Closest Dispensary to Denver Airport DIA

Closest Dispensary to Denver Airport DIA
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Closest Marijuana Dispensaries to Denver International Airport (DIA)

Colorado MarijuanaTraveling to Denver or have an extended layover?  With the legalization of recreational marijuana use, many are planning vacations in Colorado. With the passing of Amendment 64, it is legal to possess up to an ounce of cannabis in Colorado if you’re 21 and older.  Much like favorite restaurants or nightclubs, there are no two marijuana dispensaries are the same. If you have the time, read the reviews and editorials to align yourself with the best marijuana dispensary that will suit your needs and offer the best experience. Almost all Colorado marijuana dispensaries are conveniently open 7 days a week.

Where to Find Marijuana Dispensaries Near Denver International Airport (DIA):

Finding Colorado marijuana dispensaries near the Denver airport is easy and convenient, Denver International Airport is strategically located near several major Colorado Interstates, each providing DIA travelers a direct path to numerous options for legal cannabis purchase.  If time is of the essence, here is a list of great dispensaries located on westbound I-70 off Peña Boulevard.

Colorado Marijuana Dispensary Reviews

Medicine Man DenverThere are a number of different environments from dispensary to dispensary.  Before selecting your dispensary, its best to research by reading reviews online to meet your comfort level and preferred shopping experience.  The Dope Directory has numerous Colorado Marijuana Dispensary Reviews, click on the RECREATIONAL tab if you do not have a Medical marijuana card.  After you have visited the dispensary, please share your experience with others by leaving a review.

Here is a list of current marijuana dispensary reviews closest to Denver airport:

Dispensaries Traveling West from DIA

If you’re heading West after you arrive at DIA, then you’re heading right towards the Rocky Mountains and chances are you’re in for a good time. After taking a short trip down Pena Boulevard, to Westbound I-70 you’re on a direct course for fun! With some of the country’s best skiing, hiking, fishing, hunting, and camping the only thing that can improve your stay here is by checking out a dispensary on the way. Dope Directory has you covered with a full list of dispensaries along the I-70 corridor as you head West into the mountains. If you’re arriving on a night owl flight don’t let this stop you from experiencing the joys of Amendment 64, and check out our list of dispensaries open late.

Dispensaries Traveling North from DIA

If you’re traveling North from DIA you will be hitting several different cities that provide recreational cannabis. If you’re taking I-270 through Commerce City on your way to Boulder, or maybe making your way to I-25 via I-70 or Colorado’s E-470 tollway to head North to Fort Collins, you will find that there are no lack of dispensaries on the way. With dispensaries along the way to Superior, Louisville, Fort Collins, Fort Morgan, Greeley, Sterling, Lafayette & Boulder, you’re sure to find a perfect place for a pit-stop along the way. If you’re still desperate for cannabis after the standard 7 PM cut-off, it’s not too much of a leap to make a detour to Edgewater and purchase cannabis as late as 12 AM.

Dispensaries Traveling South from DIA

If you’re heading South from DIA then you’re going to be heading right into the heart of Colorado’s dispensary territory. If you’re traveling Via I-70 to I-225 then a visit to Colorado’s Green Mile located off of Broadway Boulevard is in order. If you’re taking Pena Boulevard straight down to I-225 then you have then entire world of Aurora’s recreational cannabis available to you. Not only does Aurora offer a massive selection of dispensaries, but many of them are open late, allowing you to attain your cannabis no matter how late your flight arrives.

Colorado Dispensaries Open Late-Night

Recreational Marijuana dispensaries located in the city of Denver cannot be open past 7:00PM.  If you are catching the red eye, there are numerous recreational marijuana dispensaries which neighbor Denver that are open late night.

Understand Colorado Marijuana Laws

While legal, recreational marijuana use does have its restrictions, be sure to familiarize yourself with Colorado marijuana laws.  If your 21 or older, you can buy up to an ounce (28 grams) of cannabis at a licensed store with any valid ID.  Colorado marijuana laws are ever changing keep up to date… and never bring cannabis products out of the state.

Colorado Marijuana Dispensary Tours

If you’re traveling to Colorado specifically to tour marijuana dispensaries you might consider contacting a Colorado Dispensary tour service.  Colorado Dispensary tour services can book all of your travel and tour accommodations, and in some instances can get you some great deals.  As with dispensaries, always read reviews and do your research to find which tour service will best suit your needs.

Understand the Product

Take the time to speak with your dispensary representative, they will give you guidance as to the effects of your cannabis product, and the suggested dosage to take.

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