The Green Solution Colfax Ave @ East Aurora

The Green Solution Colfax Ave @ East Aurora
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As each 420 passes and each year slips by, legalization of cannabis in Colorado has just become a fact. While it may seem almost novel to Colorado residents at this point, I still do enjoy the look on people’s faces from out of state the first time they enter a dispensary. I still would like to think that I find nuance in every location I visit, after all, every dispensary is unique. Even though its only been a few years since 64 passed, the average cannabis smoker may be unaware of the ever-fluctuating laws in each city that are just a part of the cannabis scene. For instance, when legalization first happened dispensaries were not only forced to set up shop in previously existing buildings, but they weren’t even allowed to modify the structure in any way more significant than adding in a table or changing a few light fixtures. This law still is in effect depending on the city you’re in, but in the case of Aurora, Colorado, they’ve changed up the rules to allow for new construction. This has allowed dispensaries like The Green Solution® to craft amazing new structures like their brand-new Colfax location. While I still feel that thrill when I enter a new dispensary, I’ll admit, it’s multiplied when I get to visit a location that was constructed from the ground up to be a cannabis dispensary like The Green Solution® East Aurora.

East Aurora Pre Opening-2

The sun was doing its Colorado thing and shining and I was ready to go and witness the celebratory pre-opening of The Green Solution® East Aurora. After exiting 225 onto Colfax, it would have been hard to miss the brand new building on the North side of Colfax. The first thing I noticed was that this new dispensary’s proximity to the highway makes it one of the closest dispensaries to Denver’s airport, DIA. For out of towners who want instant gratification, or if you’re maybe just looking for a nice way to kill a layover, The Green Solution® East Aurora is a quick, close, and easy stop for first-time tokers. I pulled up to the infamous fast food burger joint that’s next door and found a spot to park since the brand-new parking lot was still freshly loaded with construction equipment. I made my way to the front door and was welcomed in to one of the most open and welcoming stores I’ve ever been in. I say store intentionally since not only was this a good-looking dispensary but simply one of the nicest looking stores I’d been in. The ceilings reached up into a giant vault and light poured in through the massive skylights that accented the angled roof. In tried and true Green Solution® style there were large backlit glass display shelves lining the right side of the dispensary and the left possessed over a half dozen check-out stations, sitting empty, waiting for the crowds of cannabis craving Coloradans and out-of-state visitors alike. The lines of the dispensary created by the checkout stations and the display shelves always seemed to draw your eye up towards that big beautiful ceiling. Not only did the skylights make the space feel even bigger but the choice of real wood beams along the roofline brought a light and organic feel to the location which was a very quaint juxtaposition to the sharp modern lines present throughout the rest of the dispensary. There is just no way to not appreciate this gorgeous new dispensary’s architecture when you come in the door (sorry for my architecture nerding out).East Aurora Pre Opening-1


I knew what the shell looked like for The Green Solution® East Aurora, but what about the heart? I’ll admit that I’m not very keen on any sort of social gatherings, but I was pleased to see a lot of familiar faces when I arrived. Most exciting for me was getting to see that the new manager was not only a familiar face but a manager in the industry for years. Linde, who I’d known from her time managing The Green Solution® Lakewood and from a previous management job at a different dispensary, was going to be put in charge of this gorgeous new flagship. Not only was it heartening to see a tried and true manager in charge, but it was great to see that Katie and Michelle, two of Linde’s best employees from Lakewood were going to be on board as well. After the new crew kindly posed for a photo for me, I bumped into a few other familiar faces including Larry and Wig’nz. Larry was there to cut the cake of course, which I was excited to see since I hadn’t eaten breakfast or lunch (not that cake is a true substitute for either of those meals). After they gave Larry a knife (crazy idea, I know) the official cake cutting occurred, and I was rewarded with a slice of scrumptious marble cake just for being there. As I gobbled down some cake, I chatted with a bunch of the new budtenders who were excited to get to work in the new spot in the next couple weeks.East Aurora Pre Opening-3


Triumphantly sugar high on the cake, I said my farewells to all parties involved and made my way out to scavenge for some protein. As I walked out the front I turned back to see the beautiful turret at the middle of the store proudly displaying The Green Solution®. What an exciting thing it is to see a brand-new dispensary raised from the ground up. This new spot is not only unique due to its proximity to DIA, but also its location in Aurora comes with the extra perk of being able to stay open until 9:45 PM. With all the ingredients in the mix for this new Green Solution® location, I see only good things in the future. The recipe is simple, start with a beautiful new building custom made to sell cannabis, place it a few minutes from a massive international airport, sprinkle liberally with a seasoned staff of professionals, set the timer to stay open until 9:45 PM, and add just a pinch of Larry Ulibarri with a knife, and you have The Green Solution® East Aurora.#JessetheGrove