Smokin Gun Apothecary Colorado’s First Prohibition Museum

Smokin Gun Apothecary Colorado’s First Prohibition Museum
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If this isn’t your first visit to Dope Directory, then you’ve First Marijuana Museum-1no doubt read about the diversity of Colorado’s unique marijuana dispensary scene. Some locations focus on flower, while some tend to be a more happening spot for concentrates. Some offer a robust selection of edibles while others focus on maintaining the best selection of glass and merchandise. There is one dispensary, however, that has found a voice all its own, and has cultivated itself as something that is truly revolutionary. Located right in the heart of Glendale you’ll find Smokin Gun Apothecary Colorado’s first marijuana prohibition museum. Not only will you be able to pick up your favorite flower, edibles, and concentrates at Smokin Gun, but you can also experience in a nutshell the failures of the war on drugs and the fallout caused by prohibition of substance. Smokin Gun Apothecary is a must-visit location for anyone from out of town or anyone who has a penchant for pot and history.

War on Drugs

It’s hard to miss Smokin Gun Apothecary when you’re heading down Colorado Boulevard. Smokin Gun is next door to the legendary Shotgun Willies Gentlemen’s Club and is also relatively close to DIA, Denver’s airport. When you see the big blue shotgun sign our front you know you’ve arrived. The first thing you’ll notice when you enter Smokin Gun (if not the barrel and shotgun shell table) is the wall to the right, dedicated to a historical flash through of the war on drugs, prohibition, and the cost that it has had on the American people, and on our society as a whole.First Marijuana Museum-2 After you have a chance to get a little history lesson, the attendant at the front counter will check your IDs and give you the rundown on how to purchase your marijuana at Smokin Gun. After which they’ll guide you back through the door into the speak-easy feeling heart of the dispensary.

1941 Mississippi Jail Cell

After entering Smokin Gun, you’ll notice that the ambiance is spot on, from the gas lantern style lighting on the walls to the back wall which highlights several unique features, including the replica 1941 Mississippi jail cell. In case you were wondering the significance, the wall posting next to the cell explains. The jail cell is there to represent the fact that for the purchase of Marijuana in Mississippi in 1941 you would likely be sentenced to life in prison. While it’s been 75 years it’s still fascinating to think that not even ten years ago you would have been ticketed and heavily fined even in Colorado for purchasing cannabis. The cell stands as a stark reminder but has been repurposed into a traditional style budtender station to serve premium cannabis from.

Bank of Hibernia and Wall MuralFirst Marijuana Museum-3

Directly to the left of the replica jail cell is a massive multi-window teller station, that has a little bit more character to it than the normal budtending counter. This counter was constructed using the original components from the 1870’s Louisiana-based bank of Hibernia. The significance of the banks is that just five years after the bank’s founding in 1875, the first anti-drug law came out of San Francisco targeting opium use. This painstakingly reconstructed, gorgeous, and real historical centerpiece is not only at the heart of the dispensary but stands in front of a mural that tells the tale of marijuana prohibition. The good, the bad, the heroes and the villains of marijuana’s tumultuous relationship with the American people are all represented through the mural. It’s a story of years of repression shown on the back wall of a legal dispensary. The poignant image is a reminder of how much effort it’s taken from so many individuals to make it possible for you to purchase your marijuana legally.

Local DiscountFirst Marijuana Museum-4

Even if you’re a Colorado local, and are well versed in the epic of marijuana legalization, there is a very good reason for you to visit Smokin Gun Apothecary. If you have a valid Colorado ID you can expect an amazing thing to happen every time you visit Smokin Gun Apothecary. You’ll immediately receive 30% off your marijuana purchase. This isn’t a one-shot deal either if you’re a local, you can come back every time and expect to receive the same locals discount. So even if you’re not a history buff and are more concerned with the end result than how we got here, the splash of knowledge is well worth the 30% discount.

Smokin Gun offers an experience that’s unlike any other dispensary in the state, and any other dispensary in the world I would argue. Never before has a concept so gracefully melded the process of learning and fun (with hundreds of products and an attached bar, grill, and strip joint emphasis on fun!) If you’re planning on visiting Colorado to learn about marijuana, or I you’re simply a resident looking for a unique and affordable location to make your next purchase, then you’ve got to check out Smokin Gun Apothecary, where history meets recreation.#JessetheGrove

Smokin Gun Apothecary Colorado's First Prohibition Museum
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Smokin Gun Apothecary Colorado's First Prohibition Museum
Smokin Gun Apothecary is not only one of the most unique marijuana dispensaries in the world, but it’s also a marijuana museum dedicated to prohibition history.
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