Smokin Gun Dispensary : Colorado Locals Discount

Smokin Gun Dispensary : Colorado Locals Discount
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It’s pretty cool living in Colorado. As a local and native who has been here my entire life I love everything that Colorado has to offer. As I’m writing this now I’m enjoying big puffy flakes of snow slowly falling outside my window, knowing full well that in a day or two it’s going to be bright outside and sunny again. If you too are a resident of Colorado chances are you also are enamored by the whimsical weather, amazing outdoor activities, booming night scene, and readily available cannabis products. If you’re nodding your head to any of this, especially the last item on my list then I’ve got an amazing celebratory deal to tell you about. Smokin Gun Apothecary a recreational dispensary in Glendale, CO and the very first anti-prohibition museum is now celebrating its one year anniversary. As a new staple in the Glendale area, the folks over at Smoking Gun Apothecary have decided to reward every local, native, and transplant alike if you have a Colorado state ID.

Colorado Local Discount

The anniversary deal is pretty simple and pretty amazing for
1YearSmokinGun 1anyone who has a valid Colorado state ID. Smokin Gun Apothecary has always offered a 15% discount to everyone who is local but now as a reward to their loyal local patrons the deal just got insane! All you need to do is present your Colorado ID next time you come into Smokin Gun Apothecary to purchase any marijuana products and you’ll instantly receive 30% off your entire transaction. This is an outrageous deal that, in essence, completely negates the sales tax you pay and gives you a discount on top of that. If you’re holding a Colorado State ID in your purse, wallet, or pocket and have the intention of purchasing marijuana anytime soon, this is the perfect deal to take advantage of. Maybe you’ve been gifted some holiday money and are looking to stock up on buds for the new year, with a deal like 30% off your entire purchase, now is the time to act, and build up a stock of marijuana to get you through the remaining winter months if you’re the hibernating type. The 30% off local deal can be used on any marijuana products on the shelf and only excludes merchandise. While the deal can’t be grouped up with other discounts, it can be used anytime. Some other discount marijuana deals force you to come in at odd hours but not this 30% off; This deal is all day every day. So even if you’re an early bird heading into Smokin Gun Apothecary at 8:00 AM or a night owl heading in at 11:00 PM as long as you have a valid Colorado ID you’re going to get 30% off on your marijuana purchase!

First Marijuana Super Market

There is more to Smokin Gun Apothecary that just amazing discounts43-flavors-smokin-gun-2. Smokin Gun Apothecary has a lot to celebrate after being around for a year, including the fact that it’s the first of its kind marijuana Supermarket. If you’re scratching your head at my meaning, let me fill you in on how most dispensaries work. Most dispensaries either own a grow or purchase their marijuana from a wholesale source. Smokin Gun draws from multiple growers across the state to bring in the absolute best buds around. While other dispensaries have a limited selection of cannabis from their limited providers, Smokin Gun Apothecary is bringing in the best new strains from multiple growers around the state. It’s the difference between going to a restaurant that only has one brand of soda to drink, and going to the grocery store where you can buy it all. This revolutionary concept makes Smokin Gun Apothecary a great stop for anyone who loves to experience variety and sample every Bud they can get ahold of. Even if you’re out of state and can’t partake in the deals for locals Smokin Gun is still a prime stop if you want to get the full scope of Colorado’s amazing marijuana scene.

Anti-Prohibition Museum

If you’ve never been to Smokin Gun Apothecary before, then you’re in for one hell of an experience. Not only does Smokin Gun Apothecary offer some of the best deals in the state and one of the largest selections of strains around, but it also is a museum. While for many, marijuana legalization is a simply a cut and dry fact, this level of freedom didn’t come overnight, and it didn’t come without a fight. Smokin Gun Apothecary is a testament to the long struggle to achieve today’s tentative acceptance of marijuana and howSmokin' Gun the failed war on drugs has effect American culture and our society as a whole. As you enter Smokin Gun Apothecary you can feel the ambiance of a different time. The replica 1941 Mississippi jail cell in the back is now repurposed into a station for selling cannabis and stands as a grim reminder that for this legal interaction in 2017 you would have received life in prison in Mississippi back in 1941. The reclaimed budtender counters are from the 1870’s Bank of Hibernia that used to stand in New Orleans. The significance being that only a few years after the bank’s founding in 1875 the first anti-drug laws on opium went into effect starting what would eventually turn into the war on drugs almost one hundred years later and the futile attempt and trillions of dollars spent over the decades in the attempt to alter human nature. Regardless of whether you partake in cannabis, Smokin Gun Apothecary is worth visiting to explore the history of prohibition and its effects on our culture over the last hundred years.

So that’s 30% off for locals, an unrivaled selection of cannabis strains, and a history lesson to boot. Where do I sign up? Smokin Gun Apothecary is a unique place to visit unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before, and if you haven’t swung by, now is the time to investigate. You can make your next purchase at a bland retail dispensary or spice things up a bit and experience how amazing and affordable it is to purchase from Smokin Gun Apothecary the one and only anti-prohibition museum and marijuana supermarket. Happy Birthday, Smokin Gun Apothecary!#JessetheGrove

Colorado Local Discount at Smokin Gun
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Colorado Local Discount at Smokin Gun
Present your Colorado ID next time you go to Smokin Gun to make a purchase on any marijuana products and you’ll instantly receive 30% off your entire purchase!
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