The Cultivation of Life Flower Dispensary

The Cultivation of Life Flower Dispensary
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Every dispensary you visit has a voice. This was, in many ways, the motivation that started Dope Directory even before I was around. The goal was to capture that voice and discover what makes each dispensary unique. As another year passes dispensaries come and go, but the best ones, the ones that have a message and heart celebrate another year providing medicine and recreation alike to Colorado. Life Flower Dispensary, a medicinal and recreational dispensary in Glendale, Colorado will be celebrating its eighth anniversary this August, a feat worth celebrating of any small business much less one in the turbulent realm of the marijuana industry. Having been around the proverbial block when it comes to dispensaries, I’ve seen some sink and some, like Life Flower, fly. To get a better understanding of what makes Life Flower such a great place and how it has stood the test of time, I corresponded with John Niforos II – Owner and President/CO of Life Flower Dispensary

The Start of Life FlowerLife Flower Med Article-2

The first question that was on my mind was, why start a dispensary to begin with? From my previous experience, many who try to directly open up a recreational location only have one thing on their mind, money. This usually isn’t the case with locations that started up as a medicinal like Life Flower did back in the day when it used to be Medicine Man Medicinal Market. John opened up the doors on Medicine Man Medicinal Market back in 2009, but that wasn’t his first dalliance with the medicinal marijuana industry. John wrote “I have been a caregiver since 2008 and started with 8 patients. I found a great appreciation for helping my patients and with every person I helped it has inspired me to help more.” This goal grew into a medicinal dispensary that is now Life Flower Dispensary. As for the motivation behind becoming a caregiver in the first place John mentioned he had “[grown] up with a family member that spent the majority of her life suffering from severe rheumatoid arthritis. I watched her suffer while western medicine could not treat or help her gain quality of life with her condition.” This is a story near and dear to me, as it was a family member suffering from cancer that originally was my reason for getting into the industry. When John saw the opportunity to start out a medicinal marijuana dispensary, help patients live a better life, grow an organic product, and make money doing what he loved, Medicine Man Medicinal Market was spawned. Nearly a decade later, Life Flower Dispensary has some of the best patient to budtender relationships I’ve ever seen in the profession and as John puts it “I have great pride in my work, my product, and what we provide people. Years later I am just as passionate and love what I do!”

Compassion & Care for Medical and Recreational Customers

With a good understanding of the why and the how, I wanted to know how the original idea has changed over the past decade. Now that Life Flower is not only providing medicinal marijuana but also recreational marijuana, I wondered how that’s changed John’s concept. From his response, it seems like Life Flower’s goal is unwavering. That goal is to help out as many people as possible regardless of their medicinal marijuana card status. “I continue to strive to improve what we do and to help as many people as possible.  We have evolved with the changes in the industry and expanded our knowledge of cannabis and its benefits.” Making the move to provide recreational marijuana allows John and the crew at Life Flower to help patients that wouldn’t normally be able to get access to medicinal marijuana, such as people suffering from insomnia and PTSD (conditions that you can not get a med card for). This is just the begging, John “…[has] every intention of continuing to grow this vision and company in the future.”

New Dispensary ExperienceLife Flower Med Article-4

Another exciting addition to Life Flower is their brand new expansion next door. This new storefront will provide them with the much-needed room to expand their recreational side and at the same time provide a more intimate and personalized setting for their medicinal patients. I asked John, what’s going to change once the new side of Life Flower Dispensary is open. “With this expansion we will be able to better accommodate both our medical patients and recreational customers. For medical patients, this will also allow us to provide the privacy our patients deserve. We will have two bud-rooms specific to medical which will allow our patients to have an intimate, one on one, environment so they can privately discuss their specific needs with our bud-tenders.” If you’re a medicinal marijuana patient and haven’t experienced a dispensary that still places medicinal marijuana first and foremost on their mind, then you really ought to meet the crew at Life Flower. This move is a real boon for all medicinal marijuana patients at Life Flower. At the same time, the recreational users who may already know exactly what products they want will be able to get in and out in a flash since the new recreational side of Life Flower has four separate stations made to expedite recreational purchases.

The Flower of Life

With a vision, purpose, and background I wanted to know a little more about the name Life Flower and the significance that this ancient symbol has in their logo. John wrote, “For me, I chose the name Life Flower because I feel that it really is a flower of life. I feel that it holds so much value for both medicinal purposes and recreating. I felt like the name is self descriptive in the values that this amazing flower has and I wanted my business to be the representation of this exceptional product.” This ancient symbol and name has held a great deal of meaning over the centuries, but with the compassion behind Life Flower Dispensary it takes on new meaning with every patient that leaves their door with a better outlook on life, all thanks to a flower.

Benefits of CannabisLife Flower Med Article-3

Lastly, I asked John where he would like to see the industry going in the next five to ten years. John wrote that, “we would love to see other states opt in to medical and rec. We hope that when that day comes we can expand our model and our brand to other states.” With models like Life Flower’s, I can only hope that more states are fortunate enough to find people like John and his crew to help bring the amazing medicinal benefits of marijuana mainstream. John “…would love to provide this amazing flower and it’s healing benefits to everyone when that day comes.”

As I mentioned before, every dispensary has its own voice. Life Flower Dispensary has cultivated that voice over the years and created a place where compassion for healing and support for those in need is paramount. If you’ve been looking for a place to heal, a product that will assuage your ailments, or simply a smile and a helping hand, then come in and visit the folks at Life Flower Dispensary for yourself, and see what their passion and knowledge of cannabis can bring to the table for you!

The Cultivation of Life Flower Dispensary
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The Cultivation of Life Flower Dispensary
Life Flower Marijuana Dispensary has cultivated that voice over the years and created a place where compassion for healing and support for those in need is paramount
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