Spicy White Devil Bubble Hash : Concentrate Review

Spicy White Devil Bubble Hash : Concentrate Review
Bubble Hash Concentrate Review Denver Dispensary Review

There is something to be said about the variety of strain names that exist on the market, some albeit are more creative than the others. When I get an organically soil grown strain that has a name like Spicy White Devil and has a bold enough flavor to hold up to its name, I’m already going to be a happy camper. What could make it better than that? How about taking that strain and producing some amazing extra sticky solvent-less bubble hash? I hoped that piques your interest, because it certainly piqued mine. Spicy White Devil, the genetic combination of Jack Herer and Blueberry, is already an excellently cerebral high, but when you concentrate that up to a lab tested 68.8% THC-A count, get ready for lift-off.

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I picked up my Spicy White Devil Bubble Hash at The Walking Raven, Denver CO. Swing by on a Wednesday and you can pick up 2 grams of this amazing connoisseur grade solvent-less hash for $80. Their hash is produced in-house for extremely fresh flavor character. Don’t forget the early morning special: if you swing by between 8AM and 9AM you can pick up a free half gram of Colorado Sweet Cough to smoke with any purchase of $10 or more.


Spicy White Devil Bubble Hash :: Appearance | Smell:

If you’re a big hash smoker, then youSpicy White Devil Bubble Hash probably know how many different aesthetic appearances hash may have depending on how it is processed and shipped. This is due mostly to the variety of different ways hash has been produced. This delicious Spicy White Devil Bubble Hash is produced without using any solvents, which means what you’re getting is all from the plant. This sticky brown amalgamation of weedy goodness gives off a marvelously delicate floral scent, mixed in with a little kick of spice gratis its Jack Herer lineage. The sweet notes brought from the Blueberry compliment this smell perfectly in this extra sticky hash. When you take a really close look at Spicy White Devil Bubble Hash, the tiny nooks and crannies in the hash are accented by spots of remarkably translucent bright yellow sections. When you take a little ball between your fingers and squish it, you get a stereotypical smooth sticky bubble hash ball that is just begging to be bedded in a layer of fresh buds inside your favorite pipe.

Spicy White Devil Bubble Hash :: Smoke | Effect:

To get the maximum flavor from this hash, I started out by vaping some in a clean vape pen. First noteworthy experience I took away from my initial puff was an extremely light and crisp sweet character. The spicy bite of from the Jack Herer is extremely mellow when smoking it, and instead of spice, adds a hint of tartness, making the flavor very reminiscent to a fresh granny smith apple. There are also a few undeniable citrus notes that work their way into the mix, although I can’t quite place their origin. The smoke produced by this hash is fairly dense; be warned, coughinSpicy White Devil Bubble Hashg may be a factor if you stick a little too much in your bowl at once. The after-taste is remarkably smooth, imparting all of the sweetness from the Blueberry and leaving no unpleasant burning flavors in your mouth. How did it make me feel, you might ask? In one word, energetic. I fought the unbearable urge to go outside in the snow and run around with my dogs and instead decided to stay dry and fire up the silly dance game that recognizes your movements and rock out to a few atrocious pop songs. About halfway through my fourth song, the real cognitive high from the hash set in, and I had to stop for several minutes and marvel at the machine detecting my “dancing.” The time had come to try a little more hash, this time sprinkled on top of a bowl of fresh chronic. As I brought flame to the hash, I watched as it danced around and marvelously melted away into nothingness. Surprisingly enough, I never really felt a huge effect from the indica dominant Blueberry heritage of this strain. The only effects that I can directly link to an indica is the touch of wiggly feel at the end of my extremities. For me though, Spicy White Bubble Hash is a “get up and do something” smoke, that leaves me happy doing anything as long as it involves moving around.


It’s a thing of beauty to see amazingly cultivated organic crops turn into concentrates using a solvent-less process. The terpenes stay intact and the end product is a delicious adulterant-free smoke that is sure to please even the pickiest smokers out there. If you are looking for hash that is as pure and as true as nature intended it to be, grab yourself some Spicy White Devil Bubble Hash and experience a smoke I just know you’ll love.