Green Man Cannabis Ranch : The World’s First Weedery

Green Man Cannabis Ranch : The World’s First Weedery
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Anyone who works, or knows someone who works, in the Colorado marijuana industry can tell you just how turbulent the waters can be. With ever-changing laws and regulations put forth by the state, flexibility and efficiency are the traits that keep a dispensary afloat. While many people dream of being able to buy high quality marijuana seeds and make a good living from legally growing and selling them, only a select few people get to live this reality. Despite the inherent challenges, many industrious entrepreneurs have stepped forward to take on the challenge of building a marijuana based business. A couple weeks back I was fortunate enough to sit down with Christian Hageseth, entrepreneur, CEO of American Cannabis Partners, President and Chairman of Green Man Cannabis LLC, author, pioneer of the weed industry, and all around really awesome guy. We sat down and he told me a little bit about his journey in the industry and his thoughts on its future. I also got to hear about his vision for a revolutionary new venue that will entertain and educate its visitors.

Jesse Grove: What’s your inspiration for working in the industry and how did it all start for you?

Christian Hageseth: This businessWorld's First Weedery started for me like a lot of business do, on the golf course. I was playing golf with a good friend of mine, my attorney, and one of the other guys he brought in the foursome was just about to get into the marijuana business. We started talking about marijuana, I had this little one-hitter in my bag, so I pulled it out and it’s got this nasty-ass brown weed in it that’s probably been in there for a year. This other guy who is getting into the marijuana business pulls out three of the biggest bags you’ve ever seen, full of just glowing nugs. Honestly I was like, “what is that?” I grabbed some and they were just so sticky, and I said “you gotta be kidding me.” That was Jake Salazar from MMJ America. He was just getting into the business, so we started talking and smoked some bud out on the golf course. It was just amazing, just mind blowing. There’s a big difference, I’ve been smoking shit my whole life. Jake and I started to talk about the business and I got real interested and he was looking for some help at the time. I started to look at his business, he had just opened one dispensary. I went and got my red card there and went and just got five quarter ounces of just the greatest weed I’d ever seen. I was introduced for the first time into Indicas, Sativas and hybrids.

J: Oh yeah, where it used to be just a Ziploc baggie of whatever

C: Yeah you either got it, or you don’t. So that was it, that’s what got me into the industry.

Green Man Cannabis Dispensaries

J: As the owner of the Green Man Cannabis dispensaries, can you tell me about what sets a Green Man dispensary apart from the competition?

C: You know every dispensary in Colorado has their way of differentiating themselves right now. Some guys are trying to be the Walmart of weed others are trying to be the Hermes of weed, you know, the highest of high end. We believe in organic product; the absolute best bud we can grow. We’re all passionate connoisseurs as well, and we like to smoke what we grow, so to speak. We know this is a philosophy that is shared by many of the people who enjoy weed and buy these kits, as growing their own plants has a satisfaction that simply purchasing weed doesn’t have. We just want to provide the best product we can, that people will love. We want people to love our product, ‘cause you know, they have their choice where they’re going to buy. Our product is sold at the right price, our people are good, our locations are good, and along with our packaging, it’s just the whole thing, all inclusive.

Green Man Cannabis Ranch : The World’s First Weedery

J: I’ve heard a lot about your weedery and event complex that you’re planning to build near DIA. Can you tell me a little bit about what a weedery is, and what this facility will look like?

C: Absolutely. A weedery is like a brewery or a winery but for legal marijuana. When it’s built it will be 133,000 feet of greenhouse. There’s 108,000 feet of canopy under that to have room for the hallways and bathrooms and all that kind of stuff. So it’s a large scale grow facility where we’ll be using industrial agricultural techniques to feed and water the plants, while still doing it in a completely organic way. We’ve done our research on sites like and have perfected the process. The unique part about that will be that it’s a large scale production facility, so we will World's First Weederyhave a lot more Green Man Cannabis that we will be able to supply to our own stores, but also to continue to supply other people with Green Man Product. In addition to the large scale growing facility we’re making, this a place where you can invite people in so they can see for the first time how marijuana is grown. So they can see that it’s not grown from seed and that we start with mothers. How does the cloning process work? Then there’s veg, then there’s flower, and how long does that last? Then you cut it down and dry it, where and how? And if you process it, what does that mean? The greenhouses are in an L and then on the other side, to make it more of a U shape, is the main house where the public will enter. You’ll be able to come in and walk around the open side and then the tour starts with mothers, clones, veg, and then a couple flower examples. The cool thing about the flower area and how it’s designed, you will walk into a glass room and it will be like you’re in the greenhouse. If you’ve ever been inside a greenhouse with 100% diffusion, there’s no shadows. You can put your hand to the ground and there’s no shadows. It’s a really unique sensory experience when you’re in a greenhouse. Also we’re going to have positive pressure in the greenhouse, since we don’t want any pollen coming off people and getting back inside. So we’ll be blowing air out from the flower rooms and in [to the walkway]… We’re going to make sure we have clean air going in and not getting any pollen. Those ripe grows, they smell to high heaven, just wonderful. You’re going to have the air blowing back on you, and you’ll have this special sense of light and