Marijuana and Veterans

Marijuana and Veterans
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I’d like to take a moment to tip my hat to the men and women who have served our country in the armed forces. It takes a commitment that is beyond my reckoning and a bravery that only very few possess. From the trials and tribulations that may arise from service, there is a handy plant out there that can help with a plethora of different ailments both physical and emotional. I recently had the fortune of corresponding with John, a second generation Hospital Corpsman, and long-time patient at Life Flower Dispensary. Cannabis has given him a way to assuage old scars and become part of a new and thriving community of marijuana smokers.

Life Flower Dispensary is a recreational and medicinal marijuana dispensary located in Glendale Colorado. Life Flower has been helping veterans and medicinal patients alike for over half a decade and has become a part of the local community in Glendale. From food drives to toy donations, Life Flower Dispensary is a truly compassionate dispensary that is there and ready to help you plan a regiment of marijuana that’s right for you. They are also a late-night dispensary serving medicinal and recreational patients until midnight seven days a week.


For starters, John told me a little bit more about himself and the time he served. “I was raised a navy brat, became a second generation Hospital Corpsman, [and] grew up in Taiwan, in California, and Texas.” Like many of my friend who grew up in military families, it’s hard to make friends when you’re constantly being transferred around. It’s just as hard for children as it is for adults and trying to find some stability is the first thing you look for as many of my friends have said. As John explained he felt many of these same feelings and felt like “[he] never fit in. Ever.” That is until he found a miraculous little plant back in 1971 that changed the way he interacted with the world around him. “Then the world opened up like a lotus flower.” With a new perspective on life and the world around him, John was finally able to become part of everything, throwing aside the notion that he wasn’t someone who fit in with the rest of society. When I asked him how marijuana has helped him he told me “I will 63 years old in June.  I am in touch with my local weed community.  Most of my friends could be either my kids or even grandkids age.  How is that for a benefit?” Being able to reach out and make these connections, being able to become part of a community is something that is amazing about this industry and is overlooked far too often. Having done my footwork in dispensaries I would be so bold as to say dispensaries like Life Flower attract some of the most diverse patients and customers of any store around.

John has been a long time customer at Life Flower Dispensary even back in the day when it was MediVeterans-3cine Man Medicinal Market. Now that Life Flower is serving both medicinal and recreational patients, the doors have opened up for a lot of veterans and other individuals who would like to use marijuana medicinally but wouldn’t otherwise qualify for a medicinal marijuana card. With so many options out there to shop for cannabis, I asked John why he chooses to purchase his cannabis from Life Flower. “There is excellent weed all over, but the fine folks at Life Flower are what has made me [their] longest standing member.  I don’t shop anywhere else.  Best weed, best people!” Going back to a point I made earlier, the connections that are being forged by this industry are truly amazing. Gaps in generations that would normally be insurmountable are trivial age differences amidst friends and a bowl. The industry not only helps with the emotional and physical ailments that many veterans may experience but it also is an amazing outlet to make new friends and to become part of your community.


John’s Favorite: NYCD From Life Flower Dispensary

Out of interests sake, I also had to ask John about his favorite products and where he would like to see the industry go in the next decade or so. John is a man by my own heart and is  “…a flower dude. Love weed in all its glorious forms, but buds for me.  NYCD is my favorite all time strain.” Amen to that, there is no form of cannabis that’s more tried and true than good old fashioned buds. While my job has me sampling a slew of various cannabis-infused products and extracts, at the end of the day, all I really want is a big old bowl of flower. I also love Johns answer on where he would like to see the industry moving, as he said, “Worldwide legalization would be ideal.” Again, sounds like a plan to me! As more people open their eyes up to the amazing medicinal benefits that marijuana can have, maybe that will happen someday. Hopefully someday soon.

This is just one story of how marijuana has helped one veteran open his world up to possibilities, make new friends in a thriving community and overcome a tumultuous past. There are stories like John’s all around us. As the marijuana industry grows, and as more people start to understand the benefits that it can have far outweigh the perceived negative repercussions more people will be able to reap the rewards both physically and emotionally. If you’ve been looking for a compassionate place to heal or simply a friendly face to sell you a joint after work, then check out Life Flower Dispensary and join the cause. After nearly a century of marijuana being oppressed, it’s time to form a new modality, and a new mindset on this phenomenal plant and make a different path for the next 100 years.


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