Clementine Live Resin : Concentrate Review

Clementine Live Resin : Concentrate Review
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It’s been a long enough time now that I’mNomad Clementine-1 going to officially declare the war for high potency over. I don’t have any doubts that there still are some companies out there only shooting for potency, but as a larger whole, Colorado markets are moving towards quality over potency in marijuana extracts. This is a very nice change in my opinion. Since concentrates are already mind-blowingly strong it’s extremely important to bring some flavor into the mix. Colorado’s increasing interest in quality has led many companies down the path of live resins. Live resin are the absolute pinnacle (in my opinion) of marijuana concentrates. While live resins are produced in the exact same way most waxes are budders are made the secret ingredient comes in an earlier stage of the process. Standard extracts are created using already dried and cured flower. Live resins use fresh or frozen plant matter that comes directly from grow to the blasting lab. This process gives live resins extremely high terpenoid contents which directly to relate to insanely good flavors. That is exactly what I got when I sampled my first Nomad Extracts product, Clementine Live Resin. Although Nomad has been around for a while I’ve never, until now, had the fortune of sampling any of their products. As I was told, Clementine is one of their flagship products. I was ready to sample the best Nomad had to offer.

If you’d like to try Nomad Clementine Live Resin or any of the other phenomenal concentrate options from Nomad, swing by The Station today in Boulder or in their brand-new location in Basalt, Colorado. The station combines a laid-back atmosphere and friendly knowledgeable budtenders to provide the ultimate cannabis experience.

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Clementine Live Resin :: Appearance | Smell:

I started by appreciating the sleek design of Nomads packaging. Nomad Clementine-3The black box containing Clementine Live Resin looks generic off initial inspection until you get the right hint of light and the Nomad logo on the top of the box glistens. I opened the box to reveal a small gram container loaded with orange glowing concentrates worthy of the name Clementine. As I had been warned when I initially picked up the product from The Station this Clementine Live Resin is total terpene soup. So much so, I could see the content slowly oozing from one side of the jar to the other whenever I tilted it. I popped open the lid to release one of the fruitiest smelling concentrates I’ve ever experienced. The citrusy notes were undeniable and blended in seamlessly with the sweet, fruity smells that had initially hit my nose when I open the jar. Terpene soup indeed! When I looked down into the jar of Nomad Clementine Live Resin I bore witness to the dozens of suspended THC crystals floating inside a pool of golden terpenes. This is truly some amazing live resin. To give you an idea just how terpene loaded this concentrate is, in standard practice, I always take a picture of concentrates I’m reviewing on the end of a dab tool. Nomad Clementine live resin was having none of that. Even after a trip to the freezer for the for the live resin and for my dab tool I couldn’t keep it still for long enough to get a decent shot. In short, you better have a dab tool that has a bit of a spoon on one end or it’s going to be incredibly hard to wrangle this stuff.

Clementine Live Resin :: Smoke | Effect:

Opting for the easy out I grabbed a clean nectarNomad Clementine-2 collector and decided my best course of action would be to just dive on in. I opened the glass jar and once again let out the citrusy fruit flavors of Clementine Live Resin. I heated up the end of the straw and took a big dip in the pool of terpenes. Sizzle, sizzle, crack, mmm. The initial flavor and the insanely smooth smoke of Clementine Live Resin was very analogous to its scent. Sweet notes took center stage for my first puff. Along with the sweet notes was a generic tropical fruitiness that transcended the limitations of its humble orange namesake flavor. As I slowly exhaled the hit some of the Citrus notes I had detected from earlier made it to the party as well. Oddly enough, the citrus notes came off as being much more lemon than orange. Not that this was in any way an unwelcome taste I just thought it unique that the flavor reminded me so much of lemons. As I let the flavor rest in my mouth for a minute I noticed that the fruitiness was the primary aftertaste. Within minutes I was feeling a potent sativa-leaning high. I felt the initial effects directly behind my eyes. After another couple minutes, the high really set in and I could start to feel it in my extremities. I found the high exhibited by this live resin to be quite exuberant and giggly. I am already prone to laughing at very stupid things so when I get a strain like this I pretty much laugh non-stop (I promise, it’s very annoying). It took roughly an hour for the main high to dissipate.Nomad Clementine-4 I had started off with a relatively small dab and the high I received was extremely energetic. This is worth noting since I can see the possibility for a larger dab to put some people into the paranoid zone. As with any marijuana product, start with a small portion and work your way up to larger doses. We all know the adage, “you can always take more but you can never take less.”


Overall this Nomad Clementine Live Resin is a real hit in my books. It just goes to show that if you take a little less time to focus on pure concentration and more on the terpene content and the connoisseurial side of concentrates you can get some amazing results. Not only will this concentrate go down as the most terpene-loaded live resin I’ve ever had, but it also definitely ranks up there with some of the smoothest which is rather surprising considering the high terpene content. If you’re on a constant quest to find the most flavorful dabs in the state, then you’ve simply got to get your hands on some Nomad Clementine Live Resin.#JessetheGrove



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