The Green Solution Edgewater New Look

The Green Solution Edgewater New Look
Colorado Dispensaries Open Late Night Edgewater Dispensary Review The Green Solution

As is the case with many, I know I’ll never forget my first visit to purchase legal cannabis. Along with several friends, we met up at one of the few recreation dispensaries we could find and queued up into a massive line of nearly 50 people. The atmosphere was simply electric as everyone waited to go into the little hole in the wall for their very first purchase. I’d been waiting nearly a decade for this day to come, but after talking to many in the crowd who had been waiting since the 60s, my bellyaching over the wait seemed pretty petty. As the line slowly shuffled forward, one by one patrons made their way out triumphantly holding their paper bag of weed over their heads as the onlooking line would cheer for every one of them. My time finally came and I went into a small box of a room packed with people, a small counter, and two frazzled (but smiling) budtenders.Edgewater New Look-2 There were two or three strains to choose from and a couple edible options. After snagging a couple 100-milligram edibles and a small portion of flower (I still can’t remember what strain), I wiggled my way out of the bland weed dispensing cube of a store and held my bag triumphantly as the crowd hooted. I was happy to have my product, but the first thing that crossed my mind was, why are these guys selling out of a little box like that? There were no pictures on the wall, and the space was roughly the size of a minivan with extra headroom. Of course, this was the first day of legal sales, and it wasn’t long before dispensaries like The Green Solution® opened full-sized retail spots more akin to a store than a weed dispensing box. As the industry evolves, so does demand for an even more streamlined process akin to retail that provides a comfortable atmosphere for first-time buyers and returning customers alike. The Green Solution® is in the process of giving each of its locations a one-by-one facelift. Starting with their Edgewater location, The Green Solution® is upping the classiness and streamlining their look.

The Green Solution @ Edgewater New Look:

Construction on the remodeled Edgewater location for The Green Solution® finished just a few months back, and they are now already hard at work revamping, their other locations. Having been to Edgewater several times before the remodel, I wasn’t sure what to expect the first time I went into the new store. From the outside, everything seemed to be pretty much the same. As soon as I went in the front door, however, I immediately started to notice some of the changes. For starters, some very cool new signage was up in the lobby. The new signs rather than being static wall signs were raised glass signs with the font emblazoned directly onto the glass.Edgewater New Look-4 Not only was this a cool look, but the natural light that was flowed behind the signs made them extremely easy to read. Next, as I walked towards the front counter I noticed that they had swapped out several of their light fixtures for some snazzy looking modern style lights. Now I know I sound like a huge nerd for saying this, but I’m a big fan of fancy, modern, and alternative lighting fixtures, and the new one over the front desk was a little bit of all three. In a modern design style, several wires suspended randomly angled light bars over the counter which made quite the statement. While the new additions in the lobby were cool, I couldn’t help but feel like they were very superficial alterations to the overall look, and I was excited to see what had changed inside.

As I mentioned before, this was not my first visit to The Green Solution® Edgewater. The thing that I remember most about the inside at Edgewater is that the space did seem significantly narrower and more congested than many of the other more open layout Green Solution® locations that I’d visited. As I opened the door to enter the dispensary, I was about to get a crash course on how to make a space more open. When you walk into the newly remodeled Green Solution® Edgewater, you’re no long walking straight into a shelf with merchandise sanctioning off the line, but instead, a gorgeous glass waterfall that stretches the entire length of the waiting area. During my first visit, there was a short wait, which gave me the opportunity to really experience what this glass wall has done for the space. Along with new lighting, the entire dispensary seemed to be twice as large as it was before. As I stood there I looked through the sheen of glass and trickling water and slowly watched the shelves full of cannabis distort in the waves. It might be odd to mention this but there was another thing that I loved about The Green Solution® Edgewater’s new glass waterfall wall, the humidity. As a native Coloradan, I’m used to the dryness, but I’ve got to say a little bit of fresh, cool, moist air wafting about me in line was simply wonderful.Edgewater New Look-3

After picking up some product, in this case a ten pack of ultra slims (which I’m in love with by the way), I took one more glance at the new signs, lights, waterfall, and decorum. This is a good looking dispensary. Looking back at how different my first experience purchasing cannabis was, it’s almost laughable the aesthetics that some dispensaries sported in the early days. It was, after all, the wild west of weed back then, so it was no big surprise that the only focus at the time was having a storefront that you could sling buds from. There is no denying that things are getting a lot classier now that the industry has established itself. If you’ve visited The Green Solution® Edgewater before and haven’t’ been back since the remodel, I highly recommend that you pay it another visit (it’s also worth mentioning that The Green Solution Edgewater is also open late seven days a week until 11:45PM). If you’ve never even been to one of The Green Solution’s® locations before, then this should be your first stop. Edgewater was just the beginning, and as The Green Solution® starts to open new dispensaries in Aurora, Pueblo, and across the state, this look is going to become a new standard to live up to for cannabis dispensaries.#JessetheGrove

The Green Solution Edgewater New Look
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The Green Solution Edgewater New Look
As The Green Solution® opens new dispensaries in Aurora, Fort Collins, Pueblo, and across the state, this look is going to be a new standard for marijuana dispensaries.
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