Understanding Marijuana Strain Tiers

Understanding Marijuana Strain Tiers
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If you’re going to buy weed online or at a dispensary, you’re going to want to understand what the different strains and strengths are so you can get the experience you’re looking for. For me though, it’s a case of different day, different strain. I can’t say I’m ever stuck in the situation where I’m out of cannabis anymore, if you find yourself out of cannabis and you’re wanting to try different strains constantly, Click here for a wide variety of different strains available for purchase. The smorgasbord of products I usually have on hand fulfills pretty much any desires I may have. This is something that college-age Jesse would have only dreamed of having access to. This is a reality for all of us in Colorado now. We really can have a strain on hand for any situation! At The Green Solution®, a Colorado cannabis dispensary chain, not only is there a strain to match every situation but there is also a price to fit any budget. The Green Solution® has broken down its cannabis selection into five easy to comprehend tiers that grade and judge each strain based on its characteristics, yield, quality, quantity, and demand. To start our exploration of The Green Solution® pricing tiers, I’ll start off at the bottom with the most affordable products and work my way to the top.

Ground Cannabis:

Ground flower, also sometimes referred to as “shake” has gotten an undeserved reputation as being a low-quality product. I’ll start off by saying, this isn’t any crappy brick weed or somewhat passable mid-grade that you used to be able to buy before legalization, but instead high-quality chronic from the bottom of the jar and residuals from trimming. There are some real advantages to purchasing from this Green Solution® pricing tier, besides the price. While there is an increased likelihood of getting sweet leaf rather than just pure flower, many overlook the fact that not just sweet leaf jumps ship during the trimming process, but also so do thousands of tiny trichomes. This means that, depending on the batch, you can get insane numbers of trichomes from ground cannabis. More trichomes means more high. Another big advantage comes to all of you joint and blunt smoker out there. Since the weed is already ground that means it’s more than ready to volunteer in for you next joint rolling session. With prices on Ground flower as low as $5.95 a gram, it’s hard to pass up this extra-trichome-laden bud for you next discount cannabis smoking session.

Value Cannabis:

Size is the determining factor for what lands buds on the value shelf of The Green Solution’s® pricing tiers. All the small buds are relegated to the value section based primarily off of this factor. Commonly referred to as popcorn nuggets, small nuggets are in many ways one of my favorite choices. While many may look down on these little buggers since they lack the beauty of their larger companions, there are a few huge advantages to shopping for small buds. For starters, you might not always find yourself in the situation where you have a grinder handy to break up large nuggets. When you’re in a situation like this, throwing a little nugget into a pipe is the perfect hassle-free solution to get you smoking in no time. This is also a great option if you’re having a smoke with some friends. We all have that friend who always hogs the biggest hit (you know who I’m talking about). If you simply take turns each puffing your own private nugget, you’ve put an end to the mooching and assured harmonious pot-smoking equality. A second big benefit to small buds is the fact there this is minimal residual matter in there. That means you’re not paying for the weight of stems which can be quite hefty in some larger nuggets. Value buds at The Green Solution® are just that, a real value!

Top Shelf Cannabis:

This is it, the bread and butter of what makes The Green Solution® so phenomenal. The Top Shelf Green Solution® pricing tier is where you will find great new harvests of premium top shelf chronic. If you demand amazing looking full buds paired with fair pricing, this is where they meet. The Green Solution® Top Shelf often includes some of the best strains around, like Blue Dream, Durban Poison, and Golden Goat. These are the strains that you want to have in your grinder all the time, the perfect daily smoking favorites. You can expect fully developed buds, respectable levels of THC Content, gorgeous curly hairs and a shimmering coat of trichomes ready to be immolated. If you’re a daily smoker looking for the optimum balance of price and quality, then The Green Solution’s® Top Shelf strains are where you should be looking.

Feature Cannabis:

What gets a strain bumped up from Top Shelf to Feature? I had it explained to me using an analogy relating to the diamond industry. The four Cs in the diamond world stand for carat, color, clarity, and cut. In essence, what gets a Top Shelf bumped up to Feature is when there is a particularly phenomenal harvest that yields superior attributes. If a harvest has phenomenal aesthetics, superior colors, uproarious levels of trichomes, amazing flavors, perfect bud structure, and effects that you’ll want to write home about, then there is a good chance it might get bumped up to the Feature shelf on The Green Solution’s® pricing tiers.

Private Cannabis:

This is the one percent, the absolute best of the best when it comes to The Green Solution’s® pricing tiers. The Private shelf is the realm of the award winners. These strains are the hardest to cultivate, the batches with low yields, the nugs with out-of-this-world flavors, and the flowers with the effects you’ve all been dreaming of. Here is where you will find Cannabis Cup winners and strains that will live in infamy thanks to their next level attributes. If you’ve got a friend coming into town who you want to impress, or maybe you just landed that big promotion (make sure they don’t drug test!) then this is where you should turn to enter the ultimate realm of cannabis connoisseurs. Bust out the gold-plated pipe, dip your toes in your pool and order another margarita from your butler, this is the real deal!

Clearance Cannabis:

Last, but certainly not least, you should always check when you’re visiting The Green Solution® for any clearance buds they may have at the time. Clearance is as simple as it sounds, sometimes a harvest is larger than expected and there is a surplus of a strain that needs to be moved out fast to make way for more buds. It’s always worth asking if there is anything on clearance since that can sometimes include strains that are normally Feature or even Private for incredibly low prices.

There you have it, a Green Solution® pricing tier for every occasion. Whether you’re from out of town and want to explore the very best products that Colorado offers, simply looking for some discount bud after a hard day of work, or looking for anything in-between, The Green Solution® has a product and price that will fit your needs. Don’t forget, you can check out the selection at any of the Green Solution’s® locations online, and even order ahead for fast and easy pick-up. Rejoice in variety, my fellow smokers, we’ve earned it!#JessetheGrove

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