Marijuana Tax Benefits

Marijuana Tax Benefits
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Have you ever sat back and asked yourself, what has my dispensary ever done for me? Well, I mean they sold you marijuana, so that’s a really good start, but other than that. did they ever do anything for your community? Did they ever keep the roads you drive on clean, or provide housing for the homeless? If your dispensary happens to be called The Green Solution®, then you can actually answer yes to the questions above. Through adopting stretches of highway and contributing to the intake of new taxes from marijuana sales, The Green Solution® is doing more than you might think to help local Colorado communities thrive.

Colorado Marijuana Taxes Helping Our Highways

Colorado Highway
A road is a road, right? If you’ve driven cross country and taken a look at the cleanliness of the roads in states other than Colorado, you know just how filthy and unwelcoming many road systems in the U.S. are. Colorado is known for being a clean and welcoming place, and dispensaries like The Green Solution® are doing their part to keep it that way. When adopting streets, they are required to clean up their stretches of road and therefore take the burden off of the state. This is a win-win situation since the roads stay clean and The Green Solution® gets a chance to give back to their community.

Next time you’re driving I-70 or I-25, keep an eye out for the little adopt-a-highway signs on the side of the road, and don’t forget to tip your hat to that business for keeping our roadways clean, clear, and safe.

Colorado Marijuana Taxes Helping the Homeless

As soon as marijuana legalization was realized in Colorado, the waves of immigration started overnight. Unfortunately, many who came here to partake in the new state flower came here with little to no plans, and many have fallen on hard times. On top of that, many individuals who were already homeless decided to make their pilgrimage here as well. As a local who has lived here my entire life, the increase in the number of homeless individuals was very marked after legalization. Up until now, the cities have done very little to help these individuals, but all of that is about to change. Spearheading this effort is the city of Aurora, which is planning on allocating a large portion of surplus marijuana taxes to help create programs and shelters for the increasing number of homeless individuals in the city. While, obviously, The Green Solution® isn’t solely responsible for the marijuana tax revenue in Aurora, they do create a very significant share of that revenue—in fact, a larger share than any other dispensary in the entire city. I have no doubt that after other cities see the progress that Aurora has made, they will follow suit and start utilizing their surplus taxes to create similar programs to address the growing numbers of our state’s homeless. This new allocation of taxes is a great first step that will eventually make a better Colorado for all of us.

Colorado Marijuana Taxes Helping Schools

Colorado Schools
If you remember the fine print from a few years back when Amendment 64 passed, then you may recall that it was written into the amendment that a set portion of all tax revenue would go to schools. It’s already been happening, and many Colorado schools have already been prospering. Also, one of the largest concerns about legalization was that marijuana would be more likely to find its way into the hands of children. Initial reports show quite the opposite. As I’ve heard from many, “If you legalize it you moralize it.” Maybe it’s just been too long since they were stupid teenagers, but I’d like to think I still remember what it was like. A more apt statement would be, “Once you legalize it, it’s not cool anymore.” Besides the cool factor, the truth of the matter is, a controlled substance will always be harder to get ahold of.

While I might be biased and I might not be all knowing, I can tell you with some conviction that dispensaries like The Green Solution ® are doing a great deal of good with their tax dollars on a community level. I can also add that many of the assumed negative outcomes of legalization just aren’t panning out like the anti-pot crowd would like them to.

Colorado Marijuana Tax Benefits

I won’t forget how much my friends complained at first about the high tax on cannabis after legalization. I kept telling them, “You’re buying weed legally, quit complaining!” Now, after a few years of legalization and I can see the surplus taxes at work on our roads and schools, I don’t see how anyone can complain. The prices on cannabis have also changed. Even with tax, marijuana is much cheaper than it ever was on the black market. As dispensaries like The Green Solution ® continue to grow, so will the profit from sales. That means that more taxes will be available to help keep Colorado the amazing place it is. So next time you’re picking up some flower, concentrates, or edibles at The Green Solution ®, take a moment to know that you’re actually helping out the entire state with your purchase. Pretty cool, huh?