BotanaCare, Cannabis, and the National Question

BotanaCare, Cannabis, and the National Question
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Anyone who is reading this (I hope) will realize that today in Colorado, whether we like it or not, are leading a movement. For us, cannabis is more than just a good time; it’s more than just a “thing to do” on a Saturday night. Because let’s face it — you can do that anywhere in the world, if you know the right people. But to be able to go into a dispensary, purchase cannabis, smoke it, and watch as our society does not implode? Now that’s something.

Better yet, what about being about to go into a dispensary, purchase cannabis, and treat a debilitating condition or disease? For people like Robin Hackett, one of the sisters who BotanaCare Northglennowns BotanaCare, that’s what she’s fighting for. BotanaCare is a medicinal and recreational dispensary in Northglenn, Colorado, just north of Denver, but she wants to take this fight to a national scale. Now, I know that she is not unique in wanting national legalization, but Robin has a plan.

“We went to Washington, DC for lobbying days, and met with 45 congressmen and their staff,” says Hackett. In Colorado, it seems to be the talk of the town: marijuana this, dispensary that, edible regulation the other thing. However, that wasn’t necessarily the case on Capitol Hill. It might not be that people didn’t want to talk about it, she said. Rather, because cannabis is still a tough subject to bring up, considering its federal listing as a Schedule I drug, many lawmakers won’t even acknowledge legalization efforts, even in their own states. A classic case of political suicide. I mean, I get it. You say one day that you agree with the legalization of cannabis, and then the next day, your opponent releases a scathing commercial blasting your “pro-drug, anti-police” stance. That’s politics in the age of the Idiot. So it goes.
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BotanaCare has now become B Good North. Come check out the brand new B Good North in Northglenn, Colorado. While the name may be different, the entire floor staff is still there to help you with your cannabis needs. If you’ve also become a fan of the products that BotanaCare grew, never fear, the same growers and the same products will still be available to all of the B Good North Customers and patients. If you’re new to the dispensary scene, and have been looking for a laid back yet classy location to purchase superior cannabis products, then you’ve found your spot.


“I asked those politicians, ‘What would get you talking about this movement?'” said Hackett, “And their only response to me was ‘Show us the people.'” The people. I guess that’s something you can’t very readily see when looking at the Colorado MED website. I mean, you can see how many millions of dollars we spent last year on cannabis, but those are just faceless numbers.

So, that’s exactly what BotanaCare intends to do: show our lawmakers up on high the people behind the cannabis movement. She is currently in the production phase of a shortBotanaCare Northglenn film to bring with her the next time she goes to Washington DC, and in this film, numerous interviews with patients of hers, and people all over the country. Let’s face it: if we’re going to convince shadowy politicians that we are more than just the stereotypical stoner, with dreadlocks, corduroys, and a penchant for Rasta vibes, showing them in this way is the most effective way. “All of us need to speak up, and this project is an effort to get people to talk,” said Hackett.

“When I stood in the capitol, I realized that this was still a government of the people, for the people,” said Hackett. “As a regular citizen, I was able to talk to so many politicians. I was able to get my voice heard.” So my question to you, my dear faithful readers, do you want your voice heard? How can you help?

We are asking a simple question here: how have the medicinal qualities of cannabis changed your life? If you would like to get involved with this project, please e-mail me your story at Obviously, give me the name you want filmmakers to use, and if you do not live in Colorado, tell us where you’re from as well. We would love to go back to Washington, with as many inspiring stories as we could possibly find, because we know they’re out there. You just need to want to be heard.