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If you’re a recreational cannabis user, I’d like you to take a moment to thank a whole lot of compassionate people who have gotten us to where we are today. I’m referring to the medicinal cannabis pioneers, who came into the industry long before legalization with the goal of helping people heal. If it wasn’t for this first step, and the realization that cannabis has so much potential, I would be willing to bet that the recreational industry would not be where it is today. Just because the cannabis industry is moving more towards the recreational side of things doesn’t mean that the compassionate individuals that got us here aren’t still hard at work doling out the love in any way they can.

Team TGS

Team TGS is the community outreach program from The Green Solution®, a premiere Colorado Cannabis provider. Team TGS is headed by Nancy Schmidt, Executive Assistant to TGS’s CEO and her team of volunteers, who are out to show the community that the compassionate roots that started this industry are still alive and kicking.

Team TGS | The Green Solution2017 Has been a heck of a year for the volunteers at Team TGS. Their multiple efforts have helped enrich our local Colorado community in many truly amazing ways. In the works now, Team TGS is establishing a partnership with a local animal shelter to help critters who are down and out find a new home and loving pet parents. Team TGS is also partnering with Focus on the Forest, a brand new local Colorado organization of volunteers dedicated to keeping our Rocky Mountain forests clean, clear, and safe. Team TGS is also in the process of building a group to participate in AIDS Walk Colorado and raise funds for the cause as well. While this might sound like a lot to have on your plate at once, the volunteer crew at team TGS has never shied away from a challenge.

Cannabis with a Cause

Nancy told me a little about their past programs and how Team TGS has impacted the community around them. Just this year in an ongoing effort to help aid those in need, Team TGS paired with Grant Street Reach and Project Angel Heart. On every third Monday of the month, the crew at Team TGS works to deliver meals and groceries to patients and individuals who are homebound and unable to shop for themselves. As Nancy mentioned, “Team TGS has been lovingly called The Green Shirt Helpers by the parishioners of a local church that hosts Grant Street Reach Soup Kitchen.” Beyond helping homebound patients, they’ve also done their part helping the growing number of homeless individuals in Colorado. By volunteering with the Denver Rescue Mission, Team TGS did its part and served a special dinner to help people down on their luck. These Green Shirt Helpers at Team TGS have impacted their community in several amazing ways that isn’t limited to their work with Grant Street Reach, Denver Rescue Mission, and Project Angel Heart.

Team TGS Helping Veterans and Active Duty Soldiers

Team TGS | The Green SolutionThis year has been busy for the volunteers at Team TGS, and their efforts have made a huge impact on multiple groups both here and abroad. Using donation boxes at The Green Solution® this year Team TGS gathered supplies and goodies for Operation Gratitude. With the help of compassionate Green Solution® patrons like you, they were able to build 56 care packages to send overseas to active duty soldiers. They’ve also done their part to thank us Nancy said, “In February, Team TGS made over 1,100 valentines and delivered them to the VA Hospital, bringing smiles to the faces of many who may have felt forgotten on that day. “This is a very powerful cause, and it’s amazing to see the community come together to thank those who have served our country and those who are still active duty.

Team TGS is only getting started, and there is still a lot of amazing things left for them to do in 2017. Nancy explained that “The truly compassionate and caring people in Team TGS constantly look for ways to support their local community and improve the quality of life for veterans, the homeless, and others who face ongoing challenges in their day-to-day lives.” After looking at all of the amazing steps that Team TGS has taken to improve the lives of those around them, I have to admit I almost feel ashamed that I haven’t done more to help. If you want to do your part, keep an eye out at your local Green Solution® for drives and donations, and see what you can do to help Team TGS keep Colorado the cool and caring place that it’s always been. Cannabis and charity are two things that many people never correlate. I hope now that you know a little more about Team TGS, you can put aside any prior notions you may have about the industry. When you see past the image that has been cultivated around cannabis you see the amazing people in this industry who have dedicated their time to make this a better place for all of us.

Special thanks to all those who are a part of Team TGS:

TGS Employee Volunteers

Kelsey Kistler, Billie Todnem, Adam Todnem, Katie Math, Troy Guillory, Michael Lehmann, Nicole Brant-Zawadzki, Jessica Platt, Eva Safar, Austin Day, Nick Callaio, Jordan Bryant, Jessica Bathke, Neal Werner, Ricardo Najar, Jessica Hoover, Chris Hoover, Danielle Shearer, Jon Stein, Kari Speidell, Sue Speidell, John Nunez, Trent Woloveck, Ashley Wells, Joleena Canfield, Michelle Cahall, Scott Siclari, Shelton Howard, Monica Arrieta

Non-TGS Employee Supporters

Tracey Schmidt, Michelle MacLeod, Randy MacLeod, Tina Tinanator, Joyce McKinley, Hilary DeWitt, Nikki Fisher


Team TGS | The Green Solution Community Outreach Program
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Team TGS | The Green Solution Community Outreach Program
Team TGS is the community outreach program from The Green Solution®, a premiere Colorado Cannabis provider. A dispensary supporting the local Colorado community
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