Chronic Creations on Leaflink

Chronic Creations on Leaflink
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Blackberry Kush Sugar Wax From Chronic Creations

It’s been some time now since my favorite concentrate companies took off. What started as small mom and pop based extraction companies have evolved to meet the needs of the hundreds of dispensaries around the state. Besides being an insanely rigorous and costly process, setting up a Marijuana Infused Products (MIP) Kitchen is also one of the hardest certifications to get the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) to approve (you have enough acronyms yet?) in my opinion it’s also one of the best things that a dispensary can do for its overall well-being. It allows a company to start processing their own flower as opposed to shipping it off and paying third party manufacturers to produce their extracts. This also means that you’re looking at an in-house process which allows for better control over the end result and the added bonus of being able to pass savings on to their customers. It’s also worth mentioning that producing concentrates in-house is much more environmentally friendly since there is no shipping involved. Perhaps most importantly, a MIP allows a company to start to produce wholesale products which is where (to put it bluntly) the real money in the industry is made. For over a year now Chronic Therapy, a recreational marijuana dispensary in Wheat Ridge Colorado has been producing its own concentrates through their MIP Chronic Creations. If you ask me, they’re producing some of the absolute best live resins and unique strain extracts in town. Not only are they good, but I’ve seen firsthand the purity of the end results, including several batches that have tested a flat 0.00% particulates, which is practically unheard of.

In an effort to expand their awareness they have also recently added their listings to a new database that’s been around now for roughly a year, Leaflink. If you are unfamiliar with Leaflink, there are places where you can have LeafLink explained to you. Leaflink is one of the coolest industry tools around and an indispensable utility for dispensaries that are looking to sell or buy wholesale products. Leaflink offers all users a place to post and track products produced by their MIP or from standalone extract and edible producers. It’s a service that is free to use for dispensaries and is in many ways a clever hybrid of a sales system, social media, and a learning tool. There are literally thousands of industry companies that have gotten on board with Leaflink and are being provided with a way to locate and order the products that they need to keep their business going.

If you’re new to the world of wholesale in the industry, let me just say, it’s all a huge fricken headache. The MED (by no fault of its own) is incredibly strict when it comes to compliance and mass shipping of products from one retail location to another. Without a tool like Leaflink, when a company wanted to purchase some amazing platinum wax from Chronic Creations, it was done the old-fashioned way. Leaflink 1That involved multiple phone calls, price point discussions, order amounts, compliance information, and the hassle of third party delivery for many companies. Leaflink has entirely streamlined this process and it’s never been easier for dispensaries and manufacturers to get in touch and get you the products that you love on the shelf where you want ’em!

As I mentioned before, Chronic Creations is now listed on Leaflink, and now their amazing products are there to be perused by thousands of companies. What makes this entire service more interesting is that it’s free for retailers. That means that if you’re a manufacturing company after you’ve paid for your vendor posting through Leaflink the dispensaries and potential clients you’ll be selling to don’t need to pay a dime to see your products and place orders. This has streamlined the process in an unprecedented way. As Leaflink and its base of vendors grow, there is a good chance that your local dispensary isn’t going to be running out of any of your favorite products anytime soon.

As someone who’s always is dipping their toes in the pool of wholesale marijuana sales without ever diving in (PS my feet aren’t clean), I can only begin to imagine how amazing this tool is. While I’m not coming at it specifically from the point of view of a MIP or a dispensary, I’ve been in the industry long enough and heard the woes from both sides of the spectrum. Due to the subject matter of the profession, deliveries end up late, emails, are missed, and phone calls go unheeded from time to time. Leaflink is a truly amazing tool that really alleviates the hassle for both parties. If you’re a vendor looking for a place to market your products then you’ve found a great way to get the word out. If you’re a dispensary that is looking for the hottest new products then you know the spot to look. If you’re just a consumer, then you can rest assured that the back-door work is being done to make sure that the next time you’re in desperate need of some Chronic Creations Sugar Wax, it will be on the shelf at your local dispensary.#JessetheGrove

Chronic Creations on Leaflink
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Chronic Creations on Leaflink
Chronic Therapy’s Chronic Creations brand is now listed on Leaflink, a tool that connects dispensaries and vendors with the products we all love.
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