Life Flower Dispensary Recreational Marijuana Anniversary

Life Flower Dispensary Recreational Marijuana Anniversary
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The biggest question I get asked about my job is, “what’s your favorite part?” Well, a good go-to answer is usually the free weed, but the truth of the matter is, no amount of free weed can compare to the amazing people that I get to work with on a daily basis. People like the folks over at Life Flower Dispensary, in Glendale Colorado are the reason I get to go into work with a smile every day. Recently one-year-anniversary-4I was invited to attend Life Flower’s 1-year Recreational Marijuana Anniversary Party, celebrating their first year proving recreational marijuana to Glendale, Denver, and Aurora. This was an amazing opportunity to see the staff in action and to see the unique and personal relationship Life Flower has forged patients and customers and we obtained some great work anniversary ideas in order to celebrate the achievement! One thing that already sets life flower apart from other dispensaries is that they’re open late, providing both medicinal and recreational marijuana until midnight. This is practically unheard of for medicinal dispensaries, and it makes life flower the only spot for 18+ medicinal patients to procure the products they need for their well-being even if it’s late at night.

Life Flower Recreational One Year Anniversary Party

I’ve been to my fair share of promotional events, marijuana block parties, and general cannabis shindigs, but the party that Life Flower threw was one of the largest. It pretty much felt like a miniature Cannabis Cup, sans the public smoking of course. Over on the far side, the grill was loaded with hot dogs and hamburgers, as the last few days of summer had their final hurrah. Along theone-year-anniversary-2 front wall, various vendors were giving away all kinds of free swag. Kief Cola was handing out stickers and posters, while Marla from Mary’s Medicinals and Caiti from Apothecanna were educating customers and patients on the benefits of topical applications for marijuana. Ryan Salazar was there, showing off his Texas Skeeter and Texas Hognose, two different types of nectar collectors, that are an ideal starting option for people who want to start dabbling in the realm of marijuana concentrates. Stratos was parked right next to the Dope Directory booth showing off their miraculous instant-high causing pills, intended for people who want to imbibe discreetly, or individuals with dietary restrictions that limit them from eating the majority of sugary edibles on the market. The far end of the extravaganza was occupied by O.Pen, who had brought their old converted VW van along. The van was fully loaded with video games to play in the trunk and a bunch of free giveaways in the front. And Last, but certainly not least, Life Flower was rockin’ the front location with a prize wheel and a ton of gifts ranging from blunt wrappers and rolling papers, all the way up to glasses, lanyards, and t-shirts. As the sun did its thing, the tents slowly billowed in the air and the DJ blasted his finest tunes. This is where I got to see some of the one-year-anniversary-5coolest interactions I’ve ever seen between budtenders, patients and customers. Hugs, jokes, handshakes, and smiles were all interchanged. As LaRissa busted out some dance moves at the front spinning wheel Brandon was busy running around visiting with patrons, and Neal was just about everywhere at once. Ashley and Devi the dog were wandering about snapping photos for posterity, and even when the massive un-neutered Pitbull made an appearance on the scene Devi still kept her canine cool despite a couple obvious breaches of personal space. The mood at Life Flower was so laid back it seemed much more like a family reunion that a cannabis promotional event.

Future Events and Giveaways

Sad that you missed out on the festivities? Fear not, for Life Flower will be holding another killer event in the next few months so check back often, so you won’t miss your next chance to get some killer deals on marijuana, and load yourself up with a massive selection of free merchandise. While all of the deals and free schwag might be a huge selling point, the best part of your visit will definitely be the people. I’ve covered a lot of ground in my dispensary travels and it’s nice to see a location that understands that the most important part of running a business is keeping your staff happy. The folks at Life Flower are just about as happy as any budtenders and one-year-anniversary-3employees I’ve ever seen, this level of comfort translates directly into providing their customers and patients with the absolute best service in town. I can’t emphasize enough how cool the staff here is. With some pretty long hours (since Life Flower is open from 8AM until midnight) it’s impressive to see the entire crew maintaining a smile the entire day long.

Life Flower Discounts and Deals

While I can’t deny that the staff at Life Flower is the best reason to pay them a visit, there are several additional incentives to come see the folks at Life Flower. Of course, I can’t mention enough the fact that they are open early and close late every day of the week as a huge incentive, there are a lot of great ways to save as well.

  • Medible Monday – Receive 10% off your purchase of marijuana edibles
  • Topical Tuesday – Receive 10% off your purchase of topical marijuana
  • Wax Wednesday – Receive 15% off your purchase of marijuana wax
  • Thirsty Thursday – Receive 10% off your purchase of marijuana drinks
  • Flower Friday – Receive 15% off your purchase of Cannaseur shelf flower
  • Shatter Saturday – Receive 15% off your purchase of marijuana shatter
  • Sunday – You pick the deal. Chose from any of the weekly deals and receive the deal of that day

If You’ve been looking for a new dispensary to call your home as a customer, or maybe even a new caregiver on the medicinal side of things then you really should take a look at life flower. With killer events, an unrivaled selection of products, and a friendly and welcoming environment, Life Flower Dispensary is the perfect first stop for anyone coming from out of town or anyone looking for a new place to buy their daily buds. If you do end up paying Life Flower a visit, I’m sure you’ll end up leaving with a smile and that’s before you’ve even sampled any of the products.#JessetheGrove



Life Flower Dispensary Recreational Marijuana Anniversary
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Life Flower Dispensary Recreational Marijuana Anniversary
I've been to my fair share of promotional events, marijuana block parties, and general cannabis shindigs, but the party that Life Flower Dispensary threw was one of the largest was one of the largest!
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