Is Your Marijuana Organic?

Is Your Marijuana Organic?
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Call it a revolution, or just call it anhealing-house-grow-3 awakening, more and more Americans are starting to take note of what they eat. Maybe it’s partially thanks to the rise of social media starting a wave of awareness, or maybe eating organic is simply a fad, but now that the point has been brought up about what we eat did you ever stop to think about what you smoke? It can be argued that your lungs are even more sensitive than your stomach and intestines. While you may scoff at the idea of eating non-GMO and organic foods there is a big difference between eating a few drop of a chemically derived pesticide and combusting and inhaling said chemicals. If you’re someone who likes to keep abreast of local cannabis news, there’s a chance that you’ve heard about the grow operation closures that have been happening over the last few years. While many were shut down due to regulatory oversites many more have been shut down for using improper concentrations and unapproved pesticides and herbicides.You might think to yourself, all recreational marijuana needs to be tested, right? This may inspire you to invest in one of the Best LED Grow Lights and start producing your own weed. While it’s true that every batch of cannabis destined for recreational sale needs to be tested by a third-party lab, there is nothing stopping a healing-house-grow-4grow operation from cherry picking their samples from plants that may not have been sprayed. There is another thing that may not have come to mind to the vegetarians and vegans out there. Is your marijuana grown using animal byproducts? Even grows that claim to be organic may not be vegetarian, since animal-bases fertilizers may be the cheapest organic option. If this has got you thinking, or even worried about what you’ll be smoking after work, let me help put your worries to rest. Healing House a recreational and medicinal dispensary in Denver, Colorado has been doing it right from the very beginning, serving up vegan organic cannabis that is fresh, funky and just as nature intended it to be for over five years. They saw the issues in the marijuana industry and decided they would start looking for Marijuana Seeds for Sale so they could start growing it the way they thought would be best for the human body.

Is Your Cannabis Vegan?

I’ll admit that before visiting the Healing House grow operation I’d never considered the fact that not all cannabis is grown with vegans and vegetarians in mind. Having lived with a vegetarian for the last 11 years I was slightly ashamed that the thought never crossed my mind. It’s just a fact that some of the cheapest fertilizer and nutrients on the market may contain unwanted animal byproducts that inevitably find their way into your cannabis either absorbed through the roots or trapped healing-house-grow-2inside the buds themselves during the curing process. Information like this is incredibly hard for customers to determine on their own. Even as deep into the industry as I am I wouldn’t be able to tell you the first thing about most dispensaries grow operations. The growing process at most dispensaries is very hush-hush since they may potentially be using components that aren’t approved by the MED for use. Therefore, it was so cool to see Healing House’s grow location for myself and get to see just how much care is taken during the growing process to ensure that every bud grown by them is the cleanest and healthiest possible. Also, since Healing house uses all organic and vegan sourced nutrients, you can know for sure that no animals were harmed to make your evening bowl of marijuana. If you’re like me and this thought had never crossed your mind, now might be the time to start thinking a little more about where your weed comes from.

Organic non-GMO marijuana

As always when visiting a grow, I was extremely excited to see what makes some of my favorite cannabis in town tick. I was greeted at the door by Jimmy, Healing House’s GM and Adam, Healing House’s Grow Manager. The front room which acted like an office was bustling with activity and before we entered, Jimmy gave me a crash course on the nutrients and process at the Healing House grow. For starters, Healing House only uses Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) healing-house-grow-1listed fertilizers to support their plants. This guarantees that right off the bat your plants aren’t absorbing heavy metals or other potential adulterants that standard fertilizers and nutrients may contain. If you have any concerns about consuming GMOs, Healing House has you covered as well by using Vegamatrix, a 100% non-GMO plant-based nutrient with nearly undetectable residual levels of heavy metals. Not only does this ensure you’re not smoking lead, but it guarantees that you will always get the best and truest flavors from each and every strain. It’s undeniably difficult to source entirely organic nutrients and it’s also an extremely expensive process, but as Jimmy mentioned, “We spend extra money because we care what goes into your body.” This level of care for the growing process and commitment to the customers is beyond what I’ve seen in any other dispensary. It’s no wonder that every single strain I’ve ever sampled from Healing House has been so amazing.

Healing House Grow

After chilling in the front room and chatting for a minute, it was the moment of truth and time for me to go back behind the curtains and see the fields of green. We started in the veg (vegetation) room. Before cannabis reaches its flowering stage it’s in the veg stage. The fields of verdant little nascent cannabis plants were truly a sight to behold, but nothing near what awaited me in the two adjacent adult plant rooms. Both rooms were jam packed with hundreds of plants ranging from four-foot-tall stocky indicas to gangly bright green sativas that were as tall as I am. I went through and took a whiff of some of my favorites like Critical Mass, Blue Dream, Alien OG, and Mob Boss. If you’ve never visited a marijuana grow in your life then let me tell you, the smells are as insane as the looks. The mild humid breeze makes it feel a little bit like you’re on a tropical island, and if you close your eyes, it feels like you’re one with the plants, or something equally transcendental. Not only were these amazing organic marijuana plants painstakingly healing-house-grow-5maintained, but the entire crew working on them was simply awesome. Chris, Derek, Lamar, Kyle, David and Ty were all making their rounds through the fields of green and making sure that your future cannabis from Healing House will be all that you dreamed it could be.

If you’ve been looking for the cleanest and safest marijuana products in town then I can personally vouch for Healing House. Not only do they grow entirely organic, vegan, and non-GMO marijuana, but their staff in the dispensary and behind the scenes is one of the coolest in town. If you want to get some of the best tasting buds in town and make a few new friends in the process, then check out Healing House in Denver. If it takes an organic process to create marijuana that’s this amazing, then count me on board with the organic cause!#JessetheGrove

Is Your Marijuana Organic?
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Is Your Marijuana Organic?
Healing House dispensary of Denver grows entirely organic, vegan, and non-GMO marijuana ... and it's amazing.
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