Cyber Attack on Marijuana Sales Systems

Cyber Attack on Marijuana Sales Systems
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Thanks to the current dumpster fire that is cyber security nowadays, it seems like hardly a week goes by where some new security breach doesn’t make headlines. While you may have never experienced the violation of being affected by one of these breeches they are still very disconcerting, to say the least. One place you may have never considered a security breach affecting you is at your local cannabis dispensary. The fact of the matter is, dispensaries, just like any other store, need to use a point of sales system (POS) to facilitate sales and regulate the flow of cannabis. The Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) is directly monitoring all sales through dispensaries as well to ensure that everything is sold according to the law. All POS systems in use in the cannabis industry are required to track volume and record cash flow. Some dispensaries like The Green Solution® have taken an extra step in their POS system to not only ensure that their networks and sales machines are MED compliant but to make sure that customers can experience a safe, legal and consistent experience next time they go in for a purchase. It might sound like a complete under-the-hood mechanism that should never affect your daily life, but as thousands found out a few months back, your dispensaries POS system can have a profound impact on the consumer.


Colorado Cannabis Dispensaries Hit by Hack of Sales System

It happened a little over a month ago; a malicious cyber-attack hit one of the largest cannabis industry POS systems around. MJFreeway was being used in hundreds of dispensaries in dozens of states. Both medicinal and recreational dispensaries had placed the hands of their business in MJFreeway and were completely reliant on the system to track and monitor their cannabis sales in order to properly report them to their local marijuana divisions. When the attack came, the systems all failed simultaneously. Many dispensaries that did have a proper inventory system separate of MJFreeway could manually sell products. This entailed employees physically recording every bit of transaction information from every client making a purchase. Failure to do so and to properly report all sales to the MED would risk the dispensaries license. That meant that for all patients and consumers the lines quickly began to back up, and even more questions arose when information was being hand copied by employees. The lines grew and the reports came in that the software might not be fixed for days or even weeks. Some dispensaries had no choice but to physically shut down for days since the volume of their sales far surpassed their capability to record without a proper POS system. The industry was shaken, and as dispensaries flocked to new POS systems, it was clear that there was and is a huge potential for information to be leaked from various POS systems across the state and country. While many consumers may have never even noticed this outage, everyone in the industry was affected by it in some way or another.

The Safety of The Green Solution’s® Proprietary POS System

This is where systems like The Green Solution’s® proprietary POS come in to play. Some larger dispensaries such as The Green Solution® have taken the time and the investment to produce their own unique POS system that is 100% MED compliant and doesn’t have the same potential for exploration like many other systems in place. The proprietary POS system at The Green Solution® is in place to guarantee that any personal information that may be out there about you isn’t just floating around willy-nilly to be exposed by hackers. POS TGSWhile I know many people out there may be rolling their eyes at this, for many who purchase cannabis and may have jobs that restrict them from cannabis use the information of their purchases could potentially land them in hot water. This is all the more reason that you should know and care about the POS system that your local dispensary uses. Besides the risk of unwanted information getting out, there is the sheer convenience factor to think about as well. When MJFreeway went out, thousands of cannabis users went to their local dispensary only to find lines that looked like they did the first week of legalization. Worse yet, many went to their local dispensary only to find that they had been forced to shut down for the day. What was a nuisance for many recreational users was on the verge of a complete disaster for medicinal cannabis patients. For some out there who rely on CBD and other cannabis products to combat chronic pain, seizures, and cancer-related issues, this inability to purchase medicine in a timely manner or for some to purchase at all, was a grievous matter. This should never be an issue when you come into The Green Solution®. Their proprietary POS was engineered with safety in mind. Their system is also so advanced that you can simply sign up online for The Green Solution® loyalty card and check what’s in stock at your local Green Solution and even order ahead for fast and hassle-free checkout.

Hopefully, this has provided you with a little food for thought next time you go out to make a cannabis purchase. The first step to becoming a good legal cannabis consumer is knowing the laws and knowing the industry. If this has raised any concerns over your next cannabis purchase then you may want to consider purchasing from a reliable source like The Green Solution®, that’s been doing cannabis sales legally right from the start.#JessetheGrove

Cyber Attack on Marijuana Sales Systems
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Cyber Attack on Marijuana Sales Systems
It happened a little over a month ago; a malicious cyber-attack hit one of the largest marijuana industry POS systems around.
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