Smokin Gun Apothecary | 43 Strains

Smokin Gun Apothecary | 43 Strains
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Everyone loves variety. Let’s be honest, it’s just fun to get to pick and choose what you want. I mean why would anyone ever go to get frozen yogurt or ice cream if there was only one flavor? Relish the opportunity to pick and choose what you want. When you go to the ice cream store and are presented with 31 43-flavors-smokin-gun-1different flavors, live a little and explore. Marijuana should be the same way. While I know everyone has their favorite ice creams and strains (chocolate and Blue Dream for me) there’s no reason that you shouldn’t still investigate new options, after all, I wouldn’t know that Blue Dream is my favorite strain if I’d never tried it in the first place. If you’re looking for a Denver dispensary or an Aurora dispensary that really has some options when it comes to decision time, check out Smokin Gun Apothecary, a recreational dispensary in Glendale, Colorado. Not only do they have 31 flavors beat in their selection by at least a dozen flavors, but I’d like to see ice cream get me as relaxed at the end of the day as Blue Dream, Fluffhead, Dunafon Diesel, Sueno, or Sour Sunset can. The other thing that makes Smoking Gun unique is that it’s one of Colorado’s best late night dispensaries. While the other places close down Smokin Gun is allowed by the city of Glendale to make recreational marijuana sales as late as midnight. While I don’t have time to go over all 43 strains on the shelf at Smokin Gun, I asked one of the managers, David, to give me the crash course on some of the stickiest ickiest buds to choose from.

Fluffhead (Colorado Product Services)43-flavors-smokin-gun-2

The first strain that David had me take a look at was Fluffhead. Fluffhead is a CBD-loaded indica dominant hybrid strain, produced by crossing Headband and Phishhead Kush. This amazing batch of Fluffhead was grown for Smokin Gun Apothecary by Colorado Product Services (CPS). I got to take a look at this CBD strain and experience its dank Kush smell in person. Not only did the CBD-loaded Fluffhead give off a truly unique dankness, but it was also one of the hairiest strains that I’ve ever seen in my life. Thick light orange hairs graced every square centimeter of this aptly named fluffy looking strain. As CBD strains go, Fluffhead has one of the highest concentrations on the market with 11.8% CBD. To give you some perspective, a strain with over 4% CBD is usually considered to be high in CBD, so it’s easy to see that this one is practically off the charts. This extremely high CBD content translates into a mind numbing high, that leaves you free of anxiety, relaxed, sleepy, and ready to melt into the couch.

Sour Sunset (Smokin Gun Apothecary Reserve “S.G.A. Reserve”)43-flavors-smokin-gun-4

Next on my strain train of sampling was a new selection on the shelves for Smokin Gun Apothecary, and one of the first strains from their new grow. Sour Sunset is a prime example of the quality strains being produced by Smokin Gun’s new S.G.A. Reserve grow and bears the effects of a perfect indica-leaning hybrid. The strain itself has the combination of dark green flowers, abundant curly orange hairs, hints of purple along the bottom, and a massive number of trichomes coating every nook and cranny. Sour Sunset is created by crossing AJ’s Sour Diesel with an undisclosed variety of Secret Sherbet to create this amazing 60% indica hybrid strain. The smell is remarkably sweet, and the terpene characteristics of Sour Sunset are out of this world. Not only is this strain good looking with a remarkable smell, but it also packs a serious punch with 23.54% THCA. This high yielding plant produces amazing big bugs that are undeniably photogenic, and it’s uplifting and euphoric effects are sure to put a smile on your face. If you want to try some Sour Sunset from the S.G.A. Reserve for yourself, the only place in town to get some is at Smokin Gun Apothecary off of Colorado Boulevard.

Sueno (Veritas Fine Cannabis)43-flavors-smokin-gun-3

Next, David whipped out his finest nugget of Sueno. Sueno or “dream” when translated from Spanish, is a Sativa dominant strain that is a cross of two classics, Blue Dream and Sour Diesel. Blue Dream and Sour Diesel are a couple of my all-time favorite strains, so it’s no surprise to me that I was practically enamored with their child strain. As David described it, Sueno has a “sweet berry scent and a minty aftertaste.” Never has there been a truer description. The marvelous fruit smells coming from this strain were legendary; almost as legendary as the number of sugary trichomes on its surface. Grown for Smokin Gun Apothecary by Veritas Fine Cannabis, Sueno also is quite potent bearing a mind numbing 25.38% THCA. If you’ve been looking for an uplifting, creative strain, that is both wickedly pungent and tantalizingly sweet, then Sueno is the strain for you.

Blue Dream (Silver Peak Apothecary)43-flavors-smokin-gun-5

To finish off my tour, David ended with my all-time favorite, Blue Dream. Produced for Smokin Gun by Silver Peak Apothecary in Aspen, Blue Dream is simply the bee’s knees. With a THC content of 23.21% Blue Dream is a perfect hybrid strain that seems to instill whatever effect the user wants. I feel like this is thanks in part to the fact that it’s a complete middle-of-the-road hybrid, and very efficiently draws from both indica and sativa sides of the spectrum. With a deliciously sweet berry odor and light green, hair-covered nuggets, Blue Dream is a strain that’s easy to fall in love with. The versatility in this strain is phenomenal, and it can be used medicinally for treating pain, anxiety, nausea, and depression, or recreationally for creativity, energy, and relaxation.

There you have it, four of Smokin Gun Apothecary’s finest cannabis options drawn from their massive selection of 43 strains. While it wasn’t on the shelf during my visit, I also feel I must mention one of Smokin Gun’s newest strains. Dunafon Diesel. Named after Mayor Mike Dunafon of Glendale Colorado, there is a reason that Smokin Gun can’t keep this one on the shelf. With lab results coming in at 33.58% THC, this is the second highest THC concentration level that I’ve ever seen, and trust me when I say, I’ve seen a lot. More batches will be coming in soon, so keep checking in at Smokin Gun Apothecary to try some of this epic, historic marijuana. If you’ve been looking for one of the best strain selections in the entire state of Colorado, then look no further than the Smokin Gun. Don’t forget, that they’re also open early at 8:00 and open late until midnight, offering everything a cannabis smoker could ever dream of. So it’s official, Smokin Gun has 31 flavors beat for selection; now if only they were allowed to hand out free samples.

Smokin Gun Apothecary 43 Strains
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Smokin Gun Apothecary 43 Strains
Smokin Gun Apothecary has one of the largest strain selections in the state, with over 40 different strains from across Colorado, OPEN LATE NIGHT
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