The Green Solution : Adopt A Highway

The Green Solution : Adopt A Highway
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adopt-a-highwayWhat makes Colorado great? Well, in my book a whole lot of things, but maybe it’s something specific for you. Is it the fresh powder on the slope? Maybe for you, it’s the birds chirping over the sound of silence on a week-long backpacking trip. Perhaps what makes Colorado great for you is the nightlife of downtown Denver and the increasing assortment of gourmet restaurants. What about the legal weed? That’s sure a real humdinger. Did the extra clean highways and roads come to mind? Depending on where you’re from, just how clean our highways are might be something that you take for granted, but having tooled around the country my fair share, I can say with confidence that our highways are some of the cleanest I’ve ever driven on. Why am I talking about roadside trash when you want to hear about cannabis? Well as it just so happens, the two are now married in a unique and revolutionary way. Colorado Dispensaries like The Green Solution® are spearheading Adopt A Highway programs to keep our roadways clean, clear, and welcoming for all who drive them.

There’s a good chance that sometime on your travels through Colorado you may have seen signs along the roadside touting that a company is responsible for cleanup along a section of highway. It’s only logical that dispensaries like The Green Solution® should become part of the process to keep our roads clean. After all, they want to represent Colorado as a clean and amazing place. The Green Solution ® has adopted multiple sections of highway across the state that they are now responsible for cleaning. Everywhere from on I-70 into to the mountains to down South in Trinidad near The Green Solution®’s newest location, they have taken up the cause to keep our state’s highways clean and safe.

Not only do programs like the “adopt a highway” system benefit the state with clean roads via private organization, but they also form an important backbone for many community building groups as well. When it comes time for the required cleanup, which is usually quarterly, either paid employees or volunteers are used to clean the section of highway assigned to them by the state. This creates the opportunity for amazing community outreach programs that can teach children the importance of keeping our planet clean. adopt-a-highway-2The Green Solution® has chosen to adopt multiple sections of highway not only as a show of good will to the state that harbors them, but also to show their commitment to keeping Colorado the clean and amazing place that it is.

If you want to do your part in keeping Colorado clean, there’s an easy way you can help and have a good time while you’re doing it! It’s simple. Just shop for your cannabis products at The Green Solution®. Every time you purchase flower or a Nectar Bee™ edible or concentrate from The Green Solution®, you’re helping them pay for the crews and the organization of volunteers to keep all of their adopted highways clean. With one of the largest selections of edibles and concentrates in the state, The Green Solution ® won’t disappoint you when it comes time to choose what product is perfect for you.

The next time you’ve picked up an eighth of Presidential Kush, don’t just think about how your products from The Green Solution® will get you way high, but think about the highway that they are helping keep clean. Whether you’re here for the skiing, the food, the hiking, the sunshine, the mountain view, or just for the cannabis, take a moment to tip your hat to businesses like The Green Solution ® that are out there keeping our roads pristine.#JessetheGrove



The Green Solution : Adopt A Highway
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The Green Solution : Adopt A Highway
Colorado Dispensaries like The Green Solution are spearheading Adopt A Highway programs to keep our roadways clean, clear, and welcoming for all who drive them.
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