Healing House Wild Animal Sanctuary Fundraiser

Healing House Wild Animal Sanctuary Fundraiser
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Back when my girlfriend and I used to live up in Greeley for college at UNC we would take most weekends as an opportunity to escape the burning cow blood for a few days and visit our friends down in Denver. We would always take a lesser known backdoor route out of Greeley, utilizing our eastern location we’d hop on Country Road 49 to meet up with highway 76. This path would lead us through Keenesburg Colorado and the exit that lead to The Wild Animal Sanctuary. At the time they were still relatively new, and with a donation of ten bucks or so, you could get into the sanctuary and walk the long raised road that overlooked the animal exhibits. Ar the time, their funding was mostly accrued from private donors but as they started to rescue more and more animals, abandoned by circuses and raised by well-wishers more outside sources of income were required. While it’s been years now since I’ve made my way to Keenesburg (thanks to not living in Greeley) I heard from a local dispensary that they are raising money to help support the Wild Animal Sanctuary. Healing House, a medicinal and recreational marijuana dispensary in Denver, Colorado is not new to raising money for The Wild Animal Sanctuary, and this year will be going into their second round of fundraising to adopt an animal. You can be part of the Healing House Wild Animal Sanctuary Fundraiser too!wild animals sanctuary 1

Lions, tigers and organic marijuana… Oh my? While it goes without saying that lions and marijuana usually don’t mix (and shouldn’t) that doesn’t mean they can’t. Healing House has been raising money trying to reach their adoption goal. While it may be a symbolic representation of adoption as opposed to a literal one this process is crucial in helping The Wild Animal Sanctuary feed and house the hundreds of rescues that they have taken in over the years. While I know many dispensaries have designated dispensary dogs, you have to admit it’s pretty cool to say you have a dispensary wolf and lynx even if they’re not physically there.

What makes this adoption even more exciting is that you as a customer or patient at Healing House will get to have your say on what animal is adopted. As soon as Healing House Gathers the $360 required to adopt, just like last time, they will put out the adoption sheet and let you as a patron vote on what type of animal should be adopted. If a large animal is picked then Healing House will adopt one animal like a Lion, Tiger or Bear. If you decide on a medium animal like a Leopard, Mountain Lion or Wolf Healing House will pitch in the extra cash and adopt two medium animals. If a small animal is chosen, like a Serval, Bobcat, Lynx, Fox, Coyote, Coati Mundi, Raccoon then Healing House will use all of its donated funds to adopt two or more small animals. Last time they ran this donation event they adopted a medium size and small size animal Aztec the wolf and Victor the lynx. There is also another great opportunity for patrons of healing house after the adoption takes place.wild animals sanctuary 2

Along with the adoption of the animals, supporters like Healing House receive a gift package. Healing House has them keep all the loot in order to provide more funding for the animals, but they do take the complimentary entry tickets. These tickets are then put on the notorious Healing House prize wheel for customers and patients to win when they are making a marijuana purchase. This is a great deal considering that the Wild Animal Sanctuary now has a donation of $30 a head just to enter.

If you like organic marijuana, and you like to help rescue animals then you need to visit Healing House in Denver and do your part. Look on the front counter for their collection jar and save an extra couple bucks one for the wild animal sanctuary and one to tip the phenomenal budtenders at Healing House. Keep an eye out then for the voting sheet on which animal to adopt. As soon as the adoption is decided on, the jar is set back up on the counter to start saving for their next adoption. Coming from someone who is constantly surrounded by animals including a rescue cat, dog, and horse, this is one of the coolest charity concepts I’ve ever seen from a dispensary, and it’s a cause near and dear to my heart. Next time you’re in the market for some herbs, check out Healing House and become a part of a great cause all while you pick up your favorite flowers.#JessetheGrove