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Ascend Cannabis | All Natural Concentrates
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The visit I made to Ascend happened in early September of 2017, and I had a great conversation with Jim. It took me a few weeks to set it up, I met Jim’s business partner Keith while shopping at my local dispensary. Keith was headed out of the country for a couple weeks at the time but asked me to follow up. When I did get the meeting on the calendar, I realized it had been one I was chasing for more than a month but I had just been busy living life, going to the mountains and seeing live music. When I sat down with Jim, shortly after Phish at Dicks, we talked about Ascend, Phish, fishing, the industry, and living life to the fullest.

Ascend All Natural ConcentratesFirst let me say that the team at Ascend is producing some of the best concentrate products I have seen or tried, premium level concentrates produced without petroleum solvents. I became familiar with their brand and product through an oil cartridge I picked up at my local spot. When I sat down with Jim, he told me the idea for Ascend came together a few years ago and they started selling Ascend about a year ago after he decided to get out of the corporate world and into the cannabis industry. I share a similar story. Jim has tremendous passion for cannabis and the science and art of the concentrate revolution. He is legit, the guy has a plan. He has been in the game, got schooled to learn the craft and planted his own flag when he acquired the knowledge to go out with his own group of partners.

Ascend is innovating and growing quickly with a focus on producing the best refined and cleanest concentrate products from the best source material. The processes they use pull all the valuable components from the source material. They isolate the good compounds, especially the terpenes. They are doing single strain extracts, and can achieve a water clear terpene isolate with their unique approach. When you see it, you almost don’t believe it. Jim says, they are as serious as a heart attack when it comes to the terpenes and that’s what sets them apart as a premium product and connoisseur lifestyle brand.

All the products Ascend produces are high potency, solvent less, terpene rich, and from premium product. They cover the spectrum of oils, extracts, and concentrates, and they have CBD extracts as well. The CBD extract pictures Jim showed me were eye openers, the diamonds, it’s high level science when you hear Jim tell it but the product is a work of art.

Ascend Cannabis All Natural ConcentratesAs I mentioned, I was living my life for a few weeks before I got to writing this article. I knew I had to do it, but I didn’t make the time. Honestly, I was missing the inspiration to sit down and put the story of Ascend into word. Then I was looking at Instagram and I saw a picture of Jim holding a big beautiful trout he just landed while fishing somewhere beautiful, and I was reminded about the discussion we had. It was about how we got into this industry and how it was motivated by aiming to live a healthier and higher-quality life, filled with excitement, outside the office, enjoying the benefits of cannabinoids and terpenes along the way. Then I had it.

I realized, the story of Ascend as a brand reflects the people. Keith and Jim, and the rest of the crew were generous with their time and super cool. These are people that are living a life of adventure, taking risks, traveling, hitting shows, getting outside their offices and homes to the places that ignite the passions of humans. The Ascend team want us to be able to experience all of those things with the healthiest and highest quality cannabis concentrates. It’s not about the science, leave it to them, trust that they are constantly innovating to produce what you know is the best. It is a great goal and foundation to connect a lot of people with this lifestyle, and to build a great company. Check out an Ascend concentrate, you can find their retailers listed on their website at  Ascend Cannabis.


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