou. The question now is why hasn’t Colorado Springs changed its tune on recreational marijuana?

Recreational Legalization

The arguments for withholding recreational dispensaries in Colorado Springs has been formulated out of fear, as many such measures are in the 21st century. The biggest argument usually being that recreational use will attract a whole variety of unscrupulous characters (seeing as all recreational cannabis users are obviously monsters). The fact of the matter is, there are recreational cannabis users in Colorado Springs right as we speak, they are going to continue to consume marijuana whether they buy it from Colorado Springs or from Emerald Fields in Manitou Springs. The real difference is which city gets to reap the rewards of the surplus tax revenue, and for now and in the foreseeable future, Manitou Springs is going to be pioneering the way as a resort town that’s been doing it right since the 1800’s. If you’re a resident of Colorado Springs, looking for legal recreational marijuana, then make your way up to Manitou Springs, and look for the Emerald Fields cannabis fairy, she’ll guide you to the best stuff in town (the best stuff for two towns over for that matter).#JessetheGrove

Recreational Marijuana in Colorado Springs
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Recreational Marijuana in Colorado Springs
Trouble finding recreational marijuana in Colorado Springs? Located a few minutes West Colorado Springs, you’ll find the quaint little city of Manitou Springs.
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